Fujifilm X-E1 explained

The Fuji Guys published several videos on how the new X-E1 mirrorless camera (body: $999, kit: $1399) compares to the X-Pro1, X100 and other models - worth watching if you are considering buying the camera:

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  • jjs

    Notice how they say, the X100 will continue to be a great camera for years to come even as it progresses to newer models.

    *keeps hoping there will be a X200*

    • Mauly

      I’ve not watched the videos yet.. The X100 will continue to be a great camera for years to come though won’t it?

      • Sky

        All cameras will 🙂 New gear doesn’t change old one into crap 😉

    • fjfjjj

      They’re trying to tell the same story as Leica this year, that your digital camera is a long-term investment. Truly, the industry is finally producing more products that you can shoot with for a lifetime. The D3/D700 was the beginning IMO. Add the X100 to the list, if the 2.0 firmware materializes.

      • Any camera can be a long term investment, depending on how you shoot. Mot everyone buys in to hype that camera is only good for 18 months then toss to trashcan, I don’t.

      • phd24

        I’d go even further back. I’ve been shooting with a 5D mkI for many years now – I bought it secondhand in 2009, but the body was released in 2005. I’m selling mine on soon, and I’m sure someone else will love it for the big viewfinder and full-frame sensor…

  • c.d.embrey

    The Hybrid Viewfinder was the main reason I had NO interest in the X-Pro1. Great senson housed in a not-so-great retro body. There was a good reason why the Nikon F SLR replaced all the rangerfinder cameras fifty years ago.

    The EVF that is used by the X-E1 is why I’m considering buying into the Fuji X system. Too bad they decided to down-grade from X-Pro1 1/8000 to 1/4000 top shutter speed. I also find the 1/180 flesh sync strange, why not 1/250 like CaNiSony??

    How about a 90mm f/1.8 (=135mm) lens?? The 60mm f/2.4 is a little short for my style. For me, slow zooms just don’t work. Other than that, the rest of the primes, excepr the 27mm f.2,8, look useful.

    • The X-Pro 1 goes only to 1/4000, same as the X-E1 unless I am missing something.

      • c.d.embrey

        You are right and I’m wrong!! The Sony NEX 7 and Olympus OM-D E-M5 also have a 1/4000 top shutter speed. Been using SLRs for too long 8-0 Even my Nikon F100 film camera, from the 1990s had 1/8000 sec.

  • meme

    No OVF – not interested.

  • `/1nc3nt

    Sorry guys, I hate retro design. It’s really against progression.
    Time line and universe expansion works in one direction: future.

    No Fuji, no Leica no whatsoever.

    • midas

      I love retro design and thats why I am buying the X-E1 🙂

      • Fabio27

        It’s no retro design. It’s designing things as they should be. Photography is a matter of regulating time, aperture, ISO, focussing and of choosing the moment of shot. You cannot have a better design than dials regulating what you need (ISO is behind the Q button, not too far).

    • Ronan

      Retro design is the best thing to happen to digital camera’s. Why? Don’t fix something that isn’t broken. The design of before still works perfectly.

      Want something modern? Pick one of the 93803454893 cameras out there with it. Leave the half dozen ‘retro’ style cameras to us.

    • DP

      The future is Lunar!

      • Sahaja


      • Troll Prozac

        LOL brilliant reply.

  • carlos

    I like this camera. Not because of it’s retro design, but just because the controls of the camera are so logical… aperture on the lens, speed on top, corection on top… and that’s al i ever need ..

    if it’s in a retro package or not is not inportant… quality and usability are…

    • fab

      I don’t get why shutter speed, unreachable with your thumb (while exposure compensation is) on top is great. Can it be assigned to the thumb spin dial?

    • Rich

      I couldn’t agree more. These are the controls I need, they should be the ones I can get to easiest. These “retro” cameras take it back to basics, and as a result I feel more in touch with the process and have to actively make decisions when shooting. I get better results from a more involved shooting experience.

    • c.d.embrey

      I like the controls on the Fuji cameras, but not the Rangefinder look. I prefer the viewfinder in the middle, for me it makes shooting verticle much easier.

  • Dima
  • Bill

    Why did they mount the hot shoe to the side of the lens? Doesn’t make sense to me.

  • Edward Leskin

    I have been using cameras since the early 1980’s and let me tell you, these multi button/function mode monstrosities they call cameras today really slow me down in the field. That is why I shoot with a Leica M9. This Fuji is in the right direction for a low cost camera with “only the essentials” for proper photography. Cameras are personal choices like shoes, cars, etc,,. For me, all I need is a shutter speed dial and aperture ring on the lens. Funny, I would love to see these younger people who only use DSLR’s use a Pentax spot meter with an 8″x10″ view camera (1000 megapixels!). Some would get it, others would struggle, and out of pure laziness go back to their digital wonders!

    • Troll Prozac

      And here we have an example of what it’s like to live on a high horse folks.

    • Sahaja

      I wouldn’t exactly call this Fuji a ” low cost camera” – except in comparison to cameras like your M9.

  • Troll Prozac

    I actually really like the Optical Viewfinder for the Xpro1. It’s fun to use. I like the fact you can see all around you for framing etc.

    This camera is fine if you prefer using an EVF though.

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