Deal of the day: Fuji X-E1 camera + lenses bundle savings up to $913.85


B&H now has 9 different Fuji X-E1+lenses bundles that offer savings up to $913.85 including free filters and shipping and 2% in rewards. To see all available combinations, you have to click on the Buy Together and Save link on this page.

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  • Camaman

    Fuji certainly has a good approach. This is a very appealing way for somebody to jump into a new system.
    First they build up a lens base that is made of fast primes and good zooms and now they offer this awesome bundle rebate!

    Very smart! $900 savings is nothing to sneeze at. The kit was almost 50% more expensive than now. 🙂 🙂

    • CJ

      Very telling…they gauged the early adopters. Then, I guess the suckers dried out.

  • dgrPhotos

    Only B&H?

  • CJ

    Huge discount means only one thing……the price was grossly inflated !!!!

    • jake

      or it hasn’t sold enough to make BH happy!

      • patlo

        Or that the update to the X-E1 is in the pipeline, and it’s time to sell out the first gen.

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