Rumors: Sony RX200 coming in June with a built-in pop-up viewfinder?


Sony RX100

Rumors posted on point to a new Sony RX200 compact camera that will be announced in the first week of June, 2013 as a replacement of the very popular RX100 model. The RX200 will have an improved 28-140mm f/1.4-2.2 lens (compared to the current 29-105mm f/1.8-4.9) and an unique built-in pop-up viewfinder (similar to the pop-up flash). Definitely an interesting development if true.

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  • Renato S.

    Can they really come up with that? Faster aperture while getting longer zoom? That without even talking about the pop-up viewfinder, OVF or EVF? How much would this cost?

    • Not sure, it sounds too good to be true, but so was the Sigma f/1.8 zoom lens.

      • Renato S.

        But that rumor was more plausible for me, at least I felt that way, since if the lens was big enough it could be possible but this one sounds far fetched or at least, it will come with some compromises, mainly in its dimensions, but I’d like that to be true. Actually I’d prefered if Sony sticked with a lower MP count for better DR and high-ISO, but Sony doesn’t seem to care about that, so anyway, we’ll see how this gonna unwrap.

        • If you want better DR and lower noise just resize the images down to whatever resolution you’re happy with. Does the 12MP D700 have better DR than a 36MP D800? Same logic.

          • mooboy

            I can’t see them ever going down in resolution… as, too many customers would see it as a negative. I bet most people who purchased a camera like RX100 couldn’t tell you what DR is or the max aperture, but I bet almost all would know the MP count.

            Still, if they’re able to get a f/1.4 to f/2.2 without jumping up hugely in sensor size, that would be amazing. I rarely use my RX100 except as a back up camera. When I do, almost always as a 28mm f/1.8 camera… so I would probably be better off having the Ricoh GR as a back up 🙂

          • mooboy

            Sorry, should read ‘jumping up hugely in body/lens size”

          • Renato S.

            The Ricoh seems nice and it probably kick Coopix A a**.

          • Renato S.

            Sorry, but that doesn’t make sense.

          • Renato S.

            When you talk about the same technology, something with less pixel
            density should be able to gather more light, therefore, it can get
            better low-light performance, better DR, etc. But resizing won’t get you
            there, if not, I just had to take a 16MP of a P&S camera, resize it
            to 2MP and I would get a similar DR and high-ISO performance of a DSLR.

          • bob

            Sorry, but what you are saying does not make sense. What matters it the sensor ability to gather light, not the ability of each sensel to gather light.

            If a sensor featuring “small” pixels is able to count as many photons (in total) as a sensor featuring “large” pixels, it should have similar noise performance for the total image.

            Performance per sensel is interesting to scientists and pixel-peepers, but generally not for photographers.

          • Renato S.

            You just caught in the middle and you didn’t understand what I said because what you say doesn’t contradict what I said.

            same technology=same sensibility per area

            Therefore, pixel density matters and therefore there is no way 2 sensors with different pixel density but same sensivity per are will have, in total, the same ability to gather light.

            And what matters in this discussion is that resizing a picture won’t get you better DR nor low ligh performance.

          • bob

            Well, you seem to neither have references to physically sound theory nor practical image examples that support your controversial views.

            Resizing a picture will get you better DR. Try pressing “print” in DxOMark and watch what happens to the DR curves.

          • You got the resizing concept mixed up. A typical P&S sensor is smaller to what’s in a DSLR.

            The context of this discussion is two sensors of the same size but with different pixel counts. Please keep that in mind.

            There’s no such thing as “same technology” but different numbers of pixels. It is likely possible to make more efficient sensors with fewer MPs but in all seriousness, we’re only now reaching the pixel counts that are adequate to keep up with the optics. Also, Smart Automobile cars are very efficient too… do you drive one? 🙂

          • Renato S.

            I didn’t get anything mix up, please read correctly.

            And I already explained what I meant by “same tech” and it’s not what you took from that.

            This conversation is becoming pointless, I just stated that if Sony didn’t focus on squeezing more useless pixels, they would be able to increase the IQ and just resizing won’t do, I fail to see what’s there to be picking up on and continuing this.

          • Renato… I said, if the sensors are of the same size, rescaling down the images from the one that has more pixels will improve DR and SNR. And this is even more true when the technology is the same.

            You were confused about this concept when you said that you can take a small sensor P&S and resize its images down to match the SNR and DR of a sensor that’s larger. That was the “mix up” on your part I was referring to.

            And there’s no such thing as “useless pixels” as long as we have an option to get proper raw files. A 36MP image properly rescaled to 12MP will look better than a native 12MP image regardless of how good the 12MP sensor is.

