New Samsung gold plated NX300 special edition camera kit

Samsung gold special edition NX300 camera kit  Samsung gold special edition NX300 camera kit 4 Samsung gold special edition NX300 camera kit 5

Axiom Telecom announced a new special limited edition kit that contains a 22k gold plated NX300 camera, two lenses (55-18mm III and 45mm 2D/3D), SEF8-A flash, external battery charger, 16GB memory card and leather case/strap. Each of the units is marked with an unique serial number and "Special Edition" engravings. The set will be available only through in Saudi Arabia. The price is 10,000 Saudi Riyal (around $2700).

Additional images:

Samsung gold special edition NX300 camera kit 2
Samsung gold special edition NX300 camera kit 3

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  • SpaceMan

    Gold plating actually makes it even less desirable than it already was. This is all Hasselbad’s fault

  • DonD

    Gold plated and Samsung…two words/phrases that do not go together. Like Gold plated edition of Hundai.

  • Hubertus_Bigend

    While Fuji, Olympus, Panasonic and Sony are further extending their technological lead, Samsung stays behind – and introduces one of their unattractive cameras fitted with gold plating. Things don’t look good for Samsung in the mirrorless world.

    • jk

      well, it is cool , not need any explanations or words for it.

  • jk

    where can we buy it ?
    it is so cool , I think it’s a gorgeous camera , I hated the normal NX300 design but this version is so cool.

  • luc

    I think we’d consider “where” this is going to happen.
    Samsung is running now huge branding campaign in one of the richest, and economically fast growing, area of the world which is the Middle East.
    Target is to position all their products (phones, computers, tv sets, home appliances, healthcare etc) as high class and “desireable”.
    In this respect, I see a gold plated camera to fit pretty well with the average definition of “luxury” for rich people there.

    You may also want to consider this:

    But, after all, I’m not a market analyst. Just a frequent traveller of those countries

    • SpaceMan

      You rationality, cool-headedness and informed opinion has no place on internet forums

      • luc

        …advice welcome, chap…
        Crawling back to real world 😉

  • Ken Elliott

    I’m quite sure someone at Samsung looked at the old gold-plated-with-snakeskin Leicas, and thought “hey, we should do that!”

    I guess they don’t realize that photographers make jokes about that stuff, and it taints Leica’s reputation.

  • Tariq

    One tiny little correction…it costs SAR 4,000 – roughly USD 1100..I was at axiomtelecom earlier today..

    As far as function..I haven’t tried it..but the reviews sound promising..not sure though..

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