Pentax have not given up on a full frame camera


In a recent interview, Pentax/Ricoh executive Mr. Kawauchi confirmed that the company is still working on a full frame camera:

Q: Now, what's going on for the Pentax Full Frame thing?

A: Our development team is still working on it and the project is not aborted.

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  • tertius_decimus


    As Nikonist myself, I expect for some kick in the butt for both Canon and Nikon, because they seem to lag behind in so many areas. Sigma does the stuff and so does Fuji.

  • mooh

    The term “not aborted” doesn’t read write, as if someone’d expecting it to be aborted.

    • Alex

      It’s a Chinese to English translation from a Japanese to Chinese translation… any nuance was lost in the process, twice.

  • Jojo

    “Not aborted”, buy stillborn?

  • TinusVerdino

    They are also saying that the DSLR’s The Q and the WG series will remain to be named Pentax. Lower end Compacts may be another story (not clear) I presume the MX-1 line will also remain. Also Pentax will not automatically adopt a 24mp sensor because the competition does. The whole package has to be right, not just the pixel count.

  • Z.T.

    Even continents move faster than Pentax 😀

  • Neopulse

    I think their APS-C sensor line is great. But I can’t stop posting this, I hope they update their 645D soon or least make a mention of it. Willing to buy 645 lenses before their price goes