Rumors: Canon is testing a 75MP Pro DSLR camera


Photographybay reported a rumor that Canon is currently testing a high resolution 75MP Canon DSLR camera that will come in a pro body (like the 1Dx). The camera will have new processor(s) in order to handle the huge image files accordingly and a very hight frame rate (fps). Announcement could happen before the end of 2013, but the new camera will be available somewhere in 2014.

This rumor makes sense since Nikon is also expected to announce a high megapixel pro DSLR body (D4x).


Apparently few months ago Canon filed a patent for a non-Bayer multilayer (blue/green/red) sensor that can easily reach 75MP.

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  • Qxd Man

    Looks like a job for QXD.

    • CF Man

      Or maybe that should be XQD? I don’t Know I don’t own one.

    • amy

      SD UHS-II or mSATA

    • looper

      Oh please, don’t push those new formats on me while SD cards are getting up to 240MB/s in writes (Toshiba Excercia Pro). Nobody wants to be forced to buy into another flash standard.

  • Adam Knapp

    So, the megapixel war’s back on then?

    How high can you push the ISO, and what’s the noise look like?

    • “what’s the noise look like?”

      Random… If it ain’t random, it ain’t noise 😀

      • Adam Knapp

        Uh oh, don’t give them ideas!

        Canon, 2014: “Technically, since the banding is not random, it’s considered -detail-, not noise. Therefore, our sensor captures the most detailed images of any sensor ever!”

        • jk

          the banding pattern noise is not caused by the sensor itself but the readout chain of it.
          so it is usually called read out noise.
          I think Canon’s sensor itself is not as bad as some DXO fanboys claime to be but it is a very stingy cheap-minded company using extremely poor quality read out electronics and thus the terrible pattern noise.
          that said , the Canon sensors usually have lower amount of shot noise than the Nikon sensors.
          so if Canon wakes up sometimes soon and put some real good electronics surroundings around the sensor , I think next 5d will become a great camera.

          IMHO, the D800 sensor is not that great , it is basically a full sized version of the D7k sensor.

          at pixel level , the D800E acts exactly like the D7k did.
          it performs very well at sensor benchmarks because they test sensors only in good light and also they resample all at about 8mp.

          • Dxomark is hilarious rubbish for the claims they make. They do the measuments rather well but try to dumb everything down to a single number and lose the big picture.

            That said. .. the d800’s sensor is nothing less than awesome. I’d pick a 5d3 over a d800 for the AF. I’d pick a 6D over the 5d3 for high isos.

          • johnny

            I agree. They sounds like Nikon fanboys to me. It’s hard to get accurate reading even from RAW file. Every camera has in-camera LUT or signal pre-processor of some sort. What you got from RAW is not the initial data anymore. The true sensor dynamic range can only be measured by manufacturers.

          • Cooking the raws is an interesting point… it’s what digital imaging has become. What it means is as consumers interested in the real-world performance of these cameras, we have to come up with different methods of measurement from the conventional ones.

          • mardock

            And at pixel level the D3s still beats both of them.

            This rumored 75 megapixel Canon will be a niche product for some while, if it arrives. People forget that it will also necessitate heaps more storage, faster processors … and perhaps more importantly, a large number of lens redesigns and improvements, which will also take time and increase costs to consumers.

          • “at the pixel level” is a moot point. What matters is how much resolution is resolved at a particular ISO and what the true dynamic range is… no review sites out there really measure either… let alone both.

        • Randomness (or the lack of it) isn’t always at a pixel level. That’s where banding comes in.

  • CShanPhotoMan

    So… its pretty much a copy of the Foveon and by 75Mp they mean 25MP

    • Even the conventional meaning of “75MP” doesn’t mean there’s 75MPs. It’s 18.75MP for red and blue and 37.5MP for green… so Foveon deserves to be given a break. Their 15MP/SD1 sensor has more green pixels than the D800 sensor, for starters.

      • johnny

        I understand your point. Yet, by using sub-pixel counts, they are asking customers to use a calculator before purchase. In addition, can we get 37.5MP of green raw data from camera? We can’t. So, what’s the point of using it?

