Canon EOS M listed as “no longer available”, new models coming soon

Canon-EOS-M-no-longer-available-2 Canon-EOS-M-no-longer-available

Adorama currently has listed the two different Canon EOS M kits (with 18-55mm and 22mm f/2.0 lenses) as "no longer available". Another online retailer (OneCall) has also listed the camera as "currently unavailable":


After the recent 50% price drop, the EOS M is listed as backordered at B&H, while Amazon only has discounted the 18-55 EOS M kit.

Two new OES M cameras have been rumored to be released this summer (see possible specs here). One of the models could have an EVF.

Update on the two new Canon mirrorless cameras:

"We're told that an EOS-M with the new dual pixel sensor won't be shipping until after the 70D (September) and that a basic EOS-M upgrade with the 18MP sensor will precede it. Also mentioned is a Canon version of a focal reducer being developed for EF lenses, this will be announced with the 20MP dual-pixel sensor version of the EOS-M."

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  • kshapero

    Got one while the price was dropped.

    • bakandzha

      Such a shame, you did. Judging by your avatar photo your experience and wisdom should have told you otherwise.

    • JakeB

      Not exactly something you should brag about…

      • kshapero

        Judging by me wisdom and experience maybe you should inquire why I would do this. Your ignorance abounds.

        • Summicron

          Mind boggles why someone with “wisdom” would do that…so shed some light on your decision to the rest of us, the ‘ignorant’ bunch, please.

          • kshapero

            I need a 35mm lens only, travel camera. $300 for an APS-C sensor. That is a great deal for my needs. Don’t be so quick to judge. If when I receive it , it does not do what I want then i will return it. Simple.

          • papa strumph

            $300 or not, it’s $300 wasted on a mediocre product that you could have spent elsewhere for something you would actually want to keep longer.

            The fact it’s an APS-C means very little, when the product it’s built on disappointing on so many fronts. Check reviews and what others posted already, better still talk to the owners for a first hand feedback. Mine lasted exactly 3 days with me your experience could be different…do post back here your thoughts once you’ve shot about first 100-200 frames or so.

          • You just never learned how to take photos:

            How do you explain those? And a majority of those were taken before the firmware update. You’re telling people not to buy it after the FW update. Seriously… you need to update yourself first.

          • papa strumph

            No, I’ll ask you next time for a photography lesson, you bozo.

            The photos in that link could well be taken with any mirrorless camera these days, not just Canon M. Canon M is still a camera that didn’t live to its expectations, weather you admit it or not or want to believe it or not.

            Now go away and cry in the corner elsewhere.

          • Not only you don’t know how to use a camera, you can’t even come up with a real argument. “Bozo”? “Cry in the corner”? You need that update more than we first thought.

            If those photos could have been taken with any other mirrorless camera then it means the EOS M is good as any other camera. What a stupid comment… you just shot your case in the foot. No wonder you never figured out how to take a photo with the EOS M.

          • JakeB

            Funny how many are vigorously defending this camera. Dude, if Canon though the camera was good and if the sales and market penetration was that big as your post would lead us to believe, the camera wouldn’t be offered for close to “free”.

            Get it?

          • Where did I ever say anything about market penetration?

          • kshapero

            will do. Trust if does not meet my needs it will be returned.

        • Jag

          The now successful EOS M with Firmware 2.0.2, 22mm pancake and $299 price point is obviously annoying a lot of stupid people here who prematurely bought a higher priced, lower quality kit.

        • go4it

          Doncha just love total strangers telling *you* how – and why – to spend YOUR own money?!?

          I bumped into a disillusioned EOS-M owner in a NJ bar about 3 weeks ago who believed so much of what everyone else was saying about this “horrible” camera … that he simply stopped shooting with it. Talk about “peer pressure”!

          He had a pristine black body with carton & every scrap of OE packaging, the EF lens adapter, 90EX flash, 22mm and 18-55 STM “kit lenses … AND the 11-22mm non-US zoom that he bought in Toronto! Lens hoods, filters, etc. – all included.

          He simply had become *so* convinced it was the worst thing he had ever spent money on ….

          We talked. I bought him and his wife a bottle of wine and offered him everything I had in my wallet – USD 427.00. He jumped at it!!!!

          Turns out, he had already tucked the EOS-M gear away in a dresser drawer, never having installed the latest firmware upgrade.

