Panasonic GX2 camera drawings

Panasonic GX2 camera
Panasonic GX2 camera 2
Panasonic GX2 camera back
Panasonic GX2 camera top
Drawings for the upcoming Panasonic GX2 camera surfaced on the EU Trade Marks and Design Office website. Here is a size comparison from Digifotopro between the current GX1 models and the GX2:

Panasonic GX1 vs. GX2 cameras

The new GX2 design confirms the previous rumors for a tiltable built-in EVF. Here are the rest of the specs:

  • Tiltable built-in viewfinder
  • Fastest shutter speed at 1/8000s
  • New 18MP sensor
  • Image stabilization
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  • stevieg

    EVF and articulated screen, yummy!!

  • stevieg

    EVF and articulated screen, yummy!!

  • babola

    It’s kind of lost a good part of the GX1 ‘rangefinder-style’ sexiness.

    This is a very different product from the design point of view, more like an enlarged point & shoot. I was honestly hoping for more of that Leica-ish looks the LC1 and L1 cameras in the past had.

    • JakeB

      Agree on “loss of the GX1 attractiveness”.

      We should wait for the first photos of the finished product, though…who knows, it may look completely different in real-life.

    • a4

      Are you serious??
      “It’s kind of lost a good part of the GX1 ‘rangefinder-style’ sexiness.

      This is a very different product from the design point of view, more like an enlarged point & shoot.”

      Isn’t it the other way round? While personally I’m not considering owning a micro4/3 camera (yet :)), I’m glad for the potential buyer that Panasonic seems to have finally found out which part of the camera was desperately missing.

    • ROFL “rangefinder-style”? When the GX1 wasn’t a RF in the first place, what exact rangefinder characteristics has the GX2 lost?

      If you want a RF get a RF… only an idiot might think these little mirrorless point and shoots are like RFs. Impress those worth impressing.

    • I also don’t see how mirrorless cameras are badged, in any way, as ‘rangefinder style’ cameras. They operate more closely to SLR cameras, but with or without eye level viewfinders.

      Perhaps people who have never used rangefinders (or pre-aperture coupled SLR cameras for that matter) can call them ‘rangefinder style’ cameras, but in reality, they are as opposite to rangefinder cameras as is possible.

  • popeyoni

    Looks fantastic! On paper, it has everything I want.
    I have high hopes for this camera.

  • Drazen B

    Hmm, judging by the overlay photo, the camera will be massive compared to the existing GX1 which isn’t exactly small, either.

    That said, it’s getting to the size and look of the original infamous Lumix LC1, which I absolutely loved (apart from its price 🙂 ) .

    • WT21

      Wha??? GX1 is big? GX2 is massive???,183

      • Drazen B

        Meant to say for that specific product range.

        GX1 is still bigger than Canon EOS M for example, and that one even sports an APS-C sensor.

        • WT21

          The EOS-M has neither a VF nor a possibility a VF. It also doesn’t have AF, lol. NEX 6 or 7 is more the comparison here.,375

          • Pablo Ricasso returned

            You’re splitting hairs…GX1 was just about the size I could accept for the camera that comes with MFT sensor. Anything larger would make me look at other MFT camera offerings.

            I was also hoping for GX2 to be at least the same size if not a little smaller than GX1.

          • WT21

            That’s called the GF series.

          • Pablo Ricasso returned

            If I wanted GF series I would have bought one already.

        • marxz

          one thing to note with the overlay is that while it overhangs on the grip side compared to the GX1 it underhangs on the off side so the size gain is not as significant as it first appears. but compare that to a GF1 or GX1 with the EVF mounted and all bets are off

  • Mandrake

    Potentially a Canon G15/GX1 & Nikon P7700 killer…let’s wait and see…

    • Gloria L

      I have to agree

    • WT21

      Canon G1X is a deadend camera. You won’t see another. It’s much like Canons’ TX1. An interesting idea that went nowhere. The G15 and P7700 are yesterday’s cameras. Not saying the GX2 will kill them, but their tiny sensors and very large/heavy bodies are old news. The Sony RX100 has already made them irrelevant, and there’s more fixed zoom/larger sensor cameras with direct controls coming from Sony and Fuji, and likely from Nikon, too.

