Adobe is considering new pricing models for Creative Cloud


Adobe is looking into different Creative Cloud subscription options following the massive online backlash after their announcement that future Photoshop versions will be available only through a monthly subscription. The company recently sent out a survey to a selected users about the Creative Cloud, specifically about a new pricing structure of $9.99 for Photoshop or $29.99 for the entire suite on a 3 years contract which includes a permanent copy of CS6 after 3 years and a promise to continually update CS6 to support future file and camera types. Sounds good to me!

Adobe Photoshop CC will be officially released tomorrow.

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  • pig_boy

    it sucks any way you slice it!

  • Lardinio

    Now that’s more like it!

  • Kynikos

    And I’m “considering” a weekend at the No-Tell Motel with Miss Universe.

    In either case, I don’t like the odds.

  • aaz

    brilliant idea

  • infobahn

    I have had CC for almost a year, and I love it. For all of the programs that they give access to, $30 a month is a bargain.

    • bjrichus

      You can have *MY* copy of CS6 for only $29 a month if you like….

    • Lardinio

      Yes, it’s a bargain if you use ALL the apps, the greater majority of casual/prosumer photographers only use 1 or 2, and that’s the major issue. $10 is much more like it. Infant they should do a Lightroom + Photoshop bundle for $10 a month, where is you ‘rent it’ for 4 years you can cease paying and keep the copies. This would include no major release upgrades but all relevant bug fixes etc. Most people would want to upgrade after 4 years anyway, so adobe keep the money coming in. They could then do a Lightroom + Photoshop bundle for $12 per month where you only rent the software but you are upgraded to the new version annually. His would satisfy both types of users, no?

    • Olaf2

      CC is selling your artistic sole to a commercial company just to save a couple of bucks. You became their slave.

      • infobahn

        Dramatic, much?

        • Olaf2

          Drama is part of the artistic spirit.

          However time is up, the CC is having its upgrade right now, There is going to be a rush on the CC servers. If this fails then a lot of new CC subscribers are going to be very pissed off.

        • TonkaTuck

          Short-sighted, much?

  • bjrichus

    Better, but not good enough Adobe, not good enough.

  • brothaaaa

    Don’t fall for it. Let this company die a painful slow death..

    • stepper

      “Die a painful slow death”? I think that’s kinda harsh dude.

      • fjfjjj

        It’s a company, not a human being. Or are you one of these “corporate personhood” types?

      • No, what is harsh is jacking up prices on your loyal customers by around 50%

        • joe_l

          For one product only (Photoshop), it is not 50% more, but it is more than double the cost per 18-24 month typical upgrade refresh cycle. $360 or $480, vs. less than $200 with CS in the US.

    • Dyun27

      Why would you want them to die a slow and painful death? I don’t know any other software company that has the potential to replace Adobe at this time. Some come close, but none of them have a working package like Adobe does. That’s why they can afford to be so cocky with their pricing. I don’t like where they’re trying to take it, the software is hella-expensive, but let’s not kid ourselves. Right now they are one of the best (if not the best). If they make themselves more affordable (like the package mentioned above) they’ll only gain customers, not lose them. Personally I’ve been using them for years and haven’t found anything better. At $10.00 per month, that’s something nearly anyone could afford….especially if you’re making money by using the software.

      • Dyun27

        P.S. Don’t get me wrong, I hate this Creative Cloud crap and I don’t like all the contract B.S., I’m just pointing out that they don’t really have any competition which is what allows them to do this. Too many pros and companies are dependent on their products, because they are VERY good products. Leasing software may be taking it too far, especially at the current price point. Wouldn’t want them to die. Just want them to stop raping their customers.

      • Taxanadian

        Corel PaintShop Pro is close (win only) but lacks finesse… It won’t take much to bring at par with CS4′ except panoramas.

      • TonkaTuck

        There is another option, simply pirate their software. When they see piracy increasing, and subscriptions dropping, they might finally get the message.

        Don’t bother giving me a morality speech about piracy. If they want to screw me, I have every right to screw them, and nothing you say is going to change my mind.

  • alvintoro

    I think the pricing is a bit more in line with the realities of the market, but I still think everyone should be given the option to go CC or not. If there is that huge of an advantage and the subscription model really is in the users best interest, people will see the light on their own or through their peers and migrate when the time is right for them.

    • bjrichus

      “I still think everyone should be given the option to go CC or not.”


