Adobe Photoshop CC will be released on June 17th


The new cloud subscription based Photoshop CC will be officially released on June 17th, 2013 and will include many new features like Smart Sharpen, Intelligent Upsampling and Camera Shake Reduction.

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  • Fred Flintstone

    U forgot to mention the “automatic account debiting” feature 🙂

  • Wilma Flintstone

    They should rename it from Photoshop CC to Photoshop $$

  • Duncan Dimanche

    ummmm so they are still doing it ?

    They are going to be the new Leica of software… only the rich will be able/want to afford it.

    (I do love Leica)

    • LarryC

      Hardly. This is going to be very popular among professional design and commercial photography shops – Adobe’s primary demographic. It will remain the premier software for design and photo editing. For the rest of us, there will still be standalone Lr and PSE. So what that the fairly small segment of small photo shops and amateurs that inconsistently upgrades PS, or LR, won’t subscribe – we are not a source of significant revenue for Adobe in any case.

      • AlexsanderBB

        if some one think PS are (or was) only for professionals- wrong!…so many magazines , learning companies (aka Linda),learning PS schools , million tutorials, camera & accessories adds -all oriented for
        average Joe

        • Lorenzaccio

          In fact many schools and universities are thinking about the possibility to use other suites. For a long-running institution it is inconceivable that reusing in the future all the works produced by professors or students will be subjected to the possibility of opening proprietary file formats (hence to a monthly fee that would have to be paid forever). Unless all works are saved in jpeg, loosing compositional data and spoiling most of the advantages of potential upgrades to new PP versions.

          • Xairk

            Really? Which ones. Because if I was paying tuition to get a degree in design, or photography, or whatever – and they were using GIMP or some bullshit – I’d leave and demand a refund.

          • willgoring

            Really? I work for a very large university, and I can tell you that when we buy software, we always factor in upgrade budgets in advance. When we buy PS for instance, we factor in a 1-2 year life before we have to upgrade across the board. CC actually works out cheaper, all considered. Also, your comment about proprietary formats is already an issue anyway – but it is perfectly possible to export in various formats apart from .psd. Your comment that people have to somehow export in jpeg is not true. PS saves in many different formats.

      • Olaf2

        When the professional companies fail to find new workforce that can work with CC then those companies will eventually also move away from Adobe.

        It is vital for adobe to keep the people that do not have big bucks to be kept in the loop, especially students. Because these will be the people that decide the products they use in big companies.

        • LarryC

          This is a good point, but Adobe seems to believe that the the market will bear their lower student/teacher rates. I tend to agree. For a serious student of the design arts, $200 or so a year is not excessive. With a daughter in law school and a good friend who is dean of faculty at a liberal arts college, I can tell you books in the $200 range are not uncommon.

          For those who think that “millions” of Youtube videos prove Adobe’s demographic is amateurs who never upgrade must have completely missed economics 101 in school.

      • PT

        Having used Adobe software professionally for years it’s sad to have to say, we are not going forward to the CC versions of any of Adobe’s software. Beholding to another company to access your files is bad business. Coupled with the fact that Adobe has proved (with its constant changing goalposts) they cannot be trusted by users to do the right thing by them. Are we going to be tied into a company that moves the goalposts with total disregard to users – no. None of our co-workers or suppliers will either. CS6 is the end of the line, unless Adobe introduce perpetual licenses for Cloud versions and stop trying to impose this ridiculous ‘pay us forever to do your job’ approach to software.

        • Graphic Designer

          GOOD FOR YOU! We are going exactly the same thing. Our love/hate affair with Adobe has come to an end with CS6. When it no longer functions, we will migrate to some other solution.

    • n11

      It’ll be $50 a month for a whole suite of programs, it isn’t THAT much if you’re a professional, or even an enthusiastic hobbyist.
      $20 a month isn’t too bad either if you’re making a living off photoshop.
      That said, I would recommend to Adobe that they make it to $10 a month for photoshop, give the option of keeping your current software (and receive no future udpates) if you’ve paid 30+ more months, and lessen the requirement on monthly internet connection, allow for a semi-annual billing period, and maybe get a discount if you do.
      It’ll appeal to more people but personally I’m fairly fine with it.

