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Canon announced a weird looking "mini compact personal camcorder" called VIXIA that features an ultra wide-angle lens, full HD video and Wi-Fi.

Blackmagic Cinema Camera with passive Micro Four Thirds mount
The Blackmagic cinema camera price dropped by $1,000 (also EF mount).

The first Hasselblad Stellar review is out:

"The unavoidable question is whether all this is worth it when you are paying $2000 for a discontinued camera which is the Sony RX100. The RX100 had immense popularity due to its relatively large sensor and versatile lens. The RX100 II is newer and has improvements on paper but out of these there's very little that will show up in every photo that you take. So if you're looking for a unique look in a good pocket camera like a RX100/RX100 II, the Stellar will get you that, if you can afford it."

Kenko Tokina announced a new set of teleconverters for Canon EOS DSLR cameras.

Samyang announced a cinema version of their 16mm lens. Here is a sample videos taken with the new Samyang V-DSLR 16mm T2.2 ED AS UMC CS lens (price: EUR 419):

Tamron 8.4mm f:1.0 lens patent
Tamron filed a patent in Japan for 8.4mm f/1.0 lens for 1/2.3" sensor.

Ilford (the inkjet paper company, not the film company) located in Switzerland is up for sale after reports for potential bankruptcy filing.

Ricoh Imaging Japan has a new website.

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  • Sahaja

    Canon should make that VIXIA support Skype.

  • fjfjjj

    A weird-looking camera called VIXIA? That’s Canon’s name for its entire line of consumer camcorders. Let’s get the name right, Admin.

  • fjfjjj

    The control markings on the Hasselblad Stellar are in a terrible slanted (oblique) font. Apple got away with that on Mac keyboards in the late 90’s, but the Stellar doesn’t get away with it. Look at “MENU” and “REC” practically falling off the rounded edge of the back. Notice how “DISP” doesn’t look centered. The Stellar is supposed to be a design item? I think Hasselblad’s “Italy Design Center” is a joke.

    • Neopulse

      Rule of two-thirds? Hehe

  • sperdynamite

    The 645D is not listed on that new Pentax website. Wonder if they’re phasing it out? Too bad, it was a little understood, but great camera in it’s short life.

    • There were rumors of a replacement for Photokina last year, but then the whole Ricoh thing happened. I will not be surprised if they killed that project.

      • sperdynamite

        I checked again and it’s up there now. I either missed it, or they updated their site. Here’s hoping for a update this or next year. Would love to see a full frame version with the same or lower pixel count.

        • Neopulse

          I seriously hope they update it. It’s in my sights until they do a mild update like a better flash sync and faster tethering.

  • joes

    Haha, do they really call it “Vixia”? It sounds exactly the same as a german word for masturbation…

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