Panasonic GX7 announcement in few hours, new Leica MFT lens on the way


The Panasonic GX7 MFT camera will be announced in few hours. Few last moment GX7 updates from Digicame-info in addition to the previously leaked specs:

  • No AA filter on the sensor
  • Sensor designed by Panasonic with improve high sensitivity and resolution, new two-dimensional noise reduction (25% better high ISO performance and 10% better resolution performance compared with the GX1)
  • The camera will start shipping in Japan on September 12
  • The price will be around 1000 EUR ($1000 in the US)
  • Very fast communication between body and lens: 240 B/s
  • "Noiseless" shooting mode: takes pictures without the use of the mechanical shutter
  • Battery capacity: 320 shots
  • Weight: 402g
  • The GX will be available in two different colors: silver and black

Digicame-info reported also that a new Panasonic/Leica branded Micro Four Thirds lens is also coming soon but the exact date is not yet confirmed.

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  • camerageek

    Still a sow’s ear. MIcro Four Turdists rejoice! Now you have a crippled NEX-6 clone of your very own! Hey if you’re lucky Hasselblad may choose it to make a shell for!

    LMAO!!! These Micro Four Turd cameras are such an insult to photography.

    • Federico Zaza

      Never used one….right?

      • Why would someone with the name camerageek say something like that? Thanks to m43, entire mirrorless segment would not exist.

        • camerageek

          Hmmmm I’ve been using mirrorless since oh 1973. It’s called Leica and Rollieflex. Obviously you are an unwashed peasant

      • camerageek

        Actually I’ve had a review unit for two weeks now. It’s the same as every other Micro Four Turds camera I have ever reviewed – horse crap IQ married to some really nice tech. Shame the tech is wasted on such a camera, especially the Near Field connection abilities (really near flawless with an iOS device). They need to get a real sensor.

        It is a lot like a NEX 6 in control layout and design. Props on the tilting screen and VF, but still crap IQ compared to the APS-C units you can buy for the same price in the mirrorless segment.

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