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With the introduction of the Q7 mirrorless camera, Pentax also announced the limited edition "Complete Kit" in Japan that contains seven Q lenses, PL filter and a camera bag. Only 1000 kits will be produced.


Pentax also announced a white version of their WG-3 waterproof, coldproof, shockproof and dustproof camera.


Cameras in the future might not need lenses.


The new RadioPopper Nano has a 1,640 feet range.

Leaked video show Nokia EOS PureView Windows based smart phone with mechanical shutterzoom lens and 41MP sensor:


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  • Andy

    Why do they have to make these waterproof cameras look so tacky? It looks like it was designed by a 10 year old boy after eating too much candy on halloween.

  • ZeissLeitz

    That Q7 kit, that’s what other companies should be doing; complete sets of camera + lenses. Any mirrorless set like this with be a huge seller to open up a breach for the one to bring it to market. Imagine a sigma Merrill, a Fuji, a Ricoh GR, all with a complete IC set of lens like this! Contax where are you ?

  • Mandrake

    Someone tell Nokia that the EOS name is already taken.

  • Fotofan

    Wish they would offer the complete kit in U.S. too.

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