Canon 5D Mark III firmware 1.2.1 leaked, 14 bit 2K RAW DNG function discovered


Canon 5D Mark III firmware update v1.2.1 with uncompressed HDMI output has leaked from a Canon service station. More details and sample video available here.

Magic Lantern discovered 14 bit 2K RAW DNG function on the Canon 5D Mark II and III DSLR cameras:

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  • Fanikon Boy

    can I get this in a Nikon dslr?

    • Nishi Drew

      Is Magic Lantern working on Nikons?
      But it’s not like the RAW video output is actually working, they’re hopeful they can get continuous 24 FPS output but the camera’s buffer is too limiting and the write speeds for cards need to be insane. I was rather excited when the news came out, but reading the brief developments it doesn’t look like this would go any further for video, the hardware isn’t built for this, and if an external recorder is required then what’s the point of a DSLR. The setup will cost as much as Black Magic’s 4K camera, which is better in every way; variable high DR with global shutter and compressed RAW~

      • Orpick Aname

        Very interesting how your answer to the question is telling him to get a Black Magic camera.

        Maybe you don’t understand the differences between full frame sensors like the one in the 5D Mark II/III and the tiny sensors in Black Magic, Olympus, Panasonic cameras.

        This new development is useful for people who have these cameras already as well. Ever thought about that?

        “but reading the brief developments it doesn’t look like this would go any further for video, the hardware isn’t built for this”

        What lies. No one said that. They’re still in the process of improving it.

        And yours is the battle cry of a bitter little Nikon fan boy… the data rate is approximately 5 megs per frame at 24 fps meaning around 120 megs/sec. That’s a 1000X CF card.×720-possible-on-1000x-card

        Why are you so wrong?

        This is for you nikon fans too:

        • Nishi Drew

          Huh? I run a 5DII, and have been disappointed in Canon video since after nothing has been improved, I’m personally looking to get the GH3.

          Now I will keep the the 5D for low light and as a second camera, but general video work with a GH3. Now if RAW video actually happens with the 5Ds, and a ML build materializes that’s very stable, then boy would I be excited to try that out, but I’m not holding my breath, doesn’t seem too possible *yet*. I believe in ML and they’ve done amazing work thus far, but I’m not expecting them to be able to do absolutely everything everyone desires.

          Ok you seem to be terribly confused, the BM 4K camera will have a super 35 sensor and that is not “tiny”, it’s a well utilized format for production since the film days you dimwit. And as much as I love the “full size” sensor in the 5D I don’t need to shoot everything OOF just to get a point across that my videos are fantastically shallow all the time, I mostly use it for wedding/portrait work anyways.

          So I can’t invest in a pure video camera, a hybrid is best, so yes, I should be the happy user of 5D who might get more support.

          “This new development is useful for people who have these cameras already as well. Ever thought about that?” Why yes I have, but the 5D video dominance was a while ago now, plenty of users remain while many of the originals have moved on to more capable video systems, now the investment in the camera is one thing, but compared to what goes into all of the lenses, and what the BM 4K camera provides is an active EF mount, so all those lenses the 5D guys got can just find a new home on one of those, and enjoy the vast jump in DR that Canon is missing out on. But of course, Black Magic needs to actually deliver, so that camera doesn’t exist yet… so, before then, if a 5D can output RAW then we can all enjoy the workflow of DNG

          • Orpick Aname

            nothing has improved? canon has been putting more and more video features than ever before even to their entry-level cameras. keep a 5DII and a 5DIII side by side and see the extra features you get in the menu and tell me they haven’t added new features

            “Why yes I have, but the 5D video dominance was a while ago now, plenty of users remain while many of the originals have moved on to more capable video systems” so you’re saying there’s no one out there who wants this raw video feature on a 5DIII? No current owners… no future owners. do you believe that there might be someone out there who might even buy a 5DIII at all? Or is it just a mythical beast that no one has ever seen with their own eyes… a conspiracy even?

