LumoPro LP180 flash to be announced in July


The new LumoPro LP180 quad sync manual flash is scheduled to be announced in July, 2013:

LumoPro Announces Expected Arrival Date of New Flagship Flash Product

THE BOX, SCHRÖDINGER’S LAB, April 29, 2013 — LumoPro®, a leading developer and manufacturer of off-camera flash equipment, announced today that the new flagship flash, LP180, has completed development and will soon move into production. The new manual flash is expected to hit the market in July of this year and will introduce a full range of unique features. An official release date will be announced in the coming months.

LumoPro® Product Manager, Kevin Deskins, stated, “We know the road has been long, and we want to thank all of our dedicated customers who are waiting patiently for the LP180. There is still much work ahead of us, and we promise we are working hard every day. Development of the LP180 brought about important milestones and resulted in a flash unique to the market. Similar to the LP120 and LP160, we sought out input from real users on features they wanted. We have added much-anticipated features such as one-third stop power adjustments, customizable options like turning off sleep mode, and a high voltage accessory port. In addition, the LP180 will be one of the world’s first portable, hot shoe style flashes that features a ¼-20 mounting thread.”

Deskins went on to say, “The LP180 is completely redesigned from the ground up, and we are so happy with what came out of development that we are moving it into production soon. Initial testing phases showed that the LP180 may possess other abilities such as teleportation, cellular regeneration, plasma-based organic engines, and ev ̶ …wait…sorry wrong product. We will have more specs announced closer to the anticipated launch in July. Stay tuned to our website’s announcement page and social media accounts for more info.”

While striving to maintain quality product and superior customer support, LumoPro® will continue to bring lighting and support equipment to the photographic community such as grip equipment, stands, and modifiers. LumoPro® products can be found at Midwest Photo Exchange in the United States, CameraTools in Europe, PhotoFreak in Israel, and Shanzhuoboshi in China.

Questions about the LP180 and other LumoPro equipment can be directed to

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  • J Shin

    I’m curious to know, if anyone has used the LP160, what its appeals are? Looks like it’s a bit pricey, and has already been discontinued by the manufacturer?

    I’m a manual-exposure freak, but often depend on automatic flash; ironically, manual exposure is more useful when using automatic flash. 🙂

    • The LP160 was designed by photographers for photographers that wanted complete manual control with good output at a decent price and an insane warranty (2 years international)

      The LP180, continues that consistent quality and high output of the LP160 with new added features and some improvements from its predecessors.

      I’d be happy to answer any other questions off the comment section emailed to kevin [at] lumopro [dot] com


      Kevin Deskins

      Product Manager


      • meh

        I have a question:
        Price range? I suspect a price increase over the 160 but how much?
        Keep in mind that those chinise companies are producing rather interesting flashes with radio sync built in (yuongnuo…)

        • Great question. The price will be close to what some paid for the LP160 ($179.99US). Given it is a complete redesign of a shoe mount flash, with added features it will enter in a higher price point but not above $200.

          We keep in mind a number of things when determining price, but nothing in regards to what other companies put out. There are a million new Chinese companies popping up on ebay and amazon every week they offer little to no warranty and a flash that looks the same and does the same thing as the other companies. We took a different approach in that we offer one of the easiest and longest warranties in the industry (2 years) that you should rarely (if ever) have to use because of our high standards in QC. In addition, an updated design for not only aesthetic purposes, but for function as well. We comb over every detail instead of churning out clones.

          If you’re ever interested in more information never hesitate to contact me.

          Kevin Deskins
          Product Manager

          • meh

            I am VERY eager to get 2 (at least) LP180.
            The price VS competition makes this warranty worth almost 85$! I understand the value of good craftmanship and QC but some off those “clone churning” companies have been getting better and better quality wise.
            I guess we’ll have to see the end specs and result on your “tank” to make the final cut!
            also: brownie points for the contact you guys have with your clients on such sites as this one!

          • Good to hear! Yes, the value of the service is high, but I’d be interested in finding a company that serves up the same awesome-sauce as us at a lower price. I understand and appreciate your concerns and hope that the LP180 is as economical as you want it to be. We can’t accept the brownie points, we think that answering questions and addressing concerns is the least that we can do for our customers; we don’t think it should be unique for us to do this-it’s a service standard we’ve held tightly to directly with customers and through our authorized resellers. I constantly seek out user input and questions on forums from all across the web (we borrowed some old school secret agent gear to find these kinds of things) As always, don’t ever hesitate to reach out or call our name, trust me, we’ll find you 🙂


            Kevin Deskins
            Product Manager

          • meh

            One las thing:
            Get a few in the hands of David Hobby so we can chew on some nice reviews while we wait! 🙂

          • There are more than a few prototypes in the wild. I can’t say where, but expect real world reviews upon launch 🙂

      • meh

        Hello. It’s July now.

        Any dates comming out?

  • greger pung


  • Crippix

    I carry a 580 EXII and one Lumo Pro 160 with me on every job. I now want another LP160 so I can do a 3 light set up. None are available. I don’t need more power, just a simple, manual flash. No frills. Don’t make me bring a Vivitar 285 back from the dead. The varipower has only a few manual power settings. Who said the LP160 is pricey? Check the cost of the Canon 580 EXII. I have one only because it has ETTL, which in my experience, isn’t very reliable.
    Can’t wait for the LP 180 to arrive.

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