Panasonic G6, LF1 cameras and 14-140mm f/3.5-5.6 lens announced

Panasonic Lumix G6
Panasonic Lumix LF1
Panasonic LUMIX G VARIO 14-140mm F3.5-5.6

Panasonic officially announced the Lumix G6 ($749), LF1 ($499) cameras and their new 14-140mm f/3.5-5.6 MFT lens ($699). Additional information with detailed specifications and sample images available at the following links:

Panasonic G6

  • 16MP Live MOS Sensor
  • Venus Engine Image Processor
  • Micro Four Thirds Standard
  • 3.0" 1,040k-Dot Tilting Touchscreen LCD
  • Full HD 1080i Video Recording at 60fps
  • 20fps Continuous Shooting Rate
  • Built-In Wireless and NFC Connectivity
  • Light Speed Autofocus System
  • 14-42mm Zoom Lens (35mm Equiv: 28-84mm)

Panasonic LF1

  • 12.1MP High Sensitivity MOS Sensor
  • Leica DC Vario-Summicron 7.1x Zoom Lens
  • 35mm Equivalent Focal Length: 28-200mm
  • 3.0" 920k-Dot Intelligent LCD Monitor
  • 0.2" 200k-Dot Electronic Viewfinder
  • Full HD 1080i Video Recording at 60fps
  • POWER O.I.S. Optical Image Stabilization
  • Built-In Wireless and NFC Connectivity
  • Exposure Control Ring
  • Creative Retouch and Composition Guides

Panasonic Lumix G Vario 14-140mm f/3.5-5.6 ASPH POWER O.I.S. lens

  • 35mm Equivalent Focal Length: 28-280mm
  • Micro Four Thirds Standard
  • POWER O.I.S. Optical Image Stabilization
  • Three Aspherical Lens Elements
  • Two Extra-Low Dispersion Elements

Relates videos:

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  • Ken Elliott

    LF-1 …. Electronic viewfinder, control ring, f/2 lens. Panasonic, you just got my attention. I think this will be my next compact camera. Pay attention, Nikon.

    • BM

      V1..$300.00 used… ….just saying

  • madmax

    Disappointing LF1. Very, very slow tele end (f/5.9) for such a small sensor. Even wide end is far slower than LX7 and it´s only 28 mm (24 mm in LX7). I don´t see the point in making such a camera.

    • BP2012

      Please name me one allround zoom 28-200mm for any camera from compact to dslr which is faster than 5.6 at 200mm.

      Also please name me which camera has 24-200mm zoom and is still in production.

      I’ll buy them immediately.

      • vince

        Fuji F900EXR, 25-200mm equiv. F5.3 on the tele end (slower on the wide end though…)

        Casio ZR1000 (and a bunch of other ZR series models) also have mega zooms starting at 24mm equiv…

        And there’s that just announced Sony HX50V with the ridiculous 24-720mm equiv. zoom…

        • BP2012

          Sorry but F900 and HX50V are tourist snapshot cameras. Both of them with dissapointing F/3.5 at the wide end. There are zillions of camera with that apperture. F900 have a good sensor but lenses are joke. Sony sensor is also a joke. Both of them are not comparable to LF1. Apples and oranges.

          LF1 can be used for low light with f/2.0 at wide end and also as a tourist camera at 200mm tele end like those two.

          Better try to compare with some DSLR lens, maybe there is something somewhere which I don’t know…

      • vince

        I keep really close tabs on Fuji and Casio digicams (Fuji for EXR, Casio for affordable high frame rate video recording) relative to other brands… I’ve always liked the stuff they offer…

      • madmax

        It´s just me expecting something like Panasonic LC1. Nothing wrong with the camera, but not for me.

      • Glaring_Mistake

        Nikon Coolpix P7700 goes from 28-200 with a 4.0 aperture at 200mm. Starts with 2.0 too.

        • BP2012

          Yes, you are right that camera is good and could be an option. But it is
          more than twice heavier and bigger in volume than LF1 and it can’t fit
          in every pocket like LF1. Only Canon S series is comparable in size and
          weight but unfortunately not comparable in features.

  • BP2012

    LF1 looks like a best little true compact camera so far.

    Much better than actual Canon S1xx model because off:

    – allround 28-200mm zoom 2.0-5.9
    -Full HD with 60f/s
    -Shutter speed 250s – 1/4000s
    -ISO 80-12800
    -Remote view/control from phone

    Off course it has a lot of limitations but for a true compact that fits in EVERY pocket this is Impressive.

    • 1664

      Still no match for an RX100.

      Yeah, the Sony is bigger but the difference in quality between the two cameras is even bigger. And the EVF doesn’t offset that.
      If the LF1 had a 2/3″ sensor it’d start to be interesting.

    • ethan

      Also the rx100 has 1080p @60p. Lf1 has 1080i

      Rx100 still king.

      • BP2012

        There is no doubt about that, but RX100 too big for my pockets, in every sense. LF1 fits just right without making a big hole 🙂

  • MovieMaker

    1080i !?!?! That’s very unlike Panasonic. Even GoPro Hero 3s have 1080P. I’m excited to see the BlackMagic Pocket camera.

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