This is the Samsung Galaxy NX Android mirrorless camera


Those are the first images of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy NX Android based mirrorless camera which most likely will be announced on June 20th. The basic specifications are:

  • APS-C 20.3MP sensor
  • Full HD 1080p video
  • ISO range: up to 25,600
  • 4.3" high-resolution touchscreen and no buttons on the back panel

Additional images:


Via Tinhte & Techtastic

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  • Tracht

    One particularly bad aspect of Android is the ability of apps to launch on their own and take up memory and CPU cycles. On my Android phone, this sometimes dramatically slows applications in addition to making it very easy for companies with Android Apps and the NSA to gather data about you. Not sure I want my “dedicated camera” to exhibit the same behavior.

    • FDF

      Maybe you shouldn’t install such apps then. I never install apps that require permissions they can’t possibly need. If I can’t play Angry Birds because of that, then so be it.
      Even if you don’t install such apps, the battery life is a problem. If I have to recharge my Galaxy S2 almost every day, can I be sure the battery in this camera will even last a whole day? Same goes for their latest 10x zoom point-and-shoot.

      • FDFTossesALot

        You are so clever I just got a hard on.

        • FDF

          Glad to be of assistance.

  • Marco –

    My feeling is that, with this form factor, it’ll be a flop. All the ppl asking for a nx300 with evf won’t like this camera (with no physical controls), and all those who would like a smartcamera won’t like its form factor…

    Much better would have been this camera in the form of a nx2000, and a camera with the evf with the “good old” physical controls.

    Just my 2¢ of course.

    • MarcoSuxDix

      Are you a virgin?

  • J Shin

    If it has LTE and WiFi tethering, I might get it for my office as an Internet router / credit card swiper. Surely, IRS won’t object. 🙂

    • Kynikos

      J Shin: How is the shift toward m4/3 working out? How easy is it to op. with one hand, if that’s what I needed to do?

      • J Shin

        I’m having a great time with my E-PM1! I haven’t shot a single frame of film, in fact, since I got it. I am very happy with the image quality. takes you to my Flickr page; the ones starting with PM are the E-PM1 shots, intermixed with old slides I’ve been scanning.

        Now, using it with one hand is a mixed-bag; I do it often, but I can’t guarantee that it will work for you. With AF and AE, and a prime lens, it’s definitely a one-hander, despite its slick finish. I can even do it with the 75/1.8, which is an absolute gem of a lens; I could never have done that with the Leica 180/2.8. If you have to fiddle with settings, however, it does get a bit fussy on the E-PM1, since you have to flip through menus. All the buttons are on the right side, so I often use them with just the right hand, but it’s not something I’d want to have to do all the time.

        I guess this is something you’d have to try for yourself; it all depends on the size and strength of your hand and fingertips. I’ve played with the E-M5, and it handles much better, and it has more dials; it is bigger and heavier, which might be a plus for some people.

        I have two gripes with µ43. One is the absence of the infamous Leica Red Dot; I miss it so much! It’s much more difficult to change µ43 lenses in a hurry. I’m very close to just epoxying some dots on. 🙂 The other is the manual focus magnification. On Olympus bodies I’ve tried, you get full-screen magnification, so you have to switch it back off the focus-assist in order to frame the shot, like with the old IIIf.

        I hope I answered your question?

        • ShinShun

          Your photos are really shit. How thick can you get?

          • My head is about 7″ across at its thickest. My stomach is a little less than 6″ at its thinnest. 😉 How about you?

        • Kynikos

          J Shin: that information is priceless. Thank you so very much. I spent five minutes with a body in a store and you’ve been able to confirm many of my first impressions and usefully refute many others. Thank you for taking the time and making my decision easier.

          I like your art a lot on your page, you have a great eye, but in answer to my question your words are worth a thousand pictures. Good stuff.

  • Duncan D

    Il like the big screen.

    I like the touch screen

    I don’t like the endroid system… who needs all those apps ?

    But i would have liked some physical buttons too

    • cppguy16

      I like the idea of an end-user programmable camera. Smart programmers can implement nice features that camera manufacturers are unwilling to, such as plotting the histogram from the RAW data, or real-time backup to the Cloud, or HDR video. Maybe even a sunset/runrise app.

      But direct controls would be more important. I hope the touch screen turns off when you lift it to your face.

  • bossa

    It needed to be *more like a phone* (can it make calls?) but with the grip and EVF more streamlined into the body and a *standard* lens more like a body cap or pancake lens. Migrating people from their vanilla phone format gradually would have been a wise direction to take IMO. But I guess they’re already doing that with their Galaxy cameras.

  • dave

    sorry samsung but that thing is just butt ugly.concentrate on cameras and phones separately. imagine if you could make calls on that. you would look like a real wanker holding that upto your ear…

  • Pat Mann

    I’m going to go out on a limb and state unequivocally that this is not the wave of the future. I mean, it may happen to other cameras, but this is not the next great thing, and it won’t sell any more DSLRs.

  • madmax

    Frankenstein! Probably a good camera but I don´t need nor I want to be connected to Internet every second. I´d better buy a camera with an integrated phone, GPS and more traditional controls… And tilting screen!

    • madmax

      I retract: I don´t want an integrated phone either 😉

  • AM

    Does it come with Angry Birds preloaded?

  • Shelly

    who wants to have to hold something that big for apps? other than photo apps /: unless it can connect to my cell phone service and not just wifi, there’s no point for me ):

  • TinusVerdino

    No dedicated control buttons, so not a serious camera. Also i would open apps with my nose when looking through the viewfinder (when unlucky an app that freezes the camera)

  • Meewok

    Have fun entering unwanted commands with your nose as you press up to look through into the EVF! Seriously, nose smudging is problem number one here, the Panny GH3 looks similar, but the VF protrudes some, and the screen can flip over or move out of the way completely.
    Unless the Samsung also has a sensor to detect something near the EVF and disables the screen when looking through, this will surely just add problems to the whole hybrid idea

  • Bollox

    This is perfect for those of us who shoot occasionally. Most Internet experts (alias geeks, 40-years-old virgins, etc) fall within, I don’t.

  • Sahaja

    The screen looks very nice – but no physical controls on the back??

    I wonder how they are going to prevent the touchscreen being triggered by a user’s nose when looking throught the viewfinder – or by fingers and thumbs when gripping the camera?

  • jk

    this might be the best thing ever, and will probably become a huge hit in the mirrorless world.

    and hopefully, Apple also makes something like this with their iOS,which I am more used to using or Windows 8.
    wish it were non-Android but well it is still better than without any thing else out there.

  • Linus

    Kind of cool but I think the features that camera makers sometimes shortchange buyers on – no video focus peaking, no hdmi out during video recording, for instance – can (to the best of my understanding) only be addressed with different firmware not apps (which I gather would largely be used for post-shot processing, editing and sharing).

  • sam

    make sure you play around before you buy, I play around with the Galax camera, touch screen respond very slow and focus so sad , Samsung need to put in a fast cpu and more rams,

  • itsmyname

    What the Hell is it ?
    Totally useless in most parts of the World

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