Another Hasselblad Lunar hands-on report: “the camera immediately becomes disappointing in terms of its finish”


A quick update to my post from yesterday - long time reader genotypewriter also had the chance to play with the new Hasselblad Lunar mirrorless camera. You can read the whole hands-on report here:

"Moving on to more serious things, the camera immediately becomes dissapointing in terms of its finish. This particular model felt very plastic-like all over. To make things worse, they have chosen the most plastic and rubber-like materials for the knobs. The text written on the knobs did not look good upon close inspection too. Now, if you should bring something up to your eye and attempt to admire closely, it should be a luxury item boasting of a supposedly luxury finish like the Lunar."

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  • Nishi Drew

    I think we need to wait for a full press release from Hassy, maybe the name “Lunar” means something is hidden within the camera… like, it can go to the moon!!

    At least, this might just be moon fashion, hi-tech gun grip with marble finish, and with a toilet sink on top

    • Johnny Dough

      Lunar as in crazy phase of da moon methinks

    • fjfjjj

      +1 for “toilet sink”

  • Arn

    (…)Moving on to more serious things, the camera immediately becomes
    dissapointing in terms of its finish. This particular model felt very
    plastic-like all over. To make things worse, they have chosen the most
    plastic and rubber-like materials for the knobs.(…)

    Italian design at it’s best 🙂

    • Cramer J

      I simply cannot believe this is an Italian design…sorry 🙁

      • Sahaja

        Perhaps it was designed for Kim Il Jong – it would go with his bad haircut.

  • Dave

    Yeah…When your mockups show better luxury fit and finish than the actual product, that’s a bad sign. (Beyond the issue of repackaging the Nex 7.)

    Maybe the economics don’t pan out, but I thought Hassy should have tried producing the first medium format interchangeable and/or fixed lens mirrorless cameras. Imagine MF digital in a size closer to the Leica M. Lenses would still be bigger but could be designed to target pancake profile. Kind of a flanking maneuver against the Leica S. Prices would be high but I think much more desirable and marketable than this Lunar thing and would shake up MF market.

    • Greg

      This was what I was expecting when they introduced that abomination. You and I were thinking alike.

    • saywhatuwill

      or just develop a 6×6 sized sensor for their V-series. It would have sold better than this…thing.

  • The real Pablo Ricasso

    Good God, what is that poor thing ?!

    Can’t be the real product can it?

  • Mikko Moilanen

    Does someone really think that prototype will be production quality?

    I like the design. Reminds me of Konica Minolta Dimage Z series, which was a joy to use.

    Dunno how you can get a good grip of a mobile phone type camera. But you seem to be able to do that, so why not buy iCrap 🙂

    • Fred Flintsone

      As the scientist in Half Life said “put that down, it’s a prototype”

    • It’s not a prototype… please take a look at the image in my article showing what’s written on the battery cover. This is what they send out resellers to market the camera. The quality doesn’t get any better than this.

  • madmax

    Sorry, genotypewriter, but this has nothing to do with the first pictures of the Lunar camera when it was announced. This camera maybe is not for serious photographers but no doubt it is a luxury item. Are you sure you tried the real thing? I don´t think so.

  • ABreuker

    I hope somebody will open one of these to see how much of the Hasselblad luxury is just a shell over a normal Nex 7 body. It looks as if they didn’t even bother to remove the Sony shell before applying their own bits.

  • madmax

    Anyway, genotypewriter, if you are right and this is the real thing, Hasselblad is dead forever.

  • Carlos Echenique

    If I were to amend Zack Arias’ X100s review (A camera walks into a bar), Hasselblad would be a gibbering drunk at the bar telling everyone how awesome he was/is/will be.

    • Fred Flintsone

      No, he would be the guy in Silence of the Lambs, a man wrapping himself in female human skin, non?

  • stepper

    The camera experts of T3 seem to like it.
    But then again, I’d give more value to a Rockwell review than to any T3, Gizmodo or Engadget review… which, by the way, is no compliment to Rockwell.

    • Have they ever had a bad review of a product? If they do, I am sure they will no longer receive pre-production models.

  • stepper

    Could it be possible that there are plans to send this thing up for space missions? If so then there might be some marketing hope for this monstrosity.

  • Camaman

    OMG That first pic!!
    I thought someone did a duck tape job to make a joke and post a review in light of his ghetto mod!

    I went back to top an re read only when I saw the Hass logo in the back did I think “Wait her really did the logo dhat good?”

