Hink: a new kind of flash gun (coming soon)


What is Hink? The only online reference for Hink is a Facebook page with the promise for "a new horizon for image makers". I was told that this is a new company that is going to forever change the way flash guns work. Their new product (codename: Spacefish) should be launching this summer and should be available for purchase by the end of the year.

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  • Busted

    Wow, almost Apr 1 (Apr fools day already!) 😉

  • Golumnator

    Somethin’ kinda hinky about this.

  • D5100 owner


  • Must be LED!

  • Lutz Froenicke

    A flash mounted inside one of these remote controlled flying shark balloons!

  • 103David

    No, I saw a preview and it’s just like one of those double beer-hats you see at the football games. In fact that’s exactly what it is…except they offer interchangeable “mount-modules” that allow mounting say, a SB-910 on the right and a Big-Gulp Coors on the left. There’s even a hot-shoe at center-top for your Wi-Fi module…or a propeller. Also available in “Professional-Black” for formal occasions and major fashion events.

  • geoffk

    My guess: Us Patent 8, 364, 031: Lighting assembly for an image capturing system comprising LED elements.

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