Adobe announces Photoshop CC, available only with monthly subscription


The Photoshop CS6 will be replaced by the cloud based Photoshop CC, Adobe announced today. You will no longer be able to purchase a CD or download a copy of the photo editing software. Future version will be available only trough the Creative Cloud with a monthly subscription. The different plans and pricing can be found here. The new Photoshop CC will have several new and unique features:

Photoshop CC Overview:

Photoshop CC: 3D Enhancements:

Photoshop CC: All-New Smart Sharpen:

Photoshop CC: Camera Shake Reduction:

Photoshop CC: Adobe Camera Raw 8 and Layer Support:

Maybe it's finally time to switch to Apple Aperture. The new monthly subscription plan will cost significantly more than purchasing a single licence. What do you guys think? BTW, Adobe Photoshop CS6 can still be purchased from Amazon and B&H.

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  • Before we get any more angry, laugh at this first. It’s a Photoshop CC parody 🙂

    Here –>

  • Sole Prop

    I use Photoshop CS 6, Lightroom 4 and Dreamweaver CS 6 some four hours a day, so paying $20 a month makes sense when compared to the upgrade costs. By going with this CC thing I’ve upgraded an older Adobe Illustrator CS 5 (which I like, but could easily live without) and downloaded Acrobat Pro, which I’ve used in the past, but haven’t upgraded and wouldn’t have bought without the CC subscription so the $20 a month for unlimited use for now makes sense.

    The future? If they jack it up too much (I know what will happen when the year’s subscription is up) I’ll probably pay and have to bear it. Lightroom and Photoshop are critical for my photography, but a large loss in sales (if that is the ultimate result) will force Adobe into a rethink and a reduction in pricing. One would hope. So we’ll see. Soon enough.

  • Sam

    Adobe’s CC= Corporate Control and GREED like George said below. Adobe’s rentware will be something we’ll be reading about in the future as one of the stupidest corporate blunders right after changing the Coke formula.

  • moribundman

    Adobe is boiling the frog. If their scheme is accepted by consumers, then you can expect to be milked for life by most other software companies.

  • NickMorris

    Way too expensive, what are they thinking…greedy silicon valley…Adobe no longer makes any sense…bye…

  • Jim

    Here is a concept for you: DON’T SUBSCRIBE. As long as they FAIL, what do you think will happen? I would like to know who all the fools are that rush to throw their money at Adobe? Step up, FOOLS. Have you every thought for one minute what would happen if you said NO….

    They will NOT get my $600 a year. There is nothing wrong with CS6 and I have no plans to upgrade my gear in the near future so the money sits safely in MY pocket. Thanks, ADOBE!

  • Tim

    Just color me GONE . . . I will never use the cloud and will NEVER pay a monthly fee! (3.5 was my first version) and CS6 extended is my current version and looks like my last also. It was all good Adobe until now and then you got greedy!
    Have a great life . . .

  • Someone needs to create another program as good as Photoshop and works like it.

    I was thinking about the new version but I can’t afford a monthly fee the rest of my life.

    Maybe I will try Gimp again.

  • Shirene

    Can we say greedy?

  • G

    Well, on to other creative outlets for me!
    I am not being hooked up to a Photoshop I.V. in perpetuity.
    They have lost a customer for life.

  • neilleonard

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  • neilleonard

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