Sigma Poland is counting down to a “revolution” in 4 days


Sigma Poland has published a new website called Sigma Foto Revolution ( that has a running countdown and a slogan that translates to "Destroy the system with Sigma, release is coming" or something like "Overthrow the system with Sigma, there is liberation". The use of the word "system" is very interesting. On several occasions in the past, Sigma has officially said that they will not pursue a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera (see this and this posts).

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  • Gorg

    That will be a 1000€ SD15 successor with lifeview and the “old” sensor used in SD1(M) and the DP Merrill series.

    • BernhardAS

      Throw in a Nikon mount and I am buying.

  • Lefred

    Or a Sigma adaptall mount ?

  • joey jo jo

    it will be an old used shoe and they will out sell both the lunar and stellar combined

  • An anonimouse photographer

    I give a hint…think GR and you’re close…several Japanese magazines will have articles with the new system.

    • Joe B

      Do you mean GXR because when I think GR, I can see no system. I need to know because I’m buying a new camera tomorrow.

      • newoldmate

        You need to know about this Sigma news asap cause you’re buying a camera tomorrow and may want to get this instead. Wow, you must have put a lot of thought into your purchase to be willing to change your mind so quickly. Consumerism at its best.

    • An anounimous photographer

      Yes, sorry, knocked the X over, saw it after posting.

      Think GXR

  • Chuuu

    I would love to see a full frame Foveon DSLR, with better ISO performance. They would have to address the speed/usability of the camera though. Sigma could do this as they’ve got the full frame lenses. Perhaps they could announce revamped versions of their 24-70, 50 and 85, and the rumoured 135 1.8 OS – that would make quite a good Foveon system and rattle the other manufacturers…

    Just my thoughts lol

    • Sky

      For me it’d be enough if they could fix the GUI and ergonomics. I have no need for high ISO in camera with foveon sensor.

      • jp

        I wish NEW SD mirrorless with FullFrame Foveon Sensor!
        Maybe a dream.

        Or new SD Merrill mirrorless with APS-C Foveon Sensor and better Firmware!
        Let us dream

        • Mel

          New mirrorless system with interchangable lens mount. Change mount to match lenses. Autofocus, metering etc. all functional.

          Just wishfull thinking.

    • Arthur

      Any news on these new lenses would be great, I’m especially waiting for that 135mm to be announced…

  • Damian Lickindorf

    i don’t know exactly how the word system is used in English but by us in Poland it can be used as “mount” so according to the background it might be something like a new series of lenses with interchangeable mounts, but than i find it strange for the side to apear only in Poland… so it’s also posible for it to be only a silly event :/

  • Sky

    “system” does not mean mirrorless. I have no clue how someone could link these two together. It’s quite obvious that they relate either to SA-bayonet system, or “system lenses” (as in, overthrow native Nikon lenses with Sigma’s own – eg. 18-35mm being the best APS-C zoom on a DSLR market, better than anything Nikon got according to DXO)

    • My first thought was “system camera”, which is usually used to describe mirrorless cameras.

      • Sky

        “system camera” is usually used to describe all: Mirrorless, DSLRs, SLRs, SLTs and rangefinders. Because… well: They are system cameras.
        “Compact system camera” is how mirrorless are usually described, though after 100D and GH4 – this isn’t really applicable. (as there are compact DSLRs and bulky mirrorless)

        • Guy

          I don’t think the word “system” was being thrown around much before CSC became preferred nomenclature. Regardless, the lenses tend to be smaller than those from DSLRs, so the “compact” part is still valid.

          • I agree.

          • Damian Lickindorf

            i’m from poland and i can tell you that sytem is a word even more often used to describe a “DSLR system” than “mirrorless system” so now you can know for sure :>

          • Sky

            Yep, this term was introduced when shops needed some generic nomenclature to group all cameras with interchangeable lenses.

        • El Aura

          I don’t think anybody anymore will introduce a new DSLR system (excluding maybe converting a DLSR system into a SLT system). The last time this happened was with the Leica S system. Even relative newcomers like Samsung or Fuji, chose to start with a mirrorless system.
          Thus ‘new system’ almost certainly means a mirrorless system.

          • AMN

            Fuji is everything but a newcomer !
            They were in history of photography as much as kodak and leica !

          • El Aura

            Fuji is a relative newcomer in that it created a new system from scratch without having an existing system to be considerate of, like Samsung.

          • Sky

            Sigma never says “new system” on it’s website.
            It says “overthrow a system”.

          • Rui Nelson Carneiro

            Fuji a newcomer? LOL!

