Next Canon EOS M mirrorless camera rumored to have EVF

The next mirrorless camera from Canon is rumored to have a built-in EVF (the above pictures are a mockup). The first EOS M model did not come with an EVF because Canon felt that the current technology was not advanced enough. The company reportedly will not venture  in hybrid or optical viewfinders for their future mirrorless models. The new EOS M camera is expected to be released towards the end of 2013.

Image credit: dlinney/dpreview

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  • Josh


  • amien

    Holganon or Legon ?

  • MB

    Let us hope it will not look like Nikon V1 and be as ugly as this …

    • Shelly

      doesn’t need to look like the V2 either

  • Remedy

    V1 much?

  • photoviking


  • Skumle Rafte

    Dear Sir Rumor-man

    Please use the word mock-up correctly, or please dont use it at all, unless theres talk of an actual mock-up. A mock-up is something design teams creates to get a feel of a final product.

    What this above is, is a photoshop creation made by some one not related to canon (hopefully…)

    • Mockingly

      You’re ridiculous, SkR. The above is most definitely a mock-up. Whether or not you believe they should be made exclusively by the company or is a physical model is your own bias and would be entirely wrong. its a “digital mockup” (do a search) “used by the consumer community to evaluate possible design features.” A mock-up. Next time you feel like policing the internet, try to earn a badge first. 😉

      • Skumle


  • hiplnsdrftr

    needs a built in flash, viewfinder is not really necessary on such a small camera…

  • neuron_engine

    The sad part is that the EVF will likely be in that centered, nose-squishing position as shown in the above.

  • Canon may have held back in some ways but with the upcoming MagicLantern firmware, the EOS M would become the most advanced MILC camera, at least in terms of the software features. If the current lenses are any indication of what’s to come, it’s going to be an excellent system… eventually. Of course, don’t hold your breath on these sorts of things. Make photos with what you have or can get now.

    Also the focus is pretty fast if you use the touch shutter. The slowness/inaccuracy issues mentioned everywhere are there only when multi-area focus is used. When I think about it, can’t blame Canon for thinking that people will use something that’s as convenient and effective as the touch shutter instead of the regular old way of half-pressing and then taking the shot. I also can’t see why this can’t be fixed in a future fw update.

  • Ronnie Chan

    This will be an interesting camera to have

  • end of 2013, huh? Canon seems to be chancing with Pentax, lol, not the real players in a market.

  • beavis

    Canon, it´s not really necessary, no one will buy it because this camera autofocus sucks… Better spend a year developing something else…

    • NerdBuster

      And what do you know butthead?

  • Why do they keep get uglier and uglier?

  • deb_ch

    Ergonomically, make it X100s or GX7 like.. (viewfinder/flash). Compact, vf not centered.. And we’ll talk again ,-)

    I.. really like to have a vf even on a smaller camera. It makes me feel more focussed. That is, if the vf is any good. But I understand that those preferences vary..

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