Canon to announce a firmware update for the EOS-M, promises 2.3 times faster AF


Canon New Zealand announced that a new firmware update for the EOS-M mirrorless camera will be announced at the end of June, 2013. The slow autofocus has been one of the major complaints for Canon's first mirrorless system camera. The firmware will make the AF 2.3x faster:

Further enhancing the performance and utility of the EOS M, Canon also announces today a firmware upgrade that boosts the AF shutter speed, making One Shot AF up to 2.3x faster. The new firmware delivers improved performance as a result of a reworked AF Drive Control System and Canon encourages all existing users of the EOS M to download the new firmware version 2 once it becomes available at the end of June 2013.

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  • madmax

    Wow! a firmware update! This is all Canon is willing to do to improve its mirrorless business.

    • So you’re saying that it would be better if they completely ignored the first one? Wow.
      Not surprised why you still haven’t figured out how to register an alias

      • madmax

        Your comments:

        “Not surprised why you still haven’t figured out how to register an alias” (to me)
        “How did you learn to write without even being able to understand pictures? :)” (to AnthonyH)
        “I see you have an internet disability” (to AnthonyH)

        No comments

  • beavis

    Canon´s unwanted child got new shoes… F U Canon!

  • Obskura


  • John Dough

    We assume you mean “major complaints” 🙂

  • AnthonyH

    So what speed is 2.3x of “unable to focus”?

    • guest

      Almost unable to focus. 😉


      My question to you: How did you learn to write without even being able to understand pictures? 🙂

      • AnthonyH

        I skipped pictures and went right to letters and sentences. 🙂

        Judging from your link, Canon owners have solved the focus problem by photographing objects that are completely static, leaving an infinite amount of time to focus.

        • I see you have an internet disability:

          And you must also think DSLR users only shoot action LOL

          • AnthonyH

            It’s your link; not my fault if you chose it. What I think is that you must own a Canon that has a hard time focusing on anything other than toy trains or still lifes. That’s fine, but far too many things actually move or won’t sit still long enough for a slow autofocus. Nice photos, but all you’ve illustrated is what I joked about above-Canon users have learned to only take pictures of objects that don’t move. Nice photos yes, but of things that can actually be focused on. LOL.

  • Duncan Dimanche

    so that should put him back in… well still half as fast as the others hahaha At least they are doing something about it so thumbs up !

    Cause i don’t anything wrong with a new system like that but make it snappy !!

    • Have you used one of these Duncan? It doesn’t sound like you have. The touch AF has always been reasonably fast. It’s only when you use the multi-point “let the camera pick any”-AF that makes things a bit slow.
      And I say “reasonably” because how fast is fast anyway? Some microFourThirds user might talk about an OM-D being fast but with near-infinite DOF you get with most lenses on mFT, you can’t miss focus even if you tried. Sony’s Nex bodies have “fast” AF but it’s their AF tracking in video that sets them apart from most. In terms of AF speed the EOS M isn’t all that bad, if I am to speak from experience.
      I’m sure when Canon designed the EOS M, they expected the users to have a bit more than the two digit intelligence that most camera buyers have and use the touch AF instead of the multi-point P&S AF. That’s where they went wrong mostly, if you ask me.

  • crap

    This camera is perfect for the target public. Faster AF is a much needed improvement, casual shooters will be happy. Serious shooters rarely use mirrorless at the moment, so they won’t care.

    • madmax

      Serious shooters frequently use serious mirrorless cameras like Sony RX1, Fuji XPro, Fuji EX1, Olympus OMD, Samsung NX20, Panasonic GH3… but Canon is still wondering how to make a decent mirrorless camera.

  • CHD

    I don’t understand why Canon/Fuji release cameras with Beta FW and than ‘improve’ the AF after the fact with future FW. How about just doing it right the first time! (For the record I own an XPro1 and have used Canon for 17 years.

  • Danonino

    Too little, Too late Canon..

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