          My wife and I sat and talked to his wife while he went to fetch the camera & accessories – in Fanwood NJ, I think he said – took him about 45 minutes. He came back, we swapped camera for cash, we drew up a bill-of-sale on my laptop, recorded serial numbers, etc … I e-mailed him the .doc file of our agreement – he saw it on his iPhone, then we all smiled and parted ways …..

          Yeah, kshapero, we’re both a couple of idiots in the same boat, I guess …..

          Got home and remembered to check the shutter count and it was less than 150 activations. Installed the new firmware and … we’re good to go!

          Amazing camera …… Maybe not the state-of-the-art but now, my poor G1 X needs a good home. The image quality of the EOS-M annihilates it ….


  • beavis

    something is coming…

  • Harold GLIT

    models with a nice size sensor ( m4/3rds or aps) and WITHOUT an EVF ( at least external) are doomed IMO

  • Marko Visnjic

    That model should have never been available in the first place. What a flop.

    • Mobious

      For being a flop I’ve seen this little thing all over town, plenty of photogs using their EF glass via adaptor too, Canon still wins even with this pathetic attempt at mirrorless…
      New 70D sensor with the AF would at least be something to look forward to as long as EVF and more controls are available, oh but the price after that…

      • Marko Visnjic

        Flop from product design and performance point of view, not just sale. The pros might have use them with L-glass but I’d bet they’re far from satisfied by the end result.

        But than again I wouldn’t touch Nikon 1 J or V from a distance, yet they’re the best selling mirrorless camera in 2012/2013 in Japan. Mind boggles. It appears that brand name with a strong marketing machine behind still sells, no matter how mediocre their product is.

        • Mobious

          Exactly, the reality of marketing, branding and name recognition. Plenty of consumers will buy something because of the logo over any understanding of specs and technical details beyond “it can switch lenses” and “it can take photos at night”. I laugh and cry at the same time when I see an old timer (looks and acts like a veteran photog) carry a 24-105L or other “big lens” for the little M and think it’s seriously cool… yeah, cameras are small now, but a small body makes large lenses ridiculous, especially on a flop of mirrorless attempt

          • Out of curiosity, what do _you_ carry so stylishly?

          • Calibrator

            “but a small body makes large lenses ridiculous”

            Personally, I don’t care what a combo looks like if it performs well.

  • matador

    Canon M…? Who really cares…

  • A 2 camera “generation 2” approach makes sense because it leaves the original one behind for a new beginning.

    None of that would’ve been necessary if that had paid attention to people and other manufacturers in the first place. At least this predictability means people can plan what they want to buy.

  • MJr

    Would be funny if Northlight got all their information from that 1.800 number. ^^

  • BklynPigeon

    For $300 you really cant beat this price / quality. I purchased one just to leave in the glove compartment.

    • Ross

      Maybe you should leave it there too. 😉 😀

      • Renata Adun

        LOL! good one…

  • sitizenx

    Meh. For $300 why not? I’m not seeing a lot of mind blowing alternatives at that price point. You get an APS-C sensor and if you stick to the 20mm pancake you have a nice go everywhere pocket shooter. It’s no DSLR replacement but it’s not $600 with no lens either.

    • Nino Penstacchi

      “It’s no DSLR replacement but it’s not $600 with no lens either….”

      It’s like a child you sometimes wish you never had…

      It’s like a discounted new car you wish you never bought in the first place…

      It’s like that girlfriend from the past you easily picked up but wish you never did…

      It’s like that $3 chicken Laksa you had on vacation in Bangkok you wish you never bought…

      The fact some things cost less than others and enable a quick and easy acquisition, doesn’t mean you should really do that. There’s a very good reason why cameras like Canon M and Nikon 1 cost as low as they do. If you don’t know what that is, you should start reading, or talking to others who owned the poor sods in the past.

      • gabriel m.

        One of the best posts here, ever!!


      • I wouldn’t buy an EOS M either because the Nex is the best platform for mirrorless at the moment. But that EF-M 22mm f/2 is better than anything on the Nex. Have you seen how good it is? If it was available on any other system, would paying $300 to use it be that bad? What if they just threw in an APS-C camera in with the deal too… is that such a crime?

        • eli_sarver

          And of course Sony make an adaptor for EF lenses.

          • I’m talking about the EF-M 22mm f/2. There’s no adapter for that and Nex doesn’t have anything like it.

  • whensly

    If they put a good evf on there I’d buy it. Then again I’ve been wanting an evf on the G models and that never happened. I guess Canon is afraid of EVF’s even OVF’s.

  • Filip Stefanovski
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