    • Fred Flintsone

      Duck tape? The designer needs to see a quack, stat!

  • Jan

    Holy cow, this is a whole new kind of ugly.

  • Fred Flintsone

    Wallet made from sow’s ear? Please, form an orderly queue

  • Dante D’Money

    maybe it’s supposed to be a disposable camera….use once throw away. Here is company that has totally forgotten who or why they even make cameras. Remember that phrase…if it’s not broke “don’t” fix it. Well Hasselblad seems to think they are in the point and shoot business.


    Wow, this is a new low for the brand. Unfortunate too because Hasselblad can make some amazing cameras.

    • Sahaja

      I think the present owners of the trademark “Hasselblad” have almost nothing to do with the old Swedish firm that once made very good cameras.

  • 103David

    Re: geno’s review
    The funny thing about the cost is that when the NEX-7 first came out (at $1300 as I recall) I thought it was overpriced.
    So now I can have one for…Say what!?!?!?

    • Johnny

      Mirrorless camera should be a lot cheaper because it does not have complex mirror box which needs precision manufacture and assembling. The NEX-7 is overpriced.

  • Sahaja

    The old Hasselblad C/M cameras were a design classic.

    This horrible thing is a sacrilege. Was somebody taking really bad drugs when they designed it?

    • Marco Santa Cruz


  • BP2012

    This must be someone’s joke. 10 years old kid could make a better NEX7 housing.

  • Bollox

    This camera is sure funny but the “hands on report” is Genotypewriter’s, who is also kind of funny.

  • Flo

    Don’t know which 3 letters fit best:
    or RIP

  • Opps!

    OMG – it’s Frankinstein…

  • NRA Advocate

    A venerated company produces an epic fail … and somebody high up at Hasselblad loses a bet, just before losing their job.

    Leica and every other camera maker on the planet are LTAO.


  • BklynPigeon

    as an owner of a Hassy HD4, dumbfounded that Hasselblad would put out a product like this when there’s so many other options.

  • BklynPigeon

    This camera reminds me of a Dashboard of a Mercedes. lol.

  • Sam York

    Someone should lose their job over this.

  • Adlerwolf


  • Nobody Special

    Leica’s Kaufmann is full of himself, and he certainly could use a humbling, but even he knows not to screw up this much.

    But just who is the big-sh-t at Hasselblad now who is calling the shots? ‘Billionaire idiot ruins famous, iconic brand…..’ They are, after all, owned by an ‘investment group’, and who knows who is calling whatever is being decided. Once again, Hasselblad, IF you are listening or reading; BUILD A DIGITAL X-PAN!!!!!!!!! Duh – please, don’t let me assume that you don’t even know what the X-Pan is/was!!!!! You do, don’t you???? Hello…is anybody in there…????

    • Sahaja

      The original X-Pan was just a Fuji TX with a Hasselblad name added on. Designed and made by Fuji.

      So, except for an extra wide sensor, a full frame X camera from Fuji would nearly be a digital X-Pan.

      The existing X-Pro looks a lot like the Fuji TX-2

      • Nobody Special

        Yes, I’m aware of that, which of course still begs the question, why don’t they at least rebadge an X-Pro (besides it’s a different company than Sony) but $7K for the ‘lunatic’? Really?
        The Hasselblads (V series) I’ve had have been awesome, durable, and entirely useable field cameras for a lot less money.
        All because some ‘nits have a crap-load of cash, doesn’t mean they have a clue…it’s a real ‘pisser’ to see this happening.

  • Mike

    “Haztec”. $7000 to $700 in 6 months flat.

  • marx

    kill it
    kill it _with fire_.

  • Johnny

    Jesus… I don’t know what to say about this THING. Let’s forget about the plastic look, finishing…etc. A $7000 camera with crappy SONY lens?

  • jake

    this is the most embarrassing camera from Hassy in its long history.
    it must be the ugliest camera ever out in this decade.

  • Marco Santa Cruz

    Their target/potential buyers are all located on the moon.

    • madmax

      In case this is the real thing, you are right. Very good comment, Marco.

  • Crusty

    My dog’s arse looks better than that!

    • Fred Flintstone

      Same lens mount, too

    • Doobie Keebler

      To be fair your dog is pretty hot.

  • beavis

    Hasselblad has a vision. A vision to improve Nex7´s handle. Drugs are bad…

  • joey jo jo

    my opinion of hasselblad just plummeted

  • Hassey Hater

    The designers should commit suicide…NOW!

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