      • BG

        It may be 9.99USD, but what would it cost in other countries? With the usual Adobe arithmatic it probably will be at least GBP9.99 in the UK (Which is approx 6USD, and perhaps still sales tax on top (20% here)

        • BG

          Oops, I made a mistake. Is 16USD not 6USD

  • FDF

    It’s just a survey, it doesn’t mean they will do that. In the meantime, the hackers didn’t send out a survey about pricing structure of 0.00$ per month. PS will remain the most pirated software anyway.

    • Remedy

      And that’s EXACTLY why Photoshop is so popular in first place, because of the piracy. Everyone who is serious about this market knows Photoshop, not because they bought it but because they pirated it. Now, the very same people BUY their software later when they start their own career/business. So please be so kind and spare me that shit about how Photoshop is being pirated and how it’s a bad thing. Bullshit.

  • Arnal Photography

    What if you already have a CS6 license but acquired the software via download from the Adobe site? When upgrading the computer I presume I will be stuck with the cloud option since they will supposedly no longer be offering the download option. How about sending me the permanent copy and I can go on my happy way?

    • Bob Litchfield

      I had the same concern & so I tried calling them a couple of weeks ago to ask how I could get a disc for when I upgrade my PC or in case of future issues, the support guy just told me to burn myself a disc….so very helpful.

      • boggy4062

        I’m sorry, but you sound very … uniformed. Disk with NO LICENSE is a coaster, and a very poor one at that. It is ALL about licenses. Nobody needs a physical disk to have a perpetual version of Photoshop. Actually, I WOULD consider a rental to own, but to a version that is current at the time of 3-year old period. It is totally stupid on the part of Adobe to tell people, we will lease the version CS7 for 3 years, and then we will give you version CS6 to use. How about CS2 or CS1? Some young, out of high school, marketing moron came out with this “incentive”.

        • Bob Litchfield

          I have a licence for CS6, just no disc, as Adobe withdrew discs from sale over a month ago here in Aus & made it down load only. I was concerned that without a disc I will not be able to reload the program if I needed to once PS CC is released regardless of having paid for a licence.

          • boggy4062

            It is a valid concerned, but… if you buy online, you DO get a download file, that is a full installation of a product. Same is with CS6. So, Adobe guy was right, about making a backup. Also, I don’t believe that Adobe (which I personally dislike) will provide a download for registered users. Last CS6 upgrade I did get via the download, with a license number mailed to me. Also, all the necessary pieces (license and the file) are available for me to recover from online Adobe account. This is not an issue for me. There are other issues that are more important for users to push for. For example, if I own a perpetual license, I should be able to use it without need for the access to Internet. Same goes for Adobe to drop perpetual license model is a problem to (no matter how “unattractive” or illogical it may sound). Also, Adobe “promised” to keep the Raw Conversion module to be up-to-date…. Well, it is a big fat lie,which they confirm themselves: The raw module will NOT be updated, except a support for new cameras. That is sleazy, cheap, and deceptive marketing practice. Some lawyer is going to get rich on this , one day…. I hope.

          • uhanepono

            You can still BUY and upgrade to CS6. I KNOW it’s still available. Here’s a link to the buy/upgrade page


            If you already have a license you can go to your accnt. page and reload from there. Once you’ve done so just save it as a mountabel disk image or the like. Then you’ll have it on your drive.

    • CHD

      Heard of Torrent sites??? Trust me…you will have no problem finding a copy of CS6 online…and since you already have the serial you aren’t even breaking the law:)

    • Taxanadian

      You can download the CS6 evaluation copy from Adobe site, then enter your SN and activate it

  • madmax

    “The company recently sent a survey” Is this serious? A survey must be done before and not after the product is on the market!
    IMHO, the only way to rectify is Adobe´s CEO resignation, public apology and forget the CC plans.

    • jk

      hey, it is no longer that serious , the CC is cheaper than actually buying a copy of CS6 or similar since most of us do not want to use the same CS forever.

      • redfiveg

        True, it is cheaper than buying a copy, but it is NOT cheaper than buying the upgrade to a copy you already had. $199 upgrade vs $240 per year single app with annual commitment or $360 a year without annual committment. How is that cheaper than before?

  • Fred

    Brilliant strategy by Ado$e, get everyone’s notice with bloated prices, release a repriced product that makes people think that they are getting a better deal, come in spinner, a few thousand more sheep join the flock.

  • joe

    I think they should get rid of the CC model. Continue with CS6 as product purchase and any future features that can only be done on their servers, such as the BLUR fix, that can be an added purchase.

  • Marco Santa Cruz

    ‘selected users’… ‘ our surveys show that the majority are completely satisfied with cc’… sheeple say ‘oh, then if everyone wants it, then it must not be so bad’.

