Sigma to announce mount conversion services on Thursday


Few days ago PhotoRumors broke the news about a new upcoming announcement from Sigma. As some of the commenters already mentioned, on Thursday Sigma will announce a new mount conversion service. This will be a free service from Sigma where you will be able to send your Sigma lens and convert to any of the available mounts.

Update: the mount replacement service might be free, but you will still have to pay for the shipping and handling to Japan.

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  • sebas77

    AWESOME, will it be worldwide? What about the UK?

    • World Citizen

      Once the UK officially becomes part of Europe and the Euro zone it will be offered there, too.

      • sebas77

        funny 🙂

  • catfishb52

    “I’m taking my lenses and leaving, don’t try to stop me.” Great idea Sigma, I’m glad I own a few of your lenses.

  • Raffwal

    The Sigma CEO interview in September’s Foto Magazin says it will cost 150 to 300 € per lens.

    • My understanding is that it will be a free service.

      • jk

        are you sure?
        amazing then , thanks Sigma then I will get more Sigma lenses since I know it won’t be wasted even if I change my mount to Canon EF or Sony A from my current Nikon F.

        • I won’t be sure until it’s official, but this is the rumor for now.

          • jk

            so when will we be sure about it.
            appreciate your hard work here always, thanks.

      • Raffwal

        And they just announced the prices:

        299zł for DN lenses
        599zł for normal lenses
        999zł for super tele lenses.

        So it’s roughly 150-300€ and less for DN lenses.

        • Yes, the service is not free. Sorry, this part of the rumor was wrong.

    • jk

      hope it’ll be a bit cheaper than that , then I will buy only Sigma lenses from now on since I constantly change my mount , now I am with Nikon but I am adding some Canon cameras soon (Canons for video and AF ,Nikon for still).
      so if they really do this service for reasonable price (I consider 200US as reasonable), I am more than willing to buy their lenses in Nikon F mount and maybe later on convert them for Canon or Sony or something else.

      • rearranged

        200$ for the conversion would be way to much since you could just sell your old stuff and buy used lenses.

        • jk

          maybe you are right.

  • camaman

    You mean the same thing I can do with a $5 adapter?
    You dont say. That really is a revolution.

    • Niklas Bergstrand

      First off, you can’t go between several mounts without a optical glass in the adapter, which obviously will ruin what first made you like the lens.
      Second, not many adapters transfers the connectors of the lens.
      Third, the few adapters that transfers connections almost never gives you AF between the different manufacturers.
      Fourth, you must be trolling…

      • sebas77

        he must

  • Panchoskywalker

    I hope service will be available for CONTAX N lens also. 🙂

  • TinusVerdino

    “This will be a free service from Sigma where you will be able to send your Sigma lens and convert to any of the available mounts.”

    So? any Sigma lens? New ones? Which mounts are available? (don’t say Not Pentax……)

    • Zos Xavius

      i’m hoping for pentax too…..time will tell.

    • Mistral75

      Any Contemporary / Art / Sport Sigma lens in any mount, provided that the lens already exists in the mount into which you want it to be converted.

      • Andrew Gray

        Which is kind of annoying for Olympus/Panasonic users since they’ve stopped supporting 4/3. At least people switching to NEX could have their lenses changed to A-mount and use the adapter. The only option for MFT is switching E mount lenses, which is is kinda pointless for the three $200 lenses they offer.

  • Olama

    Based on an article with interview with Sigma guy the service seems to cost $100-300 and will be offered via Japan with 4 weeks delivery time only.
    It further seems that obviously they will only convert into mounts they already sell as new.
    And it will really only work with the new Arts, Contemporary and Sports lenses.

  • Edgar

    to be honest, I am disappointed was expecting a new lent 🙁

  • Josh

    Is a mount conversion service, just switching the mount from say Nikon to Canon or vice-versa? Unsure exactly what it does.

    • Mistral75

      Have a look at this video:

      The Sigma to Canon conversion is the simplest since the Sigma protocol is the same as the Canon one. For all the other conversions you also need to change the board.

  • michel
  • beavis

    Things to do for Sigma:
    1) Merrill x3f support for Lightroom and other good raw developing programs
    2) other things

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