The new Olympus EM-1 camera described


I received a detailed description of the upcoming Olympus EM-1 from someone who is/was testing the camera (I reported the basis specifications a month ago) - see the attached drawing above for details. The back of the Olympus EM-1 will have a newly designed AEL/AFL button/lever. The Fn1 button will have a new location. The LiveView button will be placed to the left of the viewfinder. The official announcement is expected in September.

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  • popeyoni

    I have a GX7 on preorder, but Olympus could get my money if this one is a home-run.

    • longzoom

      Want one of them, because of 75/1.8, and new Leica 42. Will wait and see.

      • I had an OM-D E-M5 but I traded it for a Fuji X-E1. The 4:3 aspect ratio of the camera was causing me extra work when customers wanted small prints.

        • longzoom

          I am not gonna use it for market, so will see.

        • Zos Xavius

          I actually hate the 4/3 ratio personally. Its good for composing actually, but awful for printing. There isn’t a single standardized frame size that it actually fits. Moving to 2/3 ratio has improved things tremendously and I love the wider perspective personally.

          • John Eliopulos

            Funny I have never had any problem printing with the 4/3 format…..

  • gerwingr

    i have ordered a GX7 myself, excited about it

  • Marco –

    The shape and form factor of gx7 is much more exciting. I’m not into m4/3, but if I were, gx7 would definitely be my choice.

  • Marc

    EM-1? what kind of name is that just call it the om-d II

    • MJr

      Not a replacement.

      Also, you are aware the first OMD is already called the E-M5 ?

      So it’s not EM-1, it’s E-M1, as in ‘Electronic’-M1 and M5.

      The series is still OM ‘Digital’, no change there. Just like they keep releasing all kinds of PENs, when without viewfinder.

      If this is true, the next E-M5 will probably be a Mark II, and the rumored cheaper OMD probably a E-M7.

      • Marc

        See what I mean? Even photorumors gets it wrong. Stupid name if you can’t even remember it properly. D means digital so it is electronic. No way around it. A what does de m stand for?

        • MJr

          Yeah kinda redundant, but they started with the E- thing right from the beginning of digital i think, so can’t stop now. They should just have called it Olympus OM because why not, or maybe because we’re used to saying DSLR as well.

          • Ross

            The use of ‘E’ is no different to Canon with ‘EOS’. They have to have something for a name for their cameras.

          • MJr

            The point was not adding the E, as it was already there, but adding a D as well .. that they did not ‘have’ to do.

  • David G.

    “New rectangle lens release button”…
    I must have the wrong conception of what a rectangle is. Also, “diapter adjustment”, really ?

    • Umm, the diagram is that of an OM-D E-M5 and the arrows are showing the differences between it and the E-M1.

      • That’s correct.

      • David G.

        “the diagram is that of an OM-D E-M5”

        I had absolutely no idea. The title of the post is “The new Olympus EM-1 camera described”. It’s only natural to think that the camera pictured is an EM-1 ! There’s no way to know this is the E-M5 unless you’re very familiar with its design.

    • Ross

      The E-P3 & E-PL5 both have rectangular with one rounded end buttons, so it will be another little change in design ‘just for the heck of it’. 😉

    • Johnny Dough

      It’s meant to say ‘diaper’

  • Agmois

    Olympus must do damage control against GX7 – so they are “leaking” their upcoming camera info. Unfortunately, this time it is Panasonic which capture consumers imagination, so good luck till next round Olympus.

  • I hope the “DSLR-like grip” isn’t too big; I know people have been clamoring for a bigger grip, but I might have trouble reaching the controls with my teeny hands. The front wheel being on the grip might help. If I don’t like the new grip, I assume the E-M7 will still have the small grip.

    But, it might mean longer battery life.

    The real question is, if this is a real “pro” camera, whether it has real tethering.

    • Mardock

      It’s micro four-thirds. Nothing about that format is professional.


      • SelkieS

        You obviously don’t think highly of the micro four thirds format, but to make that blanket statement, that “nothing about that format is professional,” is to ignore the various pro photographers who’ve chucked their bigger gear and are using micro four thirds as a primary format.

      • What? Why wasn’t I informed of this before?

        What am I going to tell these professionals!!!???

      • John Eliopulos

        You have probably never shoot the 4/3 SHG OLY 2.0 lenses and if the EM-1 can shoot them with speed…nothing but professional…..

  • PWL

    I’d be interested if this is the “hybrid” camera they’ve been talking about, which will work with the 4/3 lenses as well as the MFT lenses.

  • Paul Kammen

    Would love to hear any more updates on this. I’m a happy E5 owner, but as birds are my main subject, am always looking for more crop ability and more importantly higher ISO. That was the only weak spot for Olympus; the E5 shoots fine up to 1000, but it would be nice to be able to go even higher and get decent images.

    • John Eliopulos

      My E-5 easily shoots up to 1600-2000…My Oly 2.0 lenses have no problem at those higher ISO’s…..

  • Zos Xavius

    The power button is on the left side. One handed ergonomics operational fail. Too bad it isn’t full frame and takes original OM lenses.

  • I’m wondering if the “hump” will be smaller.

  • Dieter

    Hearing It’s a hybrid. Mft/fts. Compatible w/ 3rd party lenses. Nice grip. Should be an amazing camera if all true.

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