  • Marco Santa Cruz

    what if i pay the ‘9.99 x 36 months’ up front. do i get a permanent copy of cs6 now?… wait… cs6… are they stupid!

  • duncandimanche

    so 360€ au boue de trois ans… I AM IN !!!

    sans dèc il ne faut pas abusé ! La c’est un bon deal ! Pro ou pas pro

    • Mister Eddy

      Haha !
      9,99$ will be 20€ !
      Just check the actual european prices…

      • Riki

        Shipping costs 🙂

  • george

    Sounds like a cloud burst occurred, and Adobe’s parade was rained on. If they get away with a subscription program we will all be extorted from sooner or later with this. Maybe it is time to keep a backup vintage computer that runs CS6 & Lightroom.

    • Taxanadian

      I just built a pc that will last 4-5 years…. By then, either PSE will be at CS6 level or Corel Psp or someone else…. Like most posters i will not get sucked into rentalware…. I am also not upgrading LR4..

  • george

    How about we all buy Adobe stock and vote out the board of directors.

    • no, because if we all buy the stock, the value will rise.

      Better if everyone dumps adobe stock

  • Jose Batistuta Jr.

    My 2 cents: I think $9.99 is the highest price they should charge for PS… That’s based on purchasing new PS every 3-4 years…. It comes to just about the same money… However, I would not pay over $10 bucks a month for PS.

  • Frank

    Software Leasing SUCKS

    • MJr

      “a permanent copy of CS6 after 3 years”

      Nobody read that ?

      • redfivg

        Yes, I believe people saw the carrot of “owning it after 3 years” that was waved in front of our faces. The fact remains, you are still leasing, and are still “locked” into a contract. Not everyone likes to work that way and it’s a bit ridiculous to think everyone should

  • Tommy Schultz

    if adobe was smart they would not shaft the hobbyist and casual users. They would do something like weekly pricing of floating between $10-$20 for a week access. $10 for single app and $20 for full suite. They would grow the brand and business. Casual users would be happy too.

    • Clint

      It’s the hobbyists and casual users who primarily pirate the SW….which is Adobe’s own fault anyway as they have priced the product so high.

      Before you all go on a self-righteous rant on how YOU paid for YOUR SW…good for you…..but CS6 being shared as we speak by 10’s of thousands on Torrent sites says something very different.

  • jk

    yeah agree great , I think I must reconsider it , probably subscribe CC.

  • sasa208

    How about sticking this whole creative cloud up yours, Adobe?

  • Kevin

    That’s still $360 for the software that we used to be able to upgrade for much less. Still, people make poorer decisions with their money all the time. $10 a month is a little more than Netflix, and a little less than a restaurant brunch.

  • Chris Pettit

    A copy of CS6 after 3 years???? I have that now! The question is what else do I get at the end of 3 years?

    • fjfjjj

      An invoice for the next 3.

  • blockrocker

    More smoke and mirrors from Adobe. This is a great way to make the cloud look more popular than it really is because people will pay the subscription price just to get CS6 a bit more cheap. So now Adobe can count even those that really hate the cloud and want only CS6 as cloud users. 😀

  • razster

    For the price, it is what I can afford each month – I’m a designer who uses almost all the CC products. I set a monthly budget aside and pay the $29.99 a month (I bought CS6 before CC, so I received a discount). Either way I believe it is a good service for some, like myself, but not other. They should have a non-subscription, purchase as before.

  • Falk Lumo

    This is no cure for the illness.

    First, there still is no safety about what the cost will be in say 10 years time after I became dependent on CC tools/features which aren’t CS6.

    Second, most users of CC will already own CS6. So, they pay $360 for … nothing? How sick is this?

  • rightyo

    Just like they did with FCP, for years I’ve wished Apple would put out their own pro graphic editing app. Maybe now they finally will.

  • n11

    Yes! That sounds much better! I’m totally in for the $29.99/month on a three year contract!
    Perhaps also give the options for schools/large businesses to not have to connect to the internet once a month, maybe once a year as well.
    Definitely good news : )

  • John McAssey

    A $10 a month price for Photoshop CC is in line with the old perpetual license price tag when Adobe changed to rule you must upgrade every time. Cycle time was 18 months and upgrade was $200. 200/18=$11 a month. So the price would be right on.

    However including a permanent copy of Photoshop CS6 is bogus. That is no solution to the problem that documents saved using Photoshop CC will not be usable with CS6.