  • Hizbo

    Sigma is featuring their new line-up (Art, Contemporary, Bullshit, whatever) and positioning it against original brand lenses. Nothing new there. Poland has a comparably poor economy, so people tend to buy cheaper third party lenses instead of Canon or Nikon.

    • Remedy

      I thought reasonable people buy BETTER lenses within their reach no matter what country they live in. Seems like stupidity is way more international thanks to the internet. For instance I’m buying Sigma lenses for macro not because they are cheaper but because they are better in every possible way.
      Also I bought Sigma 35mm f/1.4 because it destroys Nikkor 35mm f/1.4 AND on top of that it’s practically half the price. You gotta be a severe idiot to not buy this Sigma if you are in the market for such lens.
      So the bottom line, get your head out of your soaked with brands ass and start picking better gear. Brand has nothing to do with it.

      • someone’s drinking deeply from the hype fountain

      • NRA Advocate

        Hyperbolic rant.

        Sigma stuff is cheaper because it’s “cheaper”; ya get that?

        While many of their optics are certainly excellent, the company cuts costs in mechanical build quality. It’s been that way since their lenses of the mid-’70s.

        Same holds true for Tamron and Tokina.

        • Remedy

          Seems like someone stuck in the 70’s. Summer of love, Woodstock and Cold War much?
          Did You touch Nikkor 35mm f/1.4 AF-S and new Sigma 35mm f/1.4? Nikkor feels so damn plastic and cheap compared to that Sigma.
          Did You compare Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 AF-S with Sigma 50mm f/1.4? Not only Nikkor feels cheaper but there is this mild rattle when You shake it (I’ve tested this with every single piece I had in my hands – more than 10), the focus ring has a tiny bit of play AND the initial friction is just ridiculous which makes it a fking pain to manually focus with that Nikkor. Sigma on the other hand has a wonderful ring feel, buttery smooth and comparable with manual lenses! Even my Sigma 10-20 f/4.5-5.6 is like that, buttery smooth focus ring.
          I would also like to remind You that 50mm Sigma is significantly more expensive.

          Ever tried their macro lenses? Ofc not otherwise You would mumble all this nonsense.

          Seems like You really stuck in 70’s when Nikon or Canon gear was all well made. Time to wake up.

          • Black

            Calm down and get your head out of your soaked with brands ass. Tell that to kids as a good-night fairy tale.

    • Damian Lickindorf

      every brand has got more and less expensive lenses and sigma is not the cheapest one…

  • TinusVerdino

    Or maybe it’s just the start of the sale of the 18-35 F1:1.8 in Poland.

    • Remedy

      What would it have to do with destroying the system? o_O

      • TinusVerdino

        first F1.8 zoom Kind of destroying the idea that zooms start from F2.8

        • Remedy

          There was never such idea. Just because no one was making that kind of zooms for APS-C and larger sensors doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

          • Rui Nelson Carneiro

            Of course not, but some people fought that a zoom faster than f/2.8 was impossible…

    • Damian Lickindorf

      it’s in stores since a week

      • TinusVerdino

        then it would be kind of lame.

  • Remedy

    I hope it’s some kind of “magic” converter that allows to connect any lens to any camera as in: lets say I have a Nikon cam, I get the version of this converter for my camera (Nikon) and it allows me to connect any Canon/Sony/Pentax lens to my cam despite the flange distance differences etc. Now that would be ground breaking. Fingers crossed!

  • Nikonuser

    A Foveon-based camera that shoots video?

  • fjfjjj

    Foveon with cyan-sensitive layer?

  • Viktor

    Maybe they are developing 50 mm f0.95-1.2 or this connected to 135 f1.8 announcement, because there a lens picture on background=)

  • Andrew Gray

    It’s a service that will change the mount on your Sigma lens to a new mount, so you don’t have to buy all new lenses if you change systems.

  • ZeissLeitz

    Just pick a “lunar” body from Sony, stick a Merrill Foveon sensor inside and take my $1K, thank you very much…

  • Mark

    Wrong translation. The correct one is “Destroy regime with Sigma, there is liberation coming”. It has strong collocation with recent history here in Poland.
    It has nothing in common with DSLR or mirrorless systems.
    Simply marketing slogan. Anarchy is coming… 🙂

    • Remedy

      …and that’s why a bayonet is in the background… yeah… You should totally apply to Scotland Yard or NSA.

      This above was a sarcasm. I feel like I needed to tell You this considering Your deduction skills.

  • albertlaw

    sell the X3 sensor to Nikon, and Nikon announce a full frame digital version of FM3A with the X3 sensor.

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