  • Renato S.

    I bet someone with time could make a digital mock up with that… hehe… if I had the time, I would…

  • marxz

    bring it on I say… love my old GF1+LVF1, since I got it my DSLR’s mostly sit on the shelf for anything that’s not sports/action, but as my everyday workhorse camera for the last few years it’s more than a little beat up.

    To me the only issue I have with day to day use of the GF1 (and one reason I never bought the new OEM) was that with the top mounted LVF fitted it became a hassle to get in and out of pockets and camera pouches, this small increase in size became a major inconvenience at times. So adding a little extra length to gain a built in EVF is an “absolutely no problem” situation for me….

    • marxz

      *OMD (damn autocorrect)

  • EVF, bullt-in flash, AND hot shoe… All without a hump. (Was that so hard?) Yay!

    • 57thStIncident

      This. Now I’d like to see them get the EVF to retract for inclusion on even smaller models.

  • mgauss

    will it support Olympus lenses?

    • Renato S.

      why not? they are both part of micro four thirds

  • Enche Tjin

    It looks like Sony NEX 6 design

  • intergalactic_turkey

    looks pretty close to sony’s nex-7/6 models.

  • Bollox

    This looks like another toy without proper manual controls nor proper image control – for those who need to know: even the best EVFs do not match an old computer screen yet.

    It will be interesting to see the price – now and in 6 months.

    • Anonymous

      >without proper manual controls nor proper image control

      Obviously haven’t tried any recent mirrorless cameras

      >even the best EVFS do not match an old computer screen yet

      Obviously haven’t tried any recent mirrorless cameras

      Stick to film, old man.

      • Bollox

        Sure, a little marketing never hurt. Now some tips:
        Learn photography. Try a proper camera (hint: Canon or Nikon with 135
        sensor). Keep learning. Try a mirrorless. Speak if you have sth to say..
        Your version: know squat. Read some internet crap instead of working. Blurt out some bollox.
        Customers must be protected from this sort of lies.

  • Sky

    You sure it’s not a NEX7 ????

  • Dozy

    Pretty much a NEX-7 copy from the outside.

    • Kevin

      If only the NEX-7 had that 1/8000s shutter.

  • Waiting for reviews

    What? It is really small? It does not have wannabeleica styling? There are good pancake lenses (hello Sony) and they are not overpriced (hello Fuji). Tiltable EVF? Sounds promising.

    This one has a potential to be the first usable mirrorless camera.

  • Sahaja

    “Image stabilization” – that’s interesting if it’s in the camera not the lens.

  • John

    Wow, if it has an EVF, built-in flash, decent external controls, in-body image stabilization, and an excellent sensor (hopefully true multi-aspect ratio like the GH-2, but I’m guessing it’s not) I’d be in heaven!

    • 57thStIncident

      I’d say the multi-aspect sensor is somewhat unlikely and the in-body stabilization highly unlikely.

  • camerageek

    Hmmm looks like a half baked reversed engineered NEX 6 with a sensor that can only be described as a total insult to photography. Micro Four Turds lives on!

    Really if Panasonic wanted to get serious they should abandon m4/3rds and move to at least APS-C

  • knp

    is it me wishfulthinking or the EVF seems like a flip up (ala minolta A1 and A2)?

    • knp

      never mind, i have to read all before comment. where the f#@%& is my coffee?

  • Foot of our stairs

    This just looks like it should be one of a standard camera layout in any manufactures range, EVF on the top LHS Flippy screen and two control dials, I think only Sony have similar

    • 57thStIncident

      For even smaller cameras, I’d like to see the EVF pop up and back so when stowed it’s behind the rear LCD but when extended it protrudes a bit to make a little more nose room.

  • MB

    That’s it I am switching to Kodak 😉

  • Z

    Viewfinder! Yay!

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