Is this the upcoming Canon EOS 3D camera?


The above picture of an unknown Canon camera was posted on the Chinese website Weibo. The actual camera is blurred out, bu it appears that the label on the strap reads "EOS 3D":


A high megapixels Canon EOS 3D DSLR camera has been rumored for a while and if those images turn out to be real, the official announcement should follow soon.

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  • ihur

    EOS 3D, Capable of shooting 3d of both image and video 😀

    • Sky

      Well, 3D video is already available on Panasonic mirrorless cameras. And 3D stills are available on Sony’s DSLRs and SLTs for quite a while. It wouldn’t really be a breakthrough of any sorts.

  • idiots

    so theres no way thats a crumpled up 30D strap?

    • It’s possible, but look at the close-up picture – there is no space for the 0.

      • YEAH3D

        and doesn’t seem to have a built-in flash like the canon aps-c cameras have

        • mark

          ’cause no one has EVER put one camera’s strap on another camera body… well except my Yashica GSM that has a canon G7 strap on it… or my old EOS D30 that, now, has a Sony strap on it, and my Leica M2 that has Panasonic GF1 strap…

    • fjfjjj

      Yeah my straps always crumple when I hang heavy cameras from them. Kind of like the tattoo on my wife’s belly. It used to say “Sexiest Woman Alive” but now that she’s pregnant it just says “Sxist omn Ale.”

      • Gordon Stöver

        You made my day! :))))))

  • looh

    I bet they’ll make a new sensor for it, probably a high pixel count one! So there would be four unique FF sensors in the line up, all newly designed.

    The rest of the world are deemed worthy only to stick with the classic and time-tested 18MP sensor inherited from grandpa.

    • Z

      No doubt FF version of their ubiquitous 18mp sensor found in all their aps-c DSLRs, maybe ramped up to 46mp.

      • alfredo_tomato

        There’s been rumors of the EOS 3D, but that was last year.

        • mahh

          If I remember correctly, there’s some sort of 3D rumor surfacing once a while ever since people found Canon was not using the EOS-3 name for their second in line…

          • alfredo_tomato

            3D has run its course in the popular media, so I doubt Canon would go there.

  • Burt

    OMG! But why would a tester run around with the original strap? LOL!

    • Over the years we have seen all kinds of weird/unusual leaks.

    • AK-77

      That’s actually how Sony a99 leaked couple of weeks before the release…

  • TinusVerdino

    Canon is testing a revolutionairy new 3D strap. Great, can’t wait!

  • Summi

    I can’t imagine that this will be a new EOS DSLR. The rangefinder like window on the camera makes absolutely no sense for SLR type gear. My guess is “joke”.

    • mahh

      The blur worked too well for you.

    • This is a Fuji X-Pro1, no mystery there – check out the other camera.

      • TechUser2011

        What lens is on the Fuji X-Pro 1? The 18mm or the 35mm?

    • alfredo_tomato

      That looks like a Fuji Xpro 1 in his hand. The blurred out camera is the one they are talking about.

  • Les

    Maybe he bought a counterfeit strap and it just happened to say “EOS 3D” on it.

    • marko jovac

      I have seen these and other numbers on website. 2D, 3D and 4D.

      This strap on the photo above shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.

      • Cannot find it, do you have a link?

        • Marko Jovac

          That was some time ago, links are not showing anymore. All those were counterfeit aftermarket straps, of course.

          The add also stated something like “different options available, we will print your own chosen camera maker and model number”

  • Ggtwk

    Anyone know what town is in the background looks nice. Looks like somewhere in the med. Any native speakers able to translate the description.

    • dukeiii

      it looks like Albaicin of Granada Spain

    • Bruce

      That picture is saying “going for another test” things like that. 🙂

    • looh

      The guy’s teasing like a teenager. “Here I go out test again at end of the month and you guys better find the hint” – so people followed his instruction and examined the carefully covered strap letters.

      The more important thing is he mentioned the picture was taken “by the end of the (last, probably) year”. So it’s actually been going on for a while, if it’s anything real at all.

  • alfredo_tomato

    It hurts my neck just thinking about lugging that monster around. Whatever it is. I’d take the Fuji any day.

  • matt

    I can’t believe that they would have a branded strap on a pre-production camera that hasn’t been unveiled yet.

  • Stevieg

    Isn’t it just a very nicely orchestrated teaser photo with the blue neckstrap very conveniently wrapped down and then around the new canon strap!??? No coincidence/accident there…. 😉

    • Jeeves

      The EOS 30 didn’t have a branded strap like the modern DSLR ones insofar as I’m aware — at least, the three I’ve owned haven’t had one 🙂

  • Adrian Wilson

    Also, could be the new 100 – 400 and the Fuji x-Pro1s (X-Pro2?)

  • Martin F


  • Kevin

    All I get from this is that the Fujifilm cameras are huge.

    • Henry

      The Fuji X-Pro1 is almost exactly the same size as an M9 but weights a little less.

    • MJr

      That, or Asians are tiny ? 😉

      It has the bottom plate/grip thing on it. The X-Pro1 is indeed relatively large, but not as bad as it looks here. Anyway, there is the X-E1 which is certainly not huge.


      • Sky

        This comparison is misleading too. I got A77 and X-pro 1 – both are in roughly identical size. Yes, the X-pro isn’t as “deep” as A77, but at the end of a day – both take up similar amount of space in a backpack.

      • Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
  • How true is this?I would love canon produce some high dynamic range sensor.

  • bob2

    The Fuji as the main camera around the neck for near work and environmentals. The DSLR with tele zoom, Canon or Nikon, on the shoulder for long work. PJ’s and documentary photographers often did that, except that the main camera was a Leica or Contax rangefinder and a Nikon F2 on the shoulder. Yeah, and the light meter somewhere there as well. Too bad Leica and lens now costs about as much as an economy car, plus it’s got terrible mileage and no trunk space.

    • Pablo Ricasso Returned

      No sh$t Sherlock…thanks for pointing out the obvious.

  • Lee Mullen

    Why is that guy holding one??

  • george

    yes i think he is testing the latest canon camera strap, what a lucky guy !

  • keru

    Fuji X-Pro 1 with 18m lens and additional grip 🙂

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