            I have a feeling you’re only looking at a very narrow view of sensor evolution… the overall quality of sensors have improved at every iteration of a series, in terms of both resolution and DR/SNR. It’s this overall performance that matters when you take a photo and look at it.

          • Louis

            It’s not “You got.. ”
            It’s “You have got.. ”
            Learn to write properly.

          • Come back when you figure out how to register a username… but I doubt you will.

          • Louis

            Haha! Aww did I hit a nerve?

          • Well well look at you… going back to school and learning a bit of English and biology… you must think I’m your daddy to come here and recite to me what they teach you every day. Sorry, kid… my offspring would need more than 5-bits to write their IQ, so keep looking ROFL

          • Louis

            I hope that they learn to write better than you. 🙂

        • Ethan

          Sony and Nikon have better DR than Canon. Even the RX100 beats out the G1X in everything BUT lowlight.

      • Marvin8

        Sounds WAAAAY too good to be true. A betting man would bet against this. Yeah, lower the MP count to 12mp while we’re dreaming. 😀

  • madmax

    Believe me or not, I yesterday began to think a pop up viewfinder was a good idea as long as you have less bulk when no using it and also your nose is not pressed against the screen… And today I read this from Sony! This seems to be telepathy! If all this is true, I´ll probably buy this camera.

  • madmax

    It data are correct, It has a 50 mm f/2.4 lens at the tele end . Should provide enough DOF control for general photography. Next generation, begin at 24 mm, please.

  • z.t.

    That is a 5x zoom (!!) with max aperture of f/2.2? Not even cameras with 1/1.7″ sensors can achieve such lens at a reasonably small size. If true, and if it uses the same RX100 sensor, the RX200 will be an extensible beer can with an empty pack of cigarettes on other end. 😉

    • madmax

      It can be done. As the web admin said, Sigma f1.8 zoom lens is real and brighter and smaller than competition. Sony can maintain sensor size indeed.

      • Markus Arike

        Sigma’s f1.8 zoom is 2x’s and as z.t. said, “it’s the size of a beer can”. Think how large the current RX100 lens is. There is no possible way this can be done.

        • madmax

          To get that f/2.2 aperture at 50 mm, you only need 23 mm diameter in the front lens. Not so big as you think. Maybe somewhat larger than RX100 lens but it can be done.

    • MB

      f/1.4 on RX100 CX size sensor is more like f/3.8 on a full frame, but it is an excellent achievement really.

      • viv

        You are correct in that it applies for depth of field only though. As you probably already know that the f-stop will be same regardless. My 2 cents…

        • El Aura

          Yeah, but f-stop without sensor size is a number with no direct meaning. There is no parameter in the final image that is direct function of f-stop alone. DOF for example is an image parameter but without sensor size the f-stop cannot be linked to the DOF. The same is true for ISO, it is a number with no direct meaning until you attach a sensor size to it.

          There are lower limits to f-stop and ISO due to the law of optics and the sensitivity of silicon (well, you probably can reduce the sensitivity of silicon a lot if you needed to by playing with the doping).

      • madmax

        If this is true, it would be an excellent achievement as you say. Let´s enter data in dofmaster: Subject distance 3 meters, 50 mm lens, f/2.2 and Sony RX100 sensor: DOF is less than 10 cm in front or behind the subject! No one could argue this is not enough for more uses.

        • madmax

          I want to say “most uses”

  • 0mni

    Small sensor? -no thanks!

    May be rx1000?

  • MB

    It seams impossible to put in a pop-up viewfinder AND keep the pop-up flash in the similar size camera.
    Maybe they will add a hot-shoe for external flash and that will be even better.

  • xc1427

    A man has taken drug and became incane, so
    he posted on xitek some ridiculous message just by his pure imagination.
    Sorry admin for that rumor, we have sent him to a doctor.

    • Johnny Dough

      Incane? You can’t be cerious

      • txsnapit


  • looh

    In line with the Xitek generated 50mp EOS 1ds Mk4 rumors (posted monthly since 2009). Definitely filter your sources admin as unknowing Xitek people will take this very post back since it’s “credited with a foreign source”…

  • EnPassant

    With such a fast lens at the tele end this may actually be a RX1000 with a compact sensor. A competitor for Panasonic’s LF1 and Fujifilm X20.

  • strmnzro
  • ras

    a popup viewfinder? eeeergh….they should just put an EVF in the corner. mini nex-7-ish.

  • Alfonso FotoNovedades

    I hope it comes true and at least some hundreds cheaper!! the X100 it´s just out of this world!

  • Mike Wong

    i doubt it will be coming out at the end of June…more like the announcement of this newer version at June.

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