Hasselblad Lunar mirrorless camera launch scheduled for May 30


A quick update on my last post: Hasselblad representatives were also present at the same Zeiss Touit event in Japan and announced the official launch dates for Lunar mirrorless cameras (the initial release was delayed). The first launch will start on May 30th in New York and then will move to Europe and Asia.

This Lunar first look video pretty much describes the target audience: "this is a camera for the person who appreciates that getting there in style can be more important than getting there the fastest":

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  • So embarrassing.

  • Totally aimed at the “I want to show off my money” new rich of China

  • intentonanonsense

    I think that the camera speaks for itself

    • David Wei

      Like telling everyone “MUG ME! ” whenever you pull the camera out…

      • Mark James Luzzi

        The camera is too ugly to even be stolen It belongs in the nearest landfill

  • Lunar Madness

    Why? Dog shit is still dog shit, no matter what you cover it with.

    • madmax

      NEX7 is dog shit?

      • Jeremy Rata

        No just outdated and not worth the multi thousands of dollars they will charge for it because it has a badge from Hasselblad. That used to mean something 10 years ago, now it means very little. This camera is a monument to Hasselblad’s decline and it is tragic in every way. It could have been so different but Lions lead by Donkeys sums Hasselblad up these days.

      • Mark James Luzzi

        When its priced at 7K it is

  • Now Leica has someone else to laugh at

    • This is true for Leica’s compact cameras, but their M, S and X systems are unique and in-house developed.

      • The problem that Leica and Hasselblad are facing is the same… there are people out there who know that their products are overpriced for what they are.

        • Nobody Special

          Not to forget, they are primarily owned by ‘investor groups’; even Leica’s Kaufmann who owns what is it, 51% odd percent now, has little experience and is learning ‘on the go’ – he started with a still in use and demand product – the M – that was easier to upgrade (even though it took them a while) but still, these two companies are not out of the woods yet. It can be argued that the S system while of high quality is still not a proven long-term item, or the X for that matter. It is still mainly the glass and it’s reputation that has kept them alive in the market
          But this ‘Lunar’ idea is a real odd-duck, I really hate to see Hasselblad turning into this.

          • Yes, as I said in my Lunar review… it makes a lot more sense to get a Leica than a Lunar for some of the reasons you mentioned.

        • docphoto

          i find it funny that whenever i see your comments they seem to bash leica! you must have a real problem with other people owning them! 😉
          a proud M6, M9 and 5DmII owner!

          • I have a problem against ignorance, not brands… just don’t confuse the two 🙂

          • madmax

            You seem to have a problem against the world, my friend 😉

          • madmax

            Leica was mi first camera! Mi father gave me his somewhat old M3 many years ago. Today is still a great camera. Build quality and beauty are not easy to appreciate for some people who only can think in megapixels…

          • docphoto

            then i’d like to hear your definition of a camera!
            anything below 4×5 is just a image recording device but not camera? understood! makes sense!
            oh all those people on the internet that claim to know what photography is all about and know everything better than everyone else!
            i m wondering… you are shooting LF film i understand… how do you get such high iso films? it must be pretty dark, hard to see and especially hard to find good motives with your head buried so deep up your ass! 😉

          • doc you got your own drugs mixed up… I said Leicas aren’t _real_ cameras. I didn’t say they’re not cameras. Slow down a bit when reading in the future.

            And if we say the “head up your ass”-ness is ‘H’ then:

            H=1/(number of different formats used side by side)

            I shoot with phones, APS-C, 35mm, 6×9 medium format, 4×5″, 8×10″. I’d be shooting 30x larger than 8×10″ once I find a processing tray that’s big enough too. Which puts my ‘H’ around 0.14..0.17. What’s your ‘H’, doc? 😉

      • madmax

        Agree, Panaleica and Leica are not the same. Besides, Leica´s cameras quality is outstanding. I own a M3 still working perfectly. I prefer modern Fuji rangefinder style cameras, but Leica´s quality is the best.

