Rumors about a new Ricoh GXR camera surface online


See the Ricoh GXR + A12 Leica M mount unit review here

Rumors coming from Asia suggest that Ricoh is working on a new GXR camera. Some of the GXR configurations were marked as discontinued few months ago. As of today (according to B&H), the body only GXR module is no longer available and the GXR + A16 24-85mm f/3.5-5.5 module is listed as discontinued. The only two available GXR camera+lens module kits (P10 and S10) are currently discounted to $350.

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  • dannybuoy

    Interest piqued. Looking for a new way to keep my Leica glass and sell my M9. Have been using the new GR for a few weeks and love it. Give me a Ricoh body that can take my lenses and I’m buying instantly.

    • p

      perhaps I misunderstand your requirements, but doesn’t this module do exactly that?

      • dannybuoy

        Yes the current version does do that but I own an M9 and am waiting for an M. But at this rate it’ll not be until 2014, I’m waiting to see if a new GXR can provide the same quality maybe with an APSc sensor. That’s all

    • Felix Tan

      Get the GXR Mount or M mount.

  • Marc

    Never understood this system. When you buy this you will have a perfectly good lens sitting on an outdated sensor in a matter of years.

    • El Aura

      Which also applies to the Fuji X100, Nikon Coolpix A, Leica X1/X2/Vario, Ricoh GR, Sigma DP1/2/3, Sony RX1. And depending on how you look at it also to the Panasonic LX3/5 etc.

    • frank

      The sensor is on the lens, not the body. So, it can be updated even better than on any other camera in the world.

      • Marc

        Explain? Can you put in a new sensor? I don’t think so. So every few years you ‘need’ to buy new lenses, because it is stuck to an outdated sensor.

        (El aura those are compacts, this seems to be a system camera)

      • looh

        They just didn’t care to make it fully modular like a hassy. Either greed or incapability, or both. Plus lack of potential customers.

  • Non.S

    Interesting concept. I just hope they implement it correctly this time!!

  • frank

    New GXR body similar to Ricoh GR and modules for Leica and Pentax lenses is a success for sure.

  • BP2012

    Dear Santa Claus, I would like new Ricoh GXR with full frame K mount module for Xmas 🙂

  • Bennett

    Rumors here in Japan many months ago were that the new body would have a full frame sensor with M mount.

    Meantime, everything is still available here in Japan, including the A12 M mount sensor and all lenses. I know someone who bought the A12 a couple weeks ago.

    B&H discontinued the camera months ago… so what is the reliability of rumors?

  • JCRJr3

    um…THIS WOULD BE AWESOME! As I just purchased an M4 and a version V 50mm summicron, it would be fun to be able to have a ricoh compact digital system to use them with!

  • Ramayana

    Full frame GXR with M mount and an adapter for K lenses. That would get me sleeping in line on the eve of launch, for sure.

  • Johnone

    Never been touched a Ricoh but they said that it is one of the best brands when it comes to cameras. They might never find this brand when they buy camera online

  • walker

    i hope the old modules will still work with the new body (assuming the rumour is true)? i’m in tokyo at the moment, seriously considering grabbing a couple. would hate for the whole lot to be instantly superceded (sp?). but a good camera is still a good camera i guess, even if a better one comes after it.

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