Canon Powershot G15 and Sony NEX-6 DxOMark test results

DxOMark released their test results for the Canon Powershot G15 and Sony NEX-6 cameras. Here are their conclusions:

Canon G15

This is a good result overall and when considering the G15’s other features such as the flexibility of the new high-speed zoom and reduction in size over pervious iterations it’s a extremely well-balanced and attractive package. For consumers the choice remains whether to spend more an equivalent micro four-thirds camera with a number of lenses to match the same kind of flexibility or whether to restrict that versatility somewhat by selecting a more compact model such as the S110. Alternatively, you could consider the G1X or Sony RX100, both offer superior low–light performance with only a small premium to pay in both size and price.

Sony NEX-6

As expected, the Sony NEX-6 produces a strong performance, in its segment, on par with the other Sony models using the same sensor. The choice between the Sony NEX-6 and the NEX-5R will come down to budget and camera features rather than performance – if a built-in flash and electronic viewfinder is important to you, then the NEX-6 is the better choice. If not, then from a performance point of view, there is no perceptible difference between it and its cheaper brother the NEX-5R.

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  • Discontinued

    Nice to see my 12 month old Fuji X10 is still up to date.

  • Alex

    I always have a slight doubt on DxO’s rating…..Are they really accurate?? it says on Dxo’s website that eos 600D even has a higher overall rating than 650D???

    • nika

      thats logical. the 650D has a different sensor to make focus during video possible. as a tradeoff the noise/DR ist worse than that of the 600D

      • You might want to look in to how on-sensor phase detect is implemented before making a comment like that.

    • DxO does a better job of making their tests look much more technical and credible than what the others are doing but they still have significant shortcomings. From all the graphs, measurements, etc. they show for each camera, only a fraction is relevant and indicative of the camera’s performance. More than 99% of DxO readers probably wouldn’t even know how to look for the stated differences about two sensors even if they had both cameras in front of them.

      All experiments have their limitations but DxO’s fault is not being upfront enough about them. Instead they try to hide everything behind the “scores”… which are all junk values to please the uninformed MWACs and soccerdads.

      If one spends enough time with unprocessed raw data, what I’m saying would be easier to understand.

  • Hubertus Bigend

    Back at Photokina, I shot a quick high ISO comparison (RAW) between the NEX-6 and the NEX-C3, which is supposed to have the same sensor as the 5N. In my results, the NEX-6 was significantly better (i.e. showed less noise) than the C3; I’d say by at least half a stop.

    • Remedy

      What You see on the screen of the cam is processed JPEG from that RAW You were shooting, it has nothing to do with actual RAW. Unless You’ve seen those files on a computer which I doubt.

  • Parampreet Dhatt

    MILCs are slowly but surely approaching the scores of entry to mid-level DSLRs.

    • Remedy

      NEX is nothing more than retarded (ergonomic-wise) DSLR. No benefits in terms of lens size, and keeping in mind these are the best mirrorless cameras (sensor-wise) it still is beating by an entry/mid level Nikon D5200 so I fail to see Your point especially when we consider m4/3 mirrorless cams.

      • Remedy


      • Parampreet Dhatt

        Ergonomics is a very subjective matter. To a lot of people, size is an important factor in terms of ergonomics. The fact that MILCs are selling well underscores this point.
        If you see in practical terms and not just theoretical benchmark scores, there’s not a big difference (in terms of IQ, performance etc.) now between entry to mid level DSLRs and MILCs.

  • malchick743

    Still hard to choose between the G15 and S110, both have their pros and cons…
    Any Sony model is a no-no due to regional video restriction — the worst thing the company can offer simply to protect its own interests.

  • Hehehe

    DXO shines for its irrelevance, why should anyone care?

    If one knows what those numbers are, one can only ignore them; if one does not, why should one care? And yet, many nerdographers religiously check the numbers and blurt out “opinions” and take sides and fight.

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