      • Duncan Dimanche

        well to me it’s more the feeling of no really owning the thing that bothers me. And being able to install it easily back on your new computer if needed. And that monthly required internet connection…. arghh I like having the choice of being able to downloading or having the CD version especially when your internet connection isn’t great….

        10$ a months would be fine with me.
        Or make it 15-20 but you don’t have to subscribe for a whole year… just my thought on it.


        • Calibrator

          I don’t like CC, either, but:

          You can re-install the CC version in most cases quicker than a traditional version from CD/DVD as you simply use the already existing installation files on your hard drive (newer updates may have to be downloaded but there’s a good chance that you don’t have such updates for your old CS version in the first place).
          Of course you’ll have to activate it again but I don’t see a major difference to the CS version there, either.

      • Fred

        You are fine with is because you are an ADOBE shill.

      • Designer….

        How about, you DON’T SUBSCRIBE… LET IT FAIL…. and they go back to how it was? What a concept. Why would you send them a penny? Seriously. Pro, Enthusiast, Amateur….is the money burning in your pocket? How about you keep it there for 6 months. Do you honestly think it will make DIFFERENCE ONE to your business. Send the greedy bastards a message… SHOVE CLOUD UP YOUR ARSE. Try it. No subbing from me or my firm. There is nothing here that I need that require me to bend over for Adobe.

    • BG

      Leica still works in 50 years 🙂

  • george

    Creative Corporate greed, and nothing else. Most of us do not need a whole sweet of software, in fact many of us only need 30% of the base programs functions. So why do we have to buy the whole deal. This is modeled after cable TV. 800 channels paid for when you only want MTV “all music all the time” (if you remember that line)

    Now they will never have to do the work of improvements ever, just cash the checks. Just like cable TV, collect an eternal check for almost nothing in return.

    • Calibrator

      You really think they won’t upgrade their suite (not “sweet”) in the future? They may be greedy but not that stupid.

      Also you don’t have to buy the whole deal – rent only Photoshop for $20 a month and not the whole CC suite. If this doesn’t cut into your TV dinner budget too much, that is…

  • Marco Santa Cruz

    Release the CRACK-GEN!!!.. Adobe’s totally asking for it this time… i’m just gonna keep using my student version, till it can’t process my .nef in a couple of years…

  • Adobe SUCKS

    Adobe can stick CLOUD up their rear ends…. CS6 is the last dollar they will see from me until my PC won’t handle it any more. Greedy Bastards.

    • mkw465

      Those who don’t want to subscribe, please just don’t do it. But please stop the endless complaints. A golf enthusiast will choose the best clubs even though other clubs will allow you to play the game. It’s a choice…choose, and be done with it.

      • PhotoNinja

        doesn’t matter anyways, I deleted adobe products from my computer a long time ago, replaced by the amazing PhotoNinja. Plus, if you use adobe products your not a photographer, your a f@cking graphic designer, crop, touch up some colors, sharpening, maybe contrast, details and shadows and thats f@cking it anymore I suggest you go back and re-learn how to photograph and use your camera. adobe is for making fat chicks skinny, skinny chicks curvy, pimple teens smooth like a babies booty. It’s fake, it’s not photography it’s a digital art form. I dont need it, I’mma photographer. Companies will still dish out for this program, model photographers still need away too lie to the public.

        • Dan Garrett

          So the price, pros and cons of the software doesn’t have any bearing on your life in any way. Yet you still need to make a comment.

  • dan mccoy

    The fear i have is we migh all end up as renters owning none of the software we work with if Adobe gets by with this and other companies
    jump on the noney train. Their present support sucks and there have been years when the upgrade gave us little worth upgrading for…How many of us will be stupid enough to pay in advance for software we have not seen? Not this photographer.

  • razster

    Are you sure it releases today? I’m not seeing it.

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