Sony files patent for rotating sensor and LCD display

Sony rotating sensor patent

Sony filed a patent for a camera with a rotating sensor and LCD screen that will let you take pictured in portrait mode while you still have a firm grip and hold the camera horizontally. Over-engineering or a brilliant idea?

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  • Marco Santa Cruz

    SIMILAR (never said same), idea to the rotating back on RB/RZ 67… of course that was a tripod camera, but nonetheless, a couple of extra luxuries are always welcome. given camera replacement cycles, i think electronics/connections, wouldn’t be over compromised as usually are with the inclusion of more ‘moving parts’.

    • Libby Stack

      For anyone who has ever used an RB or RZ, they’ll know exactly why the revolving back was introduced. For digital and small cameras, just stupid.

      • Marco Santa Cruz

        I agree it’s an unnecessary luxury, nonetheless, prices need to be kept up one way or another, on the other hand, think of a super long lens 3lb… maybe bird photographers… it would be nice, if they could just rotate, instead of crop in post… seconds count for these people. and many shoot with primes… i’m sure there’s a reason, other than patent hoarding.

    • Ronald

      There is also a similar design on at least one current digital back (the sensor rotates within the back – not the entire back rotating). While the RZ and similarly sized cameras need a rotating back, I don’t really feel it’s necessary on a camera this small. Just more to break.

      • Marco Santa Cruz

        if you don’t use the feature it won’t break.
        *for the most part.

  • Russ

    Stupid idea! Just bang in a square sensor and let the user select the desired format. With all those moving parts and Sony’s notoriously bad warranty support, what could possibly go wrong? lol

    • Meanwhile …..

      Exactly, never understood why they don’t just put square sensors in there and be done with it.

      • Ufupuw

        cause it costs far more?

        • Meanwhile …..

          I think ‘far more’ is relative, and there are plenty of products where cost is not the major defining factor. Plus, the costs would come down once the volume went up, and could also be offset by smaller costs in other areas (for example, bodies like the 1DS and D4 no longer needing two sets of controls, or bigger bodies to accommodate portrait and landscape use, etc).

          In the case of the smaller sensor cameras like u43, NEX, and compact cameras, once production levels were large enough the cost difference would be negligible.

          • kassim

            Relatively, for FF sensor, the cost is still high. For smaller sensor, they are already doing it right now. Check out m43 multi aspect ratios sensor.

          • 57thStIncident

            Most m4/3 cameras aren’t doing that either.

    • pixelDesk

      Good question but it would cost more to do so as sensor price is based on size. Larger sensors also has lower yield which drives the price even higher.

    • TinusVerdino

      no not square, circular! Get the most out of your image circle!

  • Ken Elliott

    I like Nikon’s patent better.

  • Meewok

    No one will use this, it’s a hassle to have to select this
    “hang on a moment, let me switch modes” instead of rotating the thing yourself in an instant… if you want to keep portrait orientation for a longer period then yeah

  • Libby Stack

    Innovations that customers don’t need. Maybe the idea is for the Hasselblad models.

  • pap

    We don’t have any moving parts in our NEXes. Maybe We’ll add some motor and couple plastic gears so something could broke.

    • hugh crawford

      The shutter moves.
      The lens moves.
      The aperture moves.
      There are a bunch of buttons and switches that move.
      I’d love a camera with no moving parts, but the NEX isn’t it

      I’d love my NEX more if it wasn’t unusable for handheld verticals.

  • looh

    Just 3 buttons pushes and 2 dives of menus you can have your CMOS rotated! Brilliant!

  • TinusVerdino

    Disable movie mode in portrait. (at least until monitors also auto-rotate :p)

    • kassim

      There was a time when vertical video was a trend.

  • Ivan Feign

    Why not? I do similar with my 4×5, it’s pretty convenient when doing studio work, the same can be said about medium format cameras that do the same. That said, I’d rather have a square sensor, I miss 6×6

  • johnny

    Geez… Is that a Davinci’s hand drawing?

  • wanna new dslr

    Keep it simple, stupid!

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