Is this the Samsung NX-R mirrorless camera?


The Samsung NX-R mirrorless camera has been rumored for a while and the above pictures could as well be the real deal. As previously reported, the NX-R will have built-in Wi-Fi capabilities.

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  • Johnny Dough

    Something fishy about that salmon colour

  • Zachery Jensen

    I guess the R stands for Ridiculous.

    And if this is the R, it’s certainly not full frame.

  • Renato S.

    But doesn’t this look identical to the NX300? It looks more like a “special” edition of some kind.

  • bidou

    Very nicely rendered but this is a 3d mockup.

  • Xoden

    No. This is NX300 drawing.

  • Sky

    Build in adapter? lol

  • Jun

    This is NX210 design. I don’t think they’ll bring an old design.

  • Oliver Stein

    Mockup or a design study from something technically pre NX300 area, as it does not have any WiFi Direct Button on top plate and no NFC slot at the side. If I recall that had been flying around some time ago…..

  • They should convert it to Hasselblad. All it needs is some pleather and two plastic knobs.

  • yugi

    This is repainted NX210.

  • Marco –

    And in the meantime, samsung justcreleased the source code for nx300, meaning that skilled programmers will be able to enhance the features and add some to this great camera. The hw is so powerful (quad core cpu cortex a9, like that in galaxy s3) that many things will be possible, with the right skills!!!!

    • Thanks for the info, I will post this online – an interesting development.

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