Adobe Lightroom 5 public beta coming soon with some new features


TechCrunch prematurely published an article on the upcoming Adobe Lightroom 5 public beta software. The Google cache version of the post should soon be available. Here are some of the changes in the new version:

  • New redesigned fully customizable spot removal tool with selectable shape.
  • New spot highlighting tool with easy spot removal and ability to selectively highlight an image.
  • New tool called "Upright" which that automatically corrects distortion.
  • Image editing in preview mode.
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  • Jay Bird

    Bring on the bloatware!

  • adampad

    The one thing that stands out to me is:

    “Images can now be edited in a preview mode that doesn’t actually require the files to be physically present on the working drive.”

    Perhaps networking and edits will be recognized on seperate machines.

  • Useful features, worth a hundred bucks to upgrade from LR4

  • markmimage

    Lightroom 5 – new cool features, same old slow performance.

    • apollo

      Agreed. No matter if you have Xeon or i5, SSD in RAID0 or one HDD, 8GB vs. 32GB RAM, the speed is the same…

      • John Smith

        I have no idea what type of computer you use but on a Windows 7 64 bit, Intel i7 with 8GB ram and a 7500 rpm hard disk it’s fast and responsive.
        And I’m working on36 megapixels 14bit lossless compressed raw files.
        I have a feeling that a lot of people who complain about the speed of LR4 use old PCs or don’t know how to perform the required maintenance (disk defragmentation, keeping the system virus free,…) on their systems.

        • apollo

          I’ve got i7, 16GB RAM, 7200rpm 2TB drive with 32GB SSD cache disk and still, it’s still thinking in development, huge lags and etc etc.

    • heggmona

      How do you feel Lightroom compare to Aperture? I find Lightroom faster but if you can suggest a faster DAM software I’d appreciate it.

      Also tried Bibble and Capture One but they add som folders and files within my photo library and I don’t want that.


  • I managed to get a read of that article this morning. There was mention of “person shaped” spot removal, the first half read more as an april fools than a legitimate announcement. The second half however seemed pretty reasonable and LR5 is due soon going on past releases.

  • … and still no support for tethering a D600

  • Nick V

    I love Lightroom, and do not have any issues with speed. I just hope they don’t Photoshop it up too much, and keep it more inline with a Photographer’s tool.

  • The only ONE feature we want is called PERFORMANCE. That’s always been the ONE thing Adobe never ever cares about

    • apollo

      If you want to see how poor performance Adobe can do, check Speedgrade. God, that’s horrible piece of ****

    • True! Quotable quote! 🙂 Thanks!

  • tracht

    Speed is very good on my 32gig quad core 3.9gHz machine with an SSD. Cannon S100 raw files are very responsive and the D800E raw files are only slightly sluggish.

    • Olli

      I really hope you’re being sarcastic there. 😀 I wouldn’t accept “slightly sluggish” on a rig like that.

  • Arn

    I’ve changing my workstation 2 months ago, from a quadcore q6600 4gb + 8800 gts to a i5 3570k + 8Gb, 660 GTX 2Gb & SSD.

    on my old machine, LR3 was faster than LR4, but on my new one, LR4 take the lead. It’s remarquable on image loading time, which is at least twice faster than LR4. (my images are on a local network storage)
    But on my Macbook it’s a pain to use, i had to desactivate tons of Lion’s features to have some reactivity.

  • Camaman

    How about a feature that tells me photos cant be shrunken to a certain file size in advance and not only at the end after LR tried and failed to export them on by one. Or at least tell me as soon as one can’t be exported in those parameters so I can stop the export process.

    I cant tell you many times I imputed a file size limitation that was a bit to small and later hat to manually search which files weren’t exported.

    Or worse, waited for the entire import procedure so that it can tell me all photos failed during export.

  • Global

    TWO spot removal updates… wooww. Is Adobe calling this the “Nikon” update? =P

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