        • “can we get 37.5MP of green raw data from camera?”

          Not sure if I understand your question… if it’s a 75MP Bayer RGGB camera, yes, you can get 37.5MP of raw green data from each raw frame.

          Your original comment that went “I hate the Foveon’s trick by misleading people” is a bit too harsh because all they’re trying to do is keep up a good product/architecture in a market full of ignorant users who are already tricked by Bayer sensor makers.

          If the efficiency of the layered sensor approach is improved (like by a cutting-edge sensor company like Canon or Sony), it’s the definitive layout for getting heaps of detail… better than what everyone uses today.

    • johnny

      I hate the Foveon’s trick by misleading people with sub-color pixel counts.

      • MJr

        If they actually did it right with ‘normal’ high-iso performance, no false colors, and power usage that allows more than one film roll of photos per charge … i’d be fine with whatever funny marketing they come up with.

  • Funduro

    MEGA FILE SIZE Batman !

  • Dave

    Maybe it is a sensor like the 70d with split pixels ans on sensor phase detect focus. They’ve already debuted this tech so I think this is more likely than something foveon like

    • Sahaja

      In which case it really might only be something like 37.2 mp

  • madmax

    Only 75 Mp resolution? I want more. I really NEED more megapixels to improve my POOR quality pictures. I don´t know why, but I need MORE, MORE, MORE! Please, give me a 150 Mp camera and I promise you all I´ll become a GREAT photographer!

  • HKer

    if it is 25MP then it would be keeping up with Nikon D800 + a pro body. if it is 75MP then that is in a league of its own, and against the likes of Phase One (80MP), but without needing to mortgage your home. I am a Nikon user, but either way it is good if it is 75MP as it will push the envelop for Canon and others main stream camera makers. I can’t afford a Phase One, IQ180 +80mm price USD50k, but a canon 75MP say USD7k is a no brainer, if you need that sort of resolution . e.g. art photographers require high res. for clients to view the detail of large artwork. Stitching shots is time consuming to set up and may have artifacts, while a 75MP maybe a one shot solution or at least minimizes the numbers of shots to stitch.

    • jk

      well, but in pure IQ , it is not really considered as a Phase killer, it will have very very small pixels crammed onto a small sensor and thus , increased amount of shot noise at all ISO settings.

      • flaker

        It is a new sensor design so no one knows its characteristics. Your guess is as good as mine!

        • Marco Santa Cruz

          we do know it’s probably gonna be a 35mm sensor as it comes in a ‘like pro body’ so yeah, we kinda do know it’s gonna be crammed, people think just the green sensor layer 37mp is to tight, as i think most people would now agree 18mp on a layer is not too much… although, maybe just reading green from a single layer would indeed not lead to as much noise… i’m just glad boundaries are being pushed.

      • flaker

        It is a new sensor design so no one knows its characteristics. Your guess is as good as mine!

  • jk

    those of us who really need a super high resolution body have already invested some big amount of money into Phase One anyway.
    and for 35mm use , who do they think really need this kind of small pixel sensors at the cost of nasty shot noise ?
    for me , 36mp of my D800E is good enough for most of apps, and when we need more , we can always use a Phase one IQ160 any way.

    • Clint

      Ah JK…you are so short sighted. By the way, that D800E that you use…yeah, people would have talked about it the same way 4 years ago.

  • Canonicus

    Fuck yeah, leapfrog that 20th century resolution sucking bayer nonsense! Finally, my fine teutonic glass will have a sensor to match.

    I was thinking going medium format for sharper wides, but this could be a game changer. Let’s see if it lives up to expectations (wink wink)! Go Canon!

  • Mike

    24mm & 75mp and be there. 🙂

  • Z.T.

    BIG PRINT GIVETH, small print taketh away.

    Whatever the technology used, there will be some serious, loudmouth marketing BS language and lots of hot air released into the atmosphere to make the camera look even bigger.

    SO IT WILL BE 75 MEGAPIXELS …(together with a several asterisks explaining it in smallest print legible and in language no one can actually understand).

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