NX-R and NX300 mirrorless camera entries leak on Samsung’s website

I already reported on the upcoming Samsung NX-R and NX300 mirrorless cameras. The two models are already listed on Samsung's website ahead of the expected announcement in Q1 of 2013.

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  • JC

    Yawn… who cares ? I am interested as who do they copy from this time ?

    • yugi

      Samsung actually was first APS-C mirrorless manufacturer on the market.
      And they do have a good mirrorless lens line, probably the best one out there, definitely way ahead of Sony.

      • anonymouse

        Agreed…not to mention they were also the first manufacturer (out of all mirrorless manufacturers) to bring wifi functionality and remote control to their NX cameras. Looks like sony is playing catch-up and copying samsung by bringing wifi to NEX

        • Din

          Also, the flip LCD they brought to the market on the MV800 is now on the Olympus and Sony cameras…

    • AshwinRao

      Sony must not be paying you much these days if you have to also go online to do the” whos copying sony” schbeeel. By the way, if you are interested, the japanese did not invent photography so who were they copying all this time? You should find other kinds of work that doesnt involved ” Sony nut hugging.’

  • Wow. If this is the retro-styled camera, and it’s full frame, and it’s priced right, it may finally make Samsung a serious competitor in the digital camera arena. Knowing Samsung it’ll probably be overpriced, and come with only 2-3 lenses (with more down the road). If it comes in multiple mounts (i.e. F mount, K mount, EOS etc.), that would be something else.

  • nycPete

    Samsung should just release a new camera every 2 years so they can actually get one right.

  • Legoland

    please – oh – please, use a new and better sensor in these cameras that can compete with nex-5r and fuji x-e1 for dr and high iso iq.

    and please make the Raw files normal in size and not huge as in my nx200.

    • anonymouse

      I agree. I would love to see better high iso, smaller raw file sizes, improved buffer/write times and bulb mode without a time limit (max 4 minutes bulb mode in current NX cameras). Oh, and doesn’t hurt to have a built in evf and android as well :p

  • JC

    Wow, there are actually people buys that Korean crap….

    • Hoya

      1. I don’t know of ANY well-known photographors use low grade of tools from korea.

      2. If you use these junk grade tools to make money, I hope your customers are aware and getting a deep discount !

      3. If you use these trash tools to record your family memories, you don’t value your family’s memory much, why border ?

      • toller

        I’ll bet you everything you have that out of one hundred photographs taken with either a Samsung nx camera or a Sony nex camera, you couldnt tell the damn difference . Im willing to bet you cant even tell the difference between a Leica made photo with a nikon one either. You should try to sound more logical, that way, it’s easier to hide you obvious bias…thats sound advice from one troll to another.

    • AshwinRao

      You mean BUY, there’s no plural in that word in your sentence. You should try building a camera of your own before you ciritcize someone elses ability…and while you are at it, take some english grammar lessons.

  • Katrina

    NX200/2100 have the best per pixel sharpness at low ISO’s of all current non full frame (dslr and mirrorless) cameras.

  • klowik

    Sounds like Lexus and Samsung join together to promote the camera.

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