Olympus patents glasses with camera and display



Olympus filed patent 2013-88725 in Japan for their own wearable computing device in the form of glasses, which similar to Google Glass, will also have a built-in camera and display. The patent doesn't provide any other details or technical specifications.

Few years ago Nikon released the Media Port UP300x head display and have also filed several related patents since.

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  • Drazen B.

    I dreaded the day when a second company will get onto the bandwagon. If this is what the amateur photography is going to look like, I’m not too excited…:-(

  • Camaman

    Maybe they will run Android and work as a 2nd tier competition to Google glasses.
    Google already released some of the code i think…

  • Peter

    this is not about photography, but about surveillance

    • Bob

      I can see a lot of older Japanese men buying this…

      • yep and don’t forget catholics, talk about stereotyping.

        Admin maybe you should make it compulsory for everyone to use their Facebook account to post messages, all this annon messages are ridiculous.

  • bjrichus

    I think this is about a 14 year old Media Whore (possibly daughter of a director telling that him need a “ME-TOO” Google item) or a “Social Media Consulting” outfit (for a fat fee of course), convincing Oly’s R&D peeps to patent a “coowl” idea that someone else overlooked.

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