First pictures of the upcoming Canon EOS Kiss X7 DSLR camera *UPDATED*


The first pictures of the upcoming Canon EOS Kiss X7 DSLR camera have surfaced online. Here again are the technical specifications (previously published here):

  • 18 million pixel sensor
  • DIGIC5
  • 1.04 million dot 3-inch wide LCD monitor
  • Continuous shooting frame is 4 seconds /
  • Full HD video
  • 30-1/4000 seconds, seconds shutter speed sync 1/200
  • ISO range is ISO25600 ISO100-6400, extension
  • AF Sensor 9-point, the central cross
  • Special Scene shooting mode capable of six
  • Set background blur
  • Effects shots
  • Hybrid CMOS AF II that have been wide-area
  • Media SD / SDHC / SDXC
  • The battery LP-E12
  • (Body only) 370g, weight (including battery and memory card) 407g
  • Late May 4, (on-sale date) the expected price of ¥ 79 000 over-the-counter sale of Kiss X7
  • Provided with the kit lens EF-S18-55mm IS STM, the double zoom kit.

There will also be a new Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM kit lens:


Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM lens specifications:

  • Aspherical element
  • Maximum magnification ratio: 0.36x
  • Image Stabilizer
  • Price: 33,000 yen
  • Release date: late April

Via Digicame-info

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  • So one can think that Nikon will do something similar an launch D1000 line.

    • delayedflight

      Canon already has a smaller DSLR it’s called the 1100D so this is probably due to replace it.
      Nikon’s equivalent is the D3200

      • The expectations/rumors were for a new really small DSLR:
        I guess this was not the case and the rumors were wrong – it’s just a “regular” entry level DSLR camera.

        • Tsss

          C’mon it is small. New EOS = 116.8 x 90.7 x 69.4mm / D3200 = 125mm x 96mm x 76.5mm

          • Small indeed, but I was expecting it to be even smaller – something close to the size of a mirrorless camera.

          • Tsss

            Nikon 1 V1 = 113 x 76 x 43.5 mm
            Sony NEX-7 : 119,9 x 66,9 x 42,6 mm

            Being a SLR, with a mirror and an optical viewfinder, it can’t be as slim as a mirrorless. In the hand it feels really small.
            What Canon needs is a couple more pancake lenses to pair with it.

          • loki989

            EXACTLY. I was actually hoping for smaller sensor equivalent to a m4/3s. I have a 6D, but my problem is telephoto. I’d happily buy a 2x crop body with a native EF/EF-S mount to use for telephoto. A 2x crop sensor would give me max 400mm f2.8 out of my 70-200mm f2.8 glass, or with 1.4teleconverter 560mm f4. Now if Canon would just get their head out of their arse and give us a built in crop mode in firmware like Nikon is now offering, I’d just use that, but at the rate they add features, we might get that in 2015.

          • mypobox

            couldnt you just do the “crop mode” in post by cropping the photo ?

          • loki989

            No, what’s cropping and post? /facepalm

          • kickars

            Check out Pentax’s K-x from 5 years ago. It’s about the same size (slightly thinner) as this so called smallest DSLR. So, really there’s nothing special about this Canon at all.

          • Tsss

            Pentax K-X : 112.5 x 91.5 x 67.5 mm
            New EOS = 116.8 x 90.7 x 69.4mm

            Canon did make it smaller. And as you get down, you hit the law of diminishing returns.

        • Michael Farrell

          Why all the internet clamor for tinier cameras? Is there no such thing as too small? It’s a DSLR, after all.

  • So this is the D800 “killer” Canon have been working on for a year then? 😉

    • GF

      No, its the D5200’s girlfriend, I guess.

  • BP2012

    This is ridiculous. Even the “insignificant” brands like Pentax made DSLRs of these size and specifications 4-5 years ago. The only differences are megapixel count and weight probably because of more plastic and type of batteries in Canon cameras. What does this means? Canon wasn’t able to produce small DSLR or they were not interested because everybody have to buy big bulky DSLR bodies to justify high prices?

  • Arn

    Still the same old sensor in the same old package… but Canon will sold plenty of these.

  • Shawn

    Is there a page that equates the various Canon Brand names around the world? (Kiss xxx = Eos X00 = rebel Tx etc.)?

    I shoot Nikon and I’ve always been confused by Canon’s multiple marques.


  • CHD


  • dick ranez

    Oh good, another ho-hum offering from Canon – sort of like a EOS-M with a
    viewfinder and a “standard” mount with a 20% weight reduction from the T3.
    So anyone with $800 to spare can now choose from four virtually indistinguishable mediocre cameras. At least the new lens is STM so that should make the videophiles happy and may be the only serious differentiation when it comes to plopping down the money.

  • Korumatsu

    My guess is that this will definitely sell. This is not for those nerds drooling at rumor-sites and discuss dynamic range and foveon over at dxomark though. This is for the teenager/soccermom walking into a store to upgrade from their digital camera (their word for a point and shoot) to a real camera (their word for a dslr).
    Not every camera released is marketed at you nerds, get over it.


    You though look – at a photo at different cameras! ! ! !

  • R!

    It’s looking like Canon is the late one this year !?

  • kuishinbou

    Another uninspiring camera from guess who! If they would only focus there efforts on making something innovative and competitive, rather than on the same-old, same-old, people would not complain and they would retain their customer base. Now it seems they may be on the verge of losing a lot of customers, due to there stubbornness and lack of foresight…

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