Canon press event scheduled for August 21st


Canon has scheduled a press event for August 21st, 2013. Some of the possible products that could be announced on that date are: new EOS M mirrorless cameras, Canon EOS 7D Mark II or the rumored 75MP Canon 1 series camera.

Via Photographybay

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  • photdog

    If a 36MP sensor was already so demanding on lenses and revealed weaknesses that couldn’t be observed with the 12 MP camera generation, I wonder what a 75MP sensor would serve up. As neither the Canon nor the Nikon lens line up is really prepared for such a resolution, I doubt that the high resolution cameras will hit the market soon. Though both companies may have already working preproduction versions in the field.

    • Rusty Cardores

      25mp x 3 Layer non-bayer sensor, so not really 75mp res as such.

      • Photdog

        Do you mean it’ll be a Foveon sensor of some sort?

      • Pure speculation. Might as well say it’s that 150mp sensor they talked about once.

        • Clint

          Call it speculation but I would put my money on this too. A 25mpx3 sensor similar to the Foveon is much more likely than a traditional Bayer sensor of 75MP.

          • Might become real and I hope it would too but right now it’s still speculation.

    • You’re forgetting that you can take the 36mp image and resize it down to 12mp if 12 is all you want and it’ll look better than an image from a native 12mp sensor.

      Same goes for 36 vs. 75. Let the MPs be there as long as overall efficiency of the entire sensor doesn’t get worse.

    • jj993

      I use old full frame lenses with my 16mp micro43 camera. It equals to a 16mp center crop of a 64mp ff image. I can’t talk about corner performance, but at least the center is sharp. So I think 75mp full frame would be just fine, despite of what some “experts” say..

  • Nicke

    Probably only a dozen p&s cameras…

  • TinusVerdino

    750D :p

  • Ida

    They will announce an online imaging service only, no hardware.

    • Libby Stack

      I’m going to agree with you here. Looks like a Cloud Storage announcement to me.

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