First pictures of the upcoming Pentax Q7 mirrorless camera


Those are the first leaked images of the upcoming Pentax Q7 mirrorless camera that will have a larger 1/1.7" sensor:


Some new lenses are also expected to be announced with the Q7 in the next few days (most likely Wednesday) . The new Pentax products will start shipping in early July.

Via Digicame-info

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  • pickaname

    and where is the K7 or whatever, the thing the world is really waiting for?

    • Arn

      You know, building a new full frame system could take some serious time 🙂
      I’m pretty sure than Pentax engineers are not taking a nap at this time.

      Be a little more patient, it’s coming.

      • looh

        It’s been 12 years. I miss that sexy MZ-S shell…

    • Tim

      Oh, not to worry. The K7 was announced about 4 years ago so you should be able to pick up a used one quite cheap by now. So if the world is still waiting it missed something.

    • or pick a name

      who is the world?

  • Bob2

    For all the long-suffering Pentax afficionados–the K-Y. Enjoy.

  • Incessant Troll

    wow… FUGLY

    • Warpig

      I bet you’re not Brad Pitt

      • Incessant Troll

        bravo, oh snarky commenter. your deft response provided a much needed dose of humility and i have now learned my lesson. why does the body look exactly like a Q10, except with a slightly larger sensor? the SR lettering is gold and not silver. are there some differences besides this? i guess this has precedent at pentax (k-5 iis)

    • SimenO1

      The yellow one? Lyckily there is color choises. My favourite is the black silver version.

  • MB

    Pentax will start shipping this in July where?
    I doubt any store will have them …

    • The July 5th shipping date is for Japan.

      • MB

        They will probably ship them from the factory straight to the waste disposal somewhere in Japan.
        Good and environmentally friendly …

  • TTJ

    Any news about how the existing lenses will work or if they will have the same multiplier? The previous version had a multiplyer (crop) of 5.6. Will this have a 4.5x now? If I did the math correct the standard lens (47mm) will now be a 38mm and the rest will lose quite a bit of focal length.

    For some reason I always did like the idea of these. Better and more fun than a cell phone and more than small enough. Bit pricy though.

  • Mark James Luzzi

    Is this the year of UGLY camera’s????????? That Hasselblad mess and now this

  • BP2012

    If you compare mount size or back side of the lens with sensor size it’s obvious that old lenses will work.

    I hope they will not raise the price of existing lens, because 5-15 now become 23mm at wide end instead of average 28mm.
    I don’t find that Q7 is ugly. Black and silver versions looks very nice. Yellow looks like a toy camera but it is good for some purposes.

  • 57thStIncident

    Seems to be a good thing. A time of the original Q release the available 1/1.7″ or 1/1.8″ sensors didn’t have a whole lot to offer over the 1/2.33″ BSI sensor they used in the Q — its output was pretty competitive with cameras like LX5, etc. Now that some slightly improved 1/1.7″ sensors are available (like the one in Pentax’s MX1), it appears there’s enough room in their designs to support it. Focal length changes aren’t entirely unwelcome either — you get a ~24mm wide end on the 02 zoom, and the 06 zoom becomes roughly a 70-200/2.8. I’m sure the price at time of introduction will be higher than most would be willing to pay and it won’t look like super value, especially against slightly older cameras that are already being discounted.

    Aesthetically I still prefer the ur-Q over the Q10/Q7 design. It’s too bad Pentax couldn’t find a way to wedge a built-in popup EVF into the design, maybe where the built-in flash is.

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