    If $10 a month is for Photoshop extended its a better deal then before if you have a need for any of the extra features. Like stack mode blending…

    But this is only a rumor perhaps an Adobe feeler.

  • The-hoo

    Go on follow Blackberry or overtake them within falling…

  • Drazen B

    All this made me invest some more time in my photo post-editing process outside PS and try to get more mileage in that respect from the tools like Lightroom 4 & 5.

    Some will not be able to work without Photoshop and other wonderful Adobe products – it’s true, but most of us photogs could do very nicely with Lightroom alone, thank you very much.

    • Zivko Radovanovic

      Oh yes, brother…time will tell though if the Lightroom is really a decent replacement for those things we used to do in PS.

      • Dyun27

        I bought the CS6 creative package along with Lightroom 4 some time ago and find myself almost never using Photoshop, especially now that Lightroom 5 has the new retouch tool. I have a feeling I can do quite well without it if I had to.

  • Olaf2

    My answer is “NO SUBSCRIPTION”. I, as an artist, wants to control my own work at my own will.

    Bring back the CS and give CC as an option to people that wants it.

    I am postponing LR 5 purchase since I lost trust in Adobe at this moment because sooner or later LR 6 will become CC.

  • How many selected users got this survey???

    How about 10 bucks each for four software titles and 50 bucks a month for the whole suite?

    9.99 for Photoshop is nice, but how long before it becomes 15 bucks??

    Even if I did pay 30 bucks for three years just to get a retail copy of Photoshop CS6 how far behind will that old out of date software be in three years? We can already load up a CC Photoshop file in CS6 that does not 100% load up right.

    Support future file types?!?!!? How about supporting future function updates in a disc based version….

  • Fact is its still perpetual payment or lose access to your art.

    Stuff it.

  • hawkdl2

    While the pricing is much closer to realistic, I just deleted LR5 from my computer and am sticking with LR4 because LR5 is buggy and slows to a crawl with moderate to extensive use of the adjustment brushes. There is a growing number of people reporting the same problems and while I am sure Adobe will sort it out in a 5.1, and I will upgrade, I would not want to be forced to upgrade through a CC model and not have a working LR or PS because Adobe does not want to fix known bugs before launch. Adobe’s CS is just too notoriously poor to trust them.

    Then consider, they are about to change their pricing model after 2 week! Does anyone really believe they won’t change it again over the next couple of years?

  • NO!!!!!

    It’s BS. Don’t get me wrong, it should be $9.95 a month, always. But give you CS6 if you leave? Right, how’s that going to work on our Macs and PCs 10 years from now?

    What load.

  • Rataskanken

    Adobe can stuff their rentalware up where it smells the worst. Parked LightRoom and switched toDxO Optics Pro the moment they announced this. Never regretted this for a moment.

  • Lanthus Clark

    I was just about to upgrade when they started this nonsense, so I spent my money on other software instead. Guess what? The world didn’t come to an end and the alternatives are doing a pretty great job! So far there is nothing I can’t do that I did before and it comes at a cheaper price. Next time do your survey ahead of time and maybe you won’t lose quite so many customers…

  • uhanepono

    What If I have already have a permanent copy of CS6? What’s my incentive? What I and MANY others really want is to rent to own (or buy a permanent license outright of) these CC updates. Why would I bother otherwise? It’s oh so handy having them all in one app but the new CC features can be cobbled together via other apps if needed. I want permanent license on all the upgrades in CC! Bring back CS model and release CS7 already and quit d*****g around with us like we were stupid. Stop cramming the cloud only model down our throats.

  • Ben

    Yes, they did conduct a survey to limited users. I was one of them but they are being very secretive about it. Just to make it clear, I am NOT a fan of this all or nothing CC model and want to make that very clear.

  • Atlanta Owner

    By the time they finish with their “surveys” I will have completed my migration to Paint Shop Pro.

  • Ryan Villanueva

    10 bucks for three years and a promise for a permanent licence is very decent. Is this confirmed?!!!

  • Darren Nana

    I’d happily pay $9.99 for photoshop alone

  • TonkaTuck

    Until I have a non-subscription option, the conversation is a non-starter. A lower price now means nothing, once they have people in their web those prices will increase. Don’t believe me? Take a look at your cable bill over the last several years for a preview of what you’re signing up for.

  • samadams72

    Piracy started this whole thing; yourselves to blame…

  • ZOOM

    As a Graphic Designer, I say no to Adobe,
    my work is my own and I will not use Adobe
    to open my own files, I work on them they are mine!
    Go to FY Adobe.

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