          • Nishi Drew

            “Video Features” like menu options and controls, right, because those little additions have done sooo much. If there’s anything to praise Canon for is the inclusion of the swivel screen for the 60D, and as many good clips have come from that camera, the aging sensor, lack of AFMA for photo use, and the heavy moire of that, too, is just failure. The so-called progress Canon has thrown out there are mere incremental additions that put the cameras up to par with every other camera that now has video features, for a year or so everyone else was playing catch up with Canon once the trend started, and Canon could have seriously pushed the boundaries then, but waited, and decided they should join the big boys and make the C system instead. Now a NEX5n has good enough video for broadcasters to consider that little thing, and the GH2 with what you think has a pathetic and small sensor, was used by BBC’s Top Gear for a shoot, and BBC with their mighty broadcasting standards accepting the likes of a GH2; a consumer mirrorless that has video as a secondary feature, when they wouldn’t touch a 5D with it’s moire and other drawbacks we all complain to death about, and barely accepts the D4 for possible limited use, means something HUGE.

            Now Canon’s Cine line of cameras have pretty swell options, that’s where a lot of the former 5D users “mythically” switched over to, similar system with all the needs of a broadcast/production shooter. Though, Canon’s very pride, the 1DC turns out to be quite the dissappointmnet, and this is according to your trusty source at EOSHD, you should keep up more with them.

            And where do you get that I’m not for RAW video from a 5D? I’m following the developments and people have been putting up samples shorts, looking good, but still just super short bursts of sequential images with no sound, that needs to be edited individually and combined in post. That’s worse workflow than heavy space/time consuming RAW video itself. So, will we get proper video? Can’t tell yet. As for users of 5Ds in general, did we forget it’s primary purpose is for stills photography? As with a lot of the other cameras I’m comparing to, they’re “built purpose” is for photos, but I just don’t understand buying a 5D purely for video anymore, back when it was not only a good option but the only option for the price range it made all the sense with it’s sensor size, array of great EF lenses and lowlight capability (watched the season 6 finale for House and yeah, still looks good, as long as everything’s out of focus, and it shows it’s strengths in very lowlight sets), but now there are far better options for less the price, so getting a 5DIII purely for video is honestly, kind of ridiculous, especially with that soft faux-1080P, yes hopefully RAW video can replace that.
            In the end though, if you’re shooting video and taking photos just as much, then go ahead, I can’t abandon my 5DII for that reason

        • Ufupuw

          Orpick Aname, large sensor is not relevant here. DSLRs (like 22 MP Canon) skips lines (pixels) to go from 24 MP down to 2 MP for full HD video. You aren’t using the entire surface area of this “big” sensor when you are skipping lines. You aren’t using the entire light gathering ability of the surface area when you are skipping lines and pixels.

          A super 35mm sensor (optimized for video) despite being about the size of APSC actually has larger surface area on the sensor than FF DSLRs as that sensor in video cameras capable of reading every pixel at 24 (or 30 or 60) frames per second.

          • Orpick Aname

            Ulfupuw, line skipping yes. cropping no. therefore it is relevant.

          • Ufupuw

            It’s not relevant in for image quality, dynamic range, tonal range. It’s only relevant for DOF and even that can be easily achieved on smaller sensor video camera with faster lenses,

            The total light gathering comparability of Canon FF DSLR in video mode is less than super 35mm video cameras that use all of the surface area without skipping.

        • ed

          learn something before being a smartass. 35mm film cameras from oscar barnack are originally made by combining 2 video camera films. so actually even before digital camera existed, video film (or sensor nowadays) are closer to apsc, not fullframe

          • iFacePalm

            in that case I’ll tell the press to dump movies shot on 70mm film in the garbage because they’re not true 35mm cine by your ‘ed-up logic.

          • ItsOnlyGearDude

            Why are you speaking so nastily?

        • ItsOnlyGearDude

          Why are you speaking so nastily, Orpick?

  • beavis

    I prefer Blackmagic.

  • jake

    because of the magic lantern , I may sell some of my Nikon bodies and lenses to go Canon with the 5D3 or the 6D.

    RAW video is very cool and video quality and UIF of video LV mode of Nikon cameras are just terrible, so keeping Nikon for still and I may get the Canon for action+ video work.

    • Just buy Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera and forget about selling the gear. Nikon and Canon both shoot crap video.

      Panasonic GH3 is also a good choice for videographer. It has the same sharpness as stills and there several T/F0.95 lenses.

  • Wow! Now you will have awesome 1 sec. time limit!

    • Jason Thompson

      AHHHHH no…. I’m getting 5 min of recording on 3gb 1000x speed card.

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