Hasselblad Lunar mirrorless camera now shipping in the US


The Hasselblad Lunar mirrorless camera is now available in the US for the mind boggling price of $6,995.00. Even though availability is limited, don't worry - I doubt anyone will buy the 8 cameras that are currently in stock at Amazon. Three different configurations are available - copper/bronze with mahogany grip, titanium/brown with leather grip and titanium/black with leather grip:


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  • FDF

    This camera has a pretty fitting name.. anyone that buys it must have fallen from the moon.

  • vlad

    Lunar is for Lunatics :)))). I mean COME ON, 7k????!!!! A bit too ambitious!

    • ricky

      on first one says “Only 2 left in stock.”

      • Benjamin Moritz Schaefer

        It will say that for the next 3 years…

      • NO LUNAR

        They only get 2

  • Adrian G.

    Seriously you have to be very dumb to buy this camera, even if you have loads of money that you don’t know how to spend, 7k? for real? with that kind of money i would get a used Leica M9 with some good glass or a Leica Monochrom.

    • Clint

      ‘or a Leica Monochrome’…….not exactly my idea of $7k well spent…but I get your drift.

      • Zos Xavius

        It would be a better buy than a severely overpriced nex7. It would probably hold a lot more value too. Not that I want one or anything.

  • fjfjjj

    Dear Ventizz Capital Partners,
    Drop dead.

  • RB

    they won’t even tell you the aperture of the lens?

    • johnny

      Apparently, the marketing strategy was targeting those people who don’t even know what aperture is about.

  • TTJ

    $7,000 Sony Nex-7? I don’t think so.

  • Donji Hogfan

    For that amount of trouble that they went through, and for the lunatic price of the Lunar they could have made a mini 503 with the sony sensor. I bet they would sell many more units, and would have the opportunity to sell some excellent glass. What a pitiful end for once a great company.

    • Mistral75

      Hasselblad never produced nor designed any lens.

  • Florian

    I think that someone who waists his money on the alien-camera doesn’t care about the aperture, but more about the jewel-buttons.

    Think I’d go for a Nikon D4 + 24-70mm f2.8 lens for the same amount of money instead 😉

  • amy

    This is like if McLaren modified Mercedes c-class with bodykit & badge then sell it for 4.5X the price

    • NO LUNAR for me

      This is like if McLaren modified a TOYOTA with bodykit & badge then sell it for 4.5X the price

      • Cynog

        Like Aston Martin did with the Cygnet…..

      • Hasselblad is from Sweden so it’s like Koenigsegg modified a Toyota but looking at the Lunar it’s more like a Volvo job.

  • Benjamin Moritz

    I guess that is camera “bling”…. it’s not there to take photos, just to impress and say “I have money but no taste” – otherwise just buy an M (but hey at least the Lunar is available….)

    • lol

      It’s for people who’ve run out of new Leica lenses to buy.

  • CHD

    Hassy Lunar Price = Lunacy

    Really….Hassy should have done a bit more homework before coming up with the model name given the price they are asking…..they make it too easy….

  • argon


    High gloss black wooden display box with drawers

    enough said about target users

  • Mark James Luzzi

    Its bad enough that its one of the ugliest camera’s made.Then add a stratospheric price Anyone who buys this camera seriously has way too much money.

  • bob2

    I’ll wait for the Hermes special edition….

  • Mark James Luzzi

    I didn’t know Paris Hilton was now designing camera’s

    • Calibrator

      That’s because you lived under a rock the last few months!
      This silly overpriced piece of pimped up fashionista camera got way more web coverage than it deserved.
      (Of course it’s only about the clicks & hits…)

      • Mark James Luzzi

        They needs lots of coverage to sell this overpriced POS!!!

        • Calibrator

          Exactly – and all the hypocrite webzines and blogs post this nonsense instead of letting it rot on the shelves.
          I bet they will follow it up with “Bigger demand than expected!” news…

          • Are you suggesting that I should cover only cameras I like?

          • Calibrator

            No, I suggest that you don’t excessively cover cameras that less than 1% of the visiting crowd is interested in (and even less will buy).

            But instead we get each and every tiny bit of PR on this novelty camera.

          • “I suggest that you don’t excessively cover cameras that less than 1% of the visiting crowd is interested in (and even less will buy).”

            That’s why Leica is selling crap lenses and cameras at $7000 each. People with brains don’t bother with them and the 1% that bother with them are worshiping the brand.

            The publicity that the Lunar received is very well deserved because it’s all negative. As a result, whether or not the individuals who came up with it get fired, if Hasselblad has sense, it will not repeat this mistake and will produce better quality products in the future.

            So it’s good for everyone when manufacturers are hauled over’ when they underestimate the intelligence of the market.

          • Calibrator

            I generally agree with you but don’t mistake publicity with negative response from the “proletaric public”. 😉

  • CJ

    This stuff should be put on sale at Rodeo Drive, Hollywood types wouldn’t mind having it for an extra ornament.

  • Makes you wonder how much regular people would pay if Sony came out with a full-frame mirrorless camera with the dated A900/A850 sensor, has no AF/lens electronics and takes manual focus lenses. Around $1900 or $2500 at most, most will say.

    When Leica does the same, people happily pay $7000 and not only that, those who can’t afford one would daydream about it too and aspire to get one someday. We don’t see _this much_ of an uproar when Leica releases a new camera or lens at a crazy price.

    Does this mean it’s fine for manufacturers to charge a lot as long as they don’t tell the public what’s inside their cameras? Hasselblad should have kept quiet about the Nex-7 entirely and said “using top of the line Sony compact camera technology” instead.

    • Zos Xavius

      Leica at least figured out how to make a full frame sensor work with their short flange distance. I’m no leica fanboy, but to compare the worlds only full frame rangefinder to a glorified nex-7 just isn’t fair, even if leica is behind the times. Economies of scale are part of why leica’s prices are so high. For every m9 they sold, canon alone sold hundreds, maybe thousands of bodies.

      • If you read slowly, you’ll see it’s not a comparison of cameras or even prices. It’s a comparison of strategies.

        • Zos Xavius

          that’s actually a very good point.

        • johnny

          Very good point. At that time, almost every D2x user was fxxked when Nikon suddenly released the FF D3, and claimed it’s better.

          • Yeah I remember that well… D2Xs was selling at $5000+ the night before the D3 was announced 🙂

  • Unbelievable… why would anyone buy this? And with that kit lens at $7k?

  • Genkakuzai

    Completely ridiculous.

  • Marco Santa Cruz

    this is to help fund the return of the cameras left on the moon… c’mon… you guys know better.

  • D800Guy

    Hasselblad is now officially the LAUGHINGSTOCK of camera world!

  • Tony Anastasi

    READ the comment from this bloke on amazon …

    Organic Mahogany is NOT endangered, June 13, 2013
    The Qing Dynasty (Leiden, Netherlands)


    • johnny

      Strange… I couldn’t find Hassy Lunar on Amazon. Do they decide not to sell it anymore?

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