Sony a99, RX1, NEX-6, other products officially announced


Press releases:

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  • weird battery grip

    weird battery grip just looks weird!

    • Avi

      Ya thats exactly what I was thinking. Doesnt fit the body well and is wayyyyy to tall. Probably comfy as hell though lol

      • jec6613

        It looks like it’s designed so that in either orientation, the spatial relationship from the shutter release to the lens is the same. I like it, but it looks terribly dorky!

        • Stuart

          I saw a photographer at NY Fashion Week the other day using an A850 and a Zeiss 24-70 with the huge grip. Asked him about it and his words were “It looks like shit, but it feels super balanced. Love this camera.” Says it all to me. Sony could easily become a bigger contender in the pro market if they applied themselves.

  • Zorro

    The RX1 would interest me if it had a built-in EVF and was half the price.

    • Sky

      ROTFL. Yea, surely it’d interest everyone even more if they’d give it away for free.

  • Arjan

    Maybe I’m stupid or I missed something, but that handycam has a fullframe sensor and an E-mount but there are no fullframe E-mount lenses. Not even an anouncement that Sony is going to build them? In the video they only use A-mount lenses with the SLT-adapter. And the show a zoombutton which should work with powerzoom lenses but there are no fullframe powerzoom lenses?

    Now that everybody knows Sony is working on fullframe E-mount (powerzoom)lenses, why don’t they just say it?

    • silly but

      in pictures they’re using an adapter.
      not perfect but i guess thats the way their gonna do it..

  • ssrdd

    Everything is imperfect.

    RX1 = too expensive
    A99 = Bad, worst and shit 28mbps in video( why not ALL-I compression)???
    VG900 = lack of FF NEX lenses + Bad, worst and shit 28mbps in video( why not ALL-I compression)?????


    • Art

      Grow up, dude.

      AVCH2.0 28mbps isn’t “shit” .. FS700 blows the crap out Canon 5D Mark III despite Canon using much higher bitrate … bitrarte itself isn’t everything. You can have high bit rate but still crappy video, and you can have 28mbps like in FS700 that looks great ..

      Besides, A99 and VG90 both record uncompressed video with clean feed from HDMI port ..

    • Sky

      take this clueless troll outta here.
      He can afford even RX100? lol

  • ssrdd

    Everything is imperfect.

    RX1 = too expensive
    A99 = Bad, worst and shit 28mbps in video( why not ALL-I compression)???
    VG900 = lack of FF NEX lenses + Bad, worst and shit 28mbps in video( why not ALL-I compression)?????


  • Dafaq

    I think the price for RX1 is ok considering the 35/2 zeiss lens and the small body. This would be perfect for street shooters as well as back up for professionals. However, 2,400-ishhh would have been the perfect price 😀 (waiting for discounted price).

    For those who are saying “ok for $2,799 i can buy a FF DSLR and a great lens or even faster than 35/2 “. Okaaayy- go buy that heavy DSLR!!!. The point of this camera to have have a great camera with a great lens with a great FF image quality in a small package that you can bring everyday.

    Now….. I hope they will make a lens converter for this bay… from 35mm to 20mm or 18mm converter.

    • Carlos

      There you are.
      A DSLR gives you the flexibility, the rx1 won’t. Take a used m9 if you want a real thing.

    • Sky

      You really can buy modern FF DSLR with comparable lens for 2800$??? REALLY?

  • porkchop

    A99 looks good on paper but the price seems abit high, its to close to the D800 as far as cost is concerned. Probably not an issue for a Sony shooter looking to upgrade, but I dont think its gonna bring anyone over from camp Nikon.

  • jec6613

    It has a pellicle mirror, like the other SLT cameras, and an EVF only, but somehow only has 2.5 or 6 FPS? At that sort of speed, I’d expect a flipping mirror. It also lists sensor-assisted PDAF, so at least it should be highly accurate provided they did the sane thing and had the dedicated PDAF verify itself via the sensor PDAF and CDAF.

    Their marketing says that this will give better subject tracking, but I’m curious if it’ll genuinely be much better than the 91k pixel meter on the D4/D800. There’s obviously much more data available, but it won’t be processing it all, so it comes down to software between the two to see which ends up being the better camera.

  • I love firing sperms trying to inseminate a99 in the first video.

  • who says “awesome” so many times? is he dumb?
    who says “awesome” to 3.5-5.6 aperture on a kit lens?
    stupid butthead?

  • JC

    That zeiss 35mm f/2 on the RX1 is not the same you found designed for slr. The filter thread is only 49mm, there’s so much less glass in it. Just because it has the Zeiss brand doesn’t mean it has the same quality.

    • Sky

      Yea, I agree: It’s probably better quality then DSLR lens. They got whole freedom they could get – they could fit the glass exactly as it’s needed to make a perfect lens, and at the same time they could adjust microlenses on sensor to match Prime characteristic in order to improve corners sharpness and vignetting.
      Seems like it’ll be the best combo on the market!

  • zridt

    If this RX1 has a leaf shutter, I wonder what flash sync speed will be?

  • Jose

    Is it just me, or does the VG900 look like the spitting dinosaur from Jurassic Park?

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