This is the new Canon EF-M 11-22mm IS STM lens


Digicame-info just published this first picture of the preciously rumored EF-M 11-22mm IS STM lens for the Canon EOS M mirrorless system. The official announcement will be in the next few days.

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  • looh

    The second lens for the system is an ultra-wide angle zoom.

    God bless Canon’s product managers…

    • 3irikur

      It makes sense to add ultra-wide to the system. If you want tele you can put ef lenses on the system because the lens will get pretty big no matter the mount, but with a short flange distance you can make a wide angle lens smaller then you can with a longer distance.

      What lens would you want for the system?

  • looh

    The second lens for the system is an ultra-wide angle zoom.

    God bless Canon’s product managers…

    • Pat Mann

      The first lens was a midrange wide-to-short-tele zoom.
      The second lens was a medium-wide pancake.
      The third is a wide-to-ultrawide zoom.
      The system was introduced with an adapter providing full access to Canon SLR lenses, so the tele range was there at intro.

      This lens seems to provide a pretty complete system of very compact lenses to wrap up the introduction.

      I agree that the managers of this system are making very intelligent choices (other than the choice to produce a camera with no finder in the first place, of course).

  • Mike

    Good thing the camera is small. Cause, you know, it’s supposed to pocketable and all.

    • Meewok

      Like any mirrorless cameras actually are pocketable with their lenses. A few pancake lenses on very flat bodies sure, but the whole pocketability thing can’t be beat by phones and P&S cameras (reason for those still being around I guess).

  • Sky

    Second lens that looks like a direct copy of the one for NEX?!
    What the heck? Is Canon buying NEX lenses for it’s EOS-M system????

  • Y.Man

    ミラーレスカメラ「EOS M」用交換レンズのラインアップを拡充

    “EF-M11-22mm F4-5.6 IS STM”を発売

  • Alan

    Which comes first – the chicken or the egg?

    This looks an attractive lens for a mirrorless system
    (assuming IQ OK), but we need the new body before coming to any conclusions.
    Any news of what or when?

  • Pat Mann

    It seems hard to get this lens in focus

  • Rocky

    too little too late.

    1. redesign – looks matter
    2. EVF – you loose if you don’t include one of these a really good one.
    3. More fast pancake lens’s not slow bulky slow kit-style lens’s
    4. stop taking down my comments!

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