Deal of the day: buy Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4, get over $100 worth of free photography accessories


B&H currently has a limited time offer where you can get over $100 worth of free photography accessories when you purchase Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 image editing software priced at $119.99.

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  • John M

    Otherwise known as, “Buy Lightroom 4 and clear our stock of over-priced crap we can’t sell”.

    • Calibrator

      It’s a “beginner’s bundle” and for free it’s not bad, IMHO.

      The crash course is good for absolute novices who aren’t able to watch Youtube videos.

      For those not buying the bundle: You can get the same thing for $19.95 as a download version from

      If you don’t live in a cabin in the woods: Watch stuff like this for free on Youtube (where you can also effortlessly find more advanced tutorials).

      Personally, I wouldn’t pay for a JPEG optimizer as there are lots of them available for free but your mileage may vary…

      The 8GB card is good as a backup (I mean would you buy an 8GB card nowadays?) and the carrying case, while cheap China stuff, has probably the highest longevity of the whole kit…

    • Steve

      More like clear out Lightroom 4 so we can get ready for ver. 5. It is in public beta.

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