  • TheInconvenientRuth

    There are many wealthy countries where people have a very different sense of style and aesthetic. It is just incredibly ironic that this “Italian design” would probably sell well in those places.
    I can’t help but feel sorry for Hasselblad. They must know they have a massive turd in their hands but are too committed financially to pull out.
    Its like a little kid who is caught with half a cookie in his hand, half in his mouth, crumbs all over his face, other hand in the cookie jar but still flat-out denying it. A quick and brutal “yes we screwed this up, sorry” would have probably gotten them more positive recognition than this lunatic contraption ever will….

    • madmax

      I think the right way is to launch the best product they can make. Sony´s NEX7N based, bundled with a Zeiss-Cosina lens and perfect defect-free finish.

    • David Wei

      The worst part is that it is not even fresh cookies… It is moldy cookies at best…

  • Alan Green

    titanium knobs (much better than cheap steel), a mahogany (more organically shaped) grip, and real leather on a ‘nex-based’ camera… yes, a lot has changed since 1969 — the glory days of hasselblad

    • Kynikos

      But, but, it’s CORINTHIAN leather!

      • alreadyupsidedown

        I still don’t even know what that is

        • Kynikos

          Look it up on Wikipedia 🙂

    • Mark James Luzzi

      1969 back when Hasselblad was Hasselblad and they were a real camera company Now they are owned by an investment company producing Paris Hilton fashonista camera’s

  • Mardock

    They should “launch” it right into the trash bin.

    • Darren

      lol 🙂 A hand crafted wood and metal trash bin, right ? 😉

  • More important than getting there fastest?
    Must be in reference to the camera’s difficult to utilize ergonomics and slow speed of operation, so the tag line should really be:
    “For those that don’t need to capture the shot in time, but look gorgeous just holding the camera as a fashion item”

    • David Wei

      This is so true, especially NEX-7’s sensor isn’t especially good, not to mention the previous generation focus system. The newer NEX-6 and NEX-5R basically trash the aging NEX-7. Remember, it was supposed to be released at the time when Sony’s Thailand factory was wiped out by flood, and that was two years ago…

  • madmax

    Let´s wait a little to see if quality and finishing is good or not.
    Every camera has a target market and if this is a beautiful and high quality product, no doubt they can sell Lunar cameras very well.

  • BklynPigeon

    Its not quite my style, but who am I to judge. just buy the camera that works for you the best.

    as much as I was dogging on the Lunar. its kind of grown on me, but not enough to purchase it. Hasselblad isnt looking to sell 1,000,000 of these cameras.

  • beavis

    Getting “where”? Getting (slowly) from premium camera maker to premium handgrip maker?

  • Florian

    Best place to launch the lunar is behind the moon 😉

    • eug


  • marconi

    someone is going to lose his job

    • madmax

      I´m so sorry for you 😉

  • Camaman

    They will work 1 year just to pay of the launch event expenses!

    Look how many cities! LOL!

  • Mirko Slavko

    Please stop this debacle…please…:-(

  • Non.S.

    They used to listen to photographers, now they listen to fashion addicts. It’s not gonna get them too far this strategy

    • mark zed

      Sadly they may be right, way back in the 80’s Belstaff used to sell waxed cotton jackets to bikers, sold them in hundreds of thousands for small bucks and little profit to scruffy bush wackers like me, now they sell them by the few hundred a year at obscene premium prices with a bigger profit markup than their old retail price to movie stars and the fashionistas.

  • Mike

    I work for a home medical distribution company. We just sourced a braided silicone band that will fit over drinking cups to help people of ill health better grasp said drinking cups. The cost per piece is 25 cents. We might sell them in packs of 4 for $6, not sure. Designer, Mark Jacobs, has just come out with the exact same thing (probably from the same Chinese factory) with his brand name all over it as a bracelet. Retail price: $50 each. Proof positive people will pay for a brand name product no matter the quality.

    Not only is this a rebranded NEX-7 with Minolta/Sony hot shoe that even Sony is moving away from, but it’s a 2 year old camera already. In technological age, it’s as old as the space program is.

  • alreadyupsidedown

    Forget Sony> Go Back To Fuji> MAKE DIGITAL XPAN!

    • madmax

      You are right, but it´s too late. Fuji is not going to risk its hard earned prestige now.

  • U can’t fix FUGLY!!!!!!

  • Style???? Its FUGLY!!!!

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