Ricoh GXR camera body and two lens modules listed as discontinued


The Ricoh GXR camera body, GRX + S10 lens kit and GRX + A16 lens kit are all listed as discontinued. The GXR system was announced in November 2009 but since the modules where the sensor is located are interchangeable, it remains to be seen if Ricoh will decide to upgrade the camera body.

The Ricoh GXR camera body is also no longer listed at Adorama.

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  • ChrisA

    There were leaks with the GR a couple of months in advance, but apart from the GXR still being listed in Ricoh Pentax current line up, there has been not even a whiff of a rumor of new modules or body. Is anybody out there testing one? Please…

    • No longer Pablo Ricasso

      Oh that would be so EVIL if they didn’t make a new plastic thingy with the wires inside to replace the old plastic thingy. But maybe the new direction this week it to integrate all the plastic and wires into one piece.

  • Interesting that none of the modules are discontinued. New body and 35mm & 50mm incoming?

    • That’s what I was thinking – new GXR body, but then the whole idea of this concept was that you don’t have to upgrade to a new body.

      • Hmmm think the concept was more that it allowed you to choose the camera you wanted. So Ricoh’s answer to the question “but I want it with this focal length or that”. All bodies are eventually superceded.

        • I think the GXR was about easily upgrading the sensor – you can get different focal lengths with every other interchangeable lens camera.

          • Well more a case of choose the fixed lens camera spec you want, e.g. I’d prefer a GR with a 35mm-e lens. But then along came the M mount which altered the dynamics a bit 🙂 The body does need a buff though. Bigger faster buffer, screen with a hard coating, support for the latest cards etc

      • But what if a new GXR body is to be released with faster SD write speeds, the ability to use bigger, longer lasting batteries, and equipped with either a built in EVF / optical finder or able to take a higher resolution EVF, all of which were bugbears / complaints about the current GXR “shell”.

        Now that would be a real upgrade 🙂 besides the GXR body has been around 4 years – that’s as close as you can get to forever in digital terms 🙂

  • Lee

    A GXR K-mount for PENTAX user will be interesting, will be a different user base than the GR.

  • Many of you folks are misleading something. If GXR is discontinue, then Ricoh’s Japan website should also remove or has to state something about it. But since Ricoh Japan still has listed their camera lineup, this does means that they are still producing the camera. Discontinuing camera is the shop deision. Not the Ricoh company itself.

    • Not true, the company’s website will be the last place where a camera will be listed as discontinued.

  • No any official info. ALL MODULES ARE IN STOCK. Check BHPhoto.
    BHPhoto is only one company which put DISCONTINUED for GXR body.

    • Adorama doesn’t even list some of the modules and the body only.

      • Adorama and BHPHOTO are the biggest stores in the universe??? :)) Official answer HERE –

        Dear Mr. ***,

        Thank you for your enquiry.

        The GXR is a camera from our current range and is not discontinued.
        We do not have any information about new lens releases for this unit.

        I hope that your question has been answered to your satisfaction.
        Should you have further questions regarding this matter, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

        When replying, please make sure this email is included.

        With kind regards,


        Pentax Ricoh Imaging Technical Support

        • I do not expect that they will tell you the camera is discontinued. They don’t want to loose any sales on the left over equipment.

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