Hoocap’s 2-in-1 lens hood and lens cap solution

Hoocap has a new product that combines a lens hood and a lens cap into one clever device. The pictured Hoocap is for the Sony NEX 16mm lens, but the company is developing also similar products for Leica, Canon and Nikon lenses. The Hoocap is available on eBay for $49 (currently only for Canon lenses).

Here is a demo of the Hoocap HB77B for Nikon DX 17-55mm f/2.8 lens:

Via Photoclubalpha

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  • Oh GAWD no

  • how much uglier can this NEX cameras be?

  • b

    it looks like a cover of toilet bowl….

  • OMG! Please

    NEXt Hasselblad cameras come with one of this.

  • phewww

    Is there a conspiracy to make the ugliest Next cameras, or this is a contest?

  • EAJ

    Hoodwinked would be a better name.

    • Steve

      or Hoogecrap.

  • Daryl

    Great idea if you don’t need to shoot fast and it looks fragile in use. A filter and lens hood is plenty protection and forget the lens cap.

  • TheInconvenientRuth

    Another “solution” for a non-existent problem…
    And it is ghastly…
    My eyeballs are bleeding…
    I think the correct term would be “fugly”?

  • tomas to-mas halasz

    If this will be working (and not for 50usd each) I will get them for all my lenses.

    I just hate to put down 5-7 lenscaps on every photoshoot.

  • fjfjjj

    Can I use this with my LockCircle?

  • Martin Sprout

    $49? I wouldn’t use this if they paid me to!

  • Billy Bumbler

    No doubt the design engineer on this “thing” also has sent numerous emails to NASA describing his perpetual motion machine, 0 point energy device and his “Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator”.

  • Remedy

    This particular NEX is beyond retarded on so many levels. Sony, please make it even smaller let no one take the 1st spot in “the most retarded camera design in the history of universe” contest from You.

    facepalm.jpg in full HD

    • Sky

      Nikon already did.
      Then Hassel stolen it for themselves 😉

  • james

    Wow! Pieces of plastic for just $50? And it doubles the size of my lenses, and at the same time negates the point of buying Sony’s thin mirrorless bodies? I can’t wait!

  • I scared.

  • That shouldn’t cause any vignetting… $50 for something that came with my lens in the first place? I’ll pass.

  • TheInconvenientRuth

    So this looks like it slides back to be a lens cap and forward to be a lens hood? Won’t that scratch the lens over time? And both this one and the 17-55/2.8 in the video look like they won’t seal off the lens completely against dust and dirt?

    Oh well, I’m sure there’ll be one in red to match your D3100…

  • Davis5

    but there are only I think it’s a huge Bulls**t?

  • Zen-Tao

    You guys don appreciate the new goundbreaking technologies. That is to make smile the subjets. Inside there is a klown with a spring.

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