Rumored Panasonic GX7 pictures and specs surface online


The German magazine leaked the first pictures of the upcoming Panasonic GX7 MFT camera. Here are the detailed specifications:

  • 18 Megapixel sensor (although the leaked document says it’s 16Megapixel)
  • Magnesium body and comes in full black or black-silver.
  • On sensor stabilization (first ever for Panasonic)
  • Same video quality as the GH3
  • Shutter speed up to 1/8000
  • 5fps (4fps with continuous A)
  • Tiltable 2,76 Million Dot EVF
  • Tiltable 3 inch LCD (1,04 Million dots)
  • Integrated Wi-Fi and NFC
  • Focus peaking
  • Stereo Mic
  • Shipment in September
  • Body only price: 1.000 Euro
  • There will be two kit version: one with 14-42 and one with 20mm lens
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  • Tommy

    Looks like a cross between a Sony NEX 7 and a Fuji XE1 or a Olympus EP5

    • longzoom

      With new Oly 23 and 75 it will be something! Greatiest VF so far! Finally, IS inside!

      • wut?

        What? An olympus 23mm? What are you talking about?

  • Pretty… 🙂

  • markz

    yes please… but in black please 😉 …

    • VR

      It says it comes in black-silver or full black

      • markz

        sorry wan’t making that as a serious comment. I guess all the “spy shots” and leak shots are from the same source

  • TinusVerdino

    tiltable evf is great. Is that a first?

  • joe

    Somebody copied a fuji XE1 🙂

  • waterengineer

    No eye-level viewer. Fail.

    • Zos Xavius

      no reading of specs and then making idiotic and uniformed trollish comments. fail.

    • markz

      fail fail

    • The World

      what good is an engineer who can’t look something up?

    • camerageek

      Considering your epic fail (by not reading the specs) seppuku is your only option

  • Marco –

    Exactly the kind of evf and body shape I’d want for a samsung nx30. Please, samsung, please…

    • Bob Hawkins

      With Samsung’s record of ripping off every design on the planet, I’m sure your wish may be granted.
      (In their domestic market the copies are even more blatant…)

      • You have no idea. I did a two year stint in Korea. Samsung copy/buy everything. They own the country because everything from groceries and life insurance to cars is under their brand.

        On another note, they also have built the three tallest buildings on the planet. In other words, them ALSO doing cameras, and making them look like something else, is in the cards.

  • FMJ

    1.5 years later, this will be $500 USD

  • ddddddd

    Only 1 control wheel? Really? The grip looks far too round too.

    • hmmmm

      I agree. Why just one wheel? Ridiculous. That actually may be a reason for many not to buy the camera.

    • Anonymous

      Wow, I just noticed that too. That’s ridiculous. Even my NEX-5r has just 1 control dial.

  • Zos Xavius

    fuji called. they want their camera designs back. 😛

    • Samuel

      The 80s also called.

      The 50s, 60s, and 70s are on hold.

    • markz

      Leica, Zeiss Voigtlander, Kodak, etc etc, etc, called Fuji and want their camera design back

      short of covering it in vomit inducing lurid colours (think Pentax) or obnoxious bling (recent ‘blads) there’s not that much you can do to get too far out of the established form without alienating to many potential buyers with a design that is unwieldy and/or unusable and/or down right unattractive.

      • Zos Xavius

        I actually like the design a lot. It just screams Fuji X100 to me though.Also I was making a joke. Fuji has more than earned enough stripes to go as retro as they want. If I had to pick the most beautiful cameras from the 60s and 70s, Fuji would be near the top of my list. Oh wait. They still make beautiful, classic designs:

        Also I like that Pentax is trying (as always) to be different, funky colors and all. They make some pretty sexy black cameras too. I should know. I have three.

        • markz

          sorry… looks like I fell for of what someone else fell for in one of my other posts here… not picking up the humour clues

          • longzoom

            Indeed. Let the manufacturers take care of each other. Its just better for us.

  • Kevin Ho

    it looks just like the Leica Digilux 3 (DMC-L1)

  • fjfjjj

    The two-tone body almost convinced me that there were dedicated manual control dials. Oops!

  • MB

    To me this looks like the best m4/3 camera so far, at least on paper and pictures, even without sensor stabilization (I wonder if this is correct anyways for Panasonic camera …).

  • Non.S

    specs, specs, specs….bla bla bla

    90% useless and the remaining 10% not designed correctly

  • Bernard Giroux

    I don’t care about the design. A camera is a tool. The most important question here is who makes the sensor.

    • Zos Xavius

      My money is on panasonic. They are constantly improving their sensor designs and coming up with novel new ones. I really doubt they would outsource and ignore their massive investment in sensor technology.

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