Fuji X100 vs. X100s: list of all 69 improvements


Fujifilm UK published a list of 69 improvements introduced in the X100s over the previous model. One more difference not mentioned on the list: $100 price increase for the X100s. The list of X20 improvements can be found here.

Here's a complete list of all 69 improvements the X100S has over the X100:

1. 16-megapixel sensor, up from 12-megapixel.
2. X-Trans CMOS II sensor eliminates need for Optical Low Pass Filter.
2. The resolution has improved to match Full Frame domain sensors.
3. The Signal to Noise ratio improved to be on a par with Full Frame domain sensors.
4. Phase detection pixels allow 0.07 sec Auto focus.
6. 1080p 60fps full HD movie.
7. Improved start-up time. From 2.0sec to 0.9sec.
8. Continuous Shooting from 5fps up to 6fps.
9. Number of consecutive frames while using Continuous Shooting from 10 frames to 31 frames.
10. Improved Shooting Interval from 0.9 seconds down to 0.5 seconds.
11. EXR Processor II Lens Modulation Optimiser reduces diffraction phenomenon and peripheral aberrations.
12. EXR Processor II features X-Trans processing & new noise reduction.
13. Outputs 14bit RAW files.
14. EVF has a 2.35 mil dot LCD.
15. A new protective coating on the surface of the view-finder window prevents fingerprints and smudging.
16. The handling and response on focus ring has been improved.
17. The shooting range of the OVF has been expanded from 80cm-∞ to 50cm-∞.
18. The world’s first MF system ‘Digital Split Image’.  It uses the phase detection to show accurate focus peaking. See demo:

19. ‘Focus Peak Highlight’ function helps you to check the focal plane. See demo:

20. In Movie Shooting, it is possible to choose 3 kinds of focusing modes MF/ AF-C and AF-S.
21. Expanded AF shooting range from  40cm – infinity (X100) to 21cm – infinity (X100S). *not on Macro mode.
22. Quick (Q) Button for speed and instant access to shooting menus.
23. Multi Tab Menu easy and fast navigation.
24. Two new Film simulation functions added: Pro Neg.Std and Pro Neg. Hi.
25. ‘F-simulation bracketing’ function - one shot can produce 3 different Film Simulation images which can be pre-set.
26. ‘Advanced filter’ mode.
27. ‘Multi Exposure’ function. While viewing your first shot on EVF or LCD as overlay, you can shoot a second shot.
28. ‘Shutter Counter’ counts every 100 shots.
29. The shape of viewfinder window changed to help prevent dust build-up.
30. The strap attachment rings are double coated with stainless-steel layer.
31. Improved the shape of ‘Viewfinder lever’.
32. Improved the layout of ‘Focus lever’ (goes MF > AF-C > AF-S now).
33. Improved the operability of the ‘MENU/OK button’.
34. Improved shape of the ‘Q button’ (was previously the RAW button).
35. Improved the shape of ‘Front Ring’.
36. Improved the torque of  ‘Exposure dial’.
37. Improved layout of ‘Shutter speed dial’.
38. Improved the design of Battery-chamber.
39. Improved the shape of Hot shoe.
40. Max ISO from 3200 to 6400 *ISO AUTO Mode.
41. WB shift available in any mode.
42. Variation of aspect ratio 3:2, 16:9, and 1:1.
43. Improved functionality in MF mode.
44. Able to reset the setting separately.
45. No formatting on the setting when updating FW.
46. Change the default LCD information setting -> standard.
47. Reset function added for every custom mode.
48. Information of all F-simulation modes.
49. Add ‘MARK FOR UPLOAD TO’ MyFinePix.com.
50. Support ‘Eyefi Connected’.
51. Holding Q-button is short-cut function.
52. Remove ‘ISO AUTO’ to Shooting Menu.
53. Change the location of ‘AF area select button’.
54. Change the sub-function of  ‘AF area select button’.
55. Change the sub-function of ‘AE button’.
56. Add the sub-function of ‘Fn button’.
57. In Playback mode, add the ‘Information function’.
58. In low light scene, LCD display becomes smooth.
59. After release the shutter button, immediately switch to playback mode.
60. After release the shutter button, could immediately use some key.
61. After bracket shooting,immediately switch to palyback mode.
62. When holding shutter button, LCD doesn’t freeze.
63. Support the SD-card used Macintosh.
64. In low EV scene, the exposure of LCD will adapt.
65. In Manual Exposure, the histogram will adapt.
66. In Post-viewing, eye sensor function can work.
67. Support external microphone and electric release.
68. Change the information of  setting external Flash.
69. The ND filter is now available in panorama mode.

