New pictures of the Olympus E-PL6 and the E-P5 premium model


The first images of the Olympus E-PL6 (above) and the E-P5 "premium" model are out:

Olympus-E-P5-camera-premium-model-3 Olympus-E-P5-camera-premium-model


Via Digicame-info

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  • pooh

    Good effort destroying the aesthetics…

  • fab

    Except the IBIS, what’s the difference between these 2?

    • An anonimous Photographer

      I’m testing the E-P5 I like the P5 a lot, it’s fast, it has good wifi connection, i love the really usable scene settings.

      remember the slogan coming with it “what is the most beautiful thing you captured today?” 🙂

      • Can you share some sample images?

        • The original Pablo Ricasso

          I would ignore the comment, he’s a typical troll.

          • JakeB

            I would tend to agree with you this time…it’s so fishy it’s not funny.

        • An anonimous Photographer

          Sorry, I’m not allowed.But nothing is mentioned about describing the product..except for the name that is. .

          And to the original Pablo Fakecasso…remember the slogan I mentioned.

  • Sky

    This “premium” model should be discounted comparing to a regular one. Looks like it got one of these Chinese stickers on a body.

    • I agree, Olympus should stay away from “luxury” and “premium” products.

  • D4ve

    Hopefully Luigi can completely hide that ridiculousness when designing a leather case for it.

  • Calibrator

    Hasselblad considers partnership with Olympus!

  • Hah

    Competiting with the Lunar, I see.

    • awful

      Also the sigma SD 1 and Pentax 645D

  • Gex

    They took a piece of a car dashboard and stick it on the camera…

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