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  • based on the very scientific method of the x100 I tried out in Singapore duty free a year ago … if they fix the AF (which was impossibly slow) then I’m halfway sold. lack of real RF focussing was a major dissapointment, but I really like the idea of the focus peak highlight function as a possible replacement .. could this work with MF also?

    • arf serves me right for scanning through, between 18 and 19 (digital split and focus peak highlight) I’m interested to try this out. still, what’s the barrier to having an optical split image? or do RF cameras have a lifting mirror (I had thought not but I haven’t looked)

    • GregWard

      I wonder if the one you tried had the outdated firmware? I believe there were issues early on. I have an X100 special edition and honestly can’t find any fault on the AF. Actually I bought mine even after the X100S was announced. Why? Well because it was half the price and it’s still a very good camera! I do think, however, that anybody buying the X100 (possibly X100S too) should be aware of several things about the AF. Firstly – make sure the firmware is updated – they have changed the focus substantially I believe and made many other improvements (at time of writing the current version for the X100 is 1.3). Secondly – don’t forget it’s a rangefinder style camera. In optical viewfinder mode what you see, and what the camera “sees”, may differ if the subject is too close. Sounds obvious when you think it through. But it means that the camera may be focusing on something you weren’t expecting! So either turn on “Corrected AF Frame” or use the electronic VF. Thirdly – enjoy yourself taking photos – they’re both great cameras and fun to use.

  • David

    …And still you need to fiddle with TWO SEPARATE DIALS to change your shutter speed with any accuracy. But hey, a ‘vintage’ shutter speed dial looks cool, right?

    • Edubyatx

      What do you mean? Shutter speed is controlled with one dial, and both aperture and shutter priority are available.

    • AA

      The shutter speed dial is plenty accurate. If you need 1/3 stop precision in manual, it’s true that you need to use a second dial. It’s not like the camera shoots slide film, I’m sure there’s enough malleability in the Raw files to push or pull 1/3 or 2/3 of a stop in post. I sometimes even set my D700 to 1-stop increments as a little exercise in not sweating the small stuff.

  • A lot of them should be one: improved buttons.

  • AnnoyingOrange

    It’s amazing that they needed to publish a list of changes to let people know they exist. O_o

    • Orpick Aname

      I wouldn’t touch a X100 when the X100S is this much better. I’ve used both and the X100S is far better.

      Also what kind of a stupid thing is that to say… most manufacturers don’t have enough changes and improvements to make a list. I wish Fuji follows this strategy with all their cameras… I mean adding lots of features.

      I’m sure you’re a X100 owner who’s just jealous.

      • AnnoyingOrange

        I don’t own an X100. And I didn’t even say the X100S hasn’t been improved. What I said is did they really need to make a long list of small stuff they changed just to let people know? Do they really need to say, “hey, I changed the shape of a dial, a button, and made other minute changes that we just listed just so the list would be longer.” I’m surprised they didn’t list “Added S on the model name.”

        Don’t be so butt-hurt.

        • No longer Pablo Ricasso

          Those are actually some major improvements. I wasn’t expecting much, but the digital split image is ground breaking. I suppose some of the other things, not so much.

          • AnnoyingOrange

            Yeah, I think these features are fantastic. The others changes, as one commenter said, can be summarized simple as “improved some buttons.”

  • Verry Interesting

  • Peakaboo

    Focus Peak looks awesome! Is this feature in any other camera?

  • Greg P.

    Just spoke to my nephew who works at BH Photo…these are selling like hotcakes and in his words are likely to become an absolute best seller for them, ever.

    • papa jack

      They’re on back order at Adorama, the whole of their stock is sold-out.

  • Hiplnsdrftr

    Why are there two #2 ?

    • Drazen B.

      To make up for a missing #5 ….;-)

      • hiplnsdrftr

        Thats funny.

  • Hans van den Broek

    Yeah …..so what…

    If you have a X100….keep it…and shoot…it’s more than capable

    Otherwise, in 2 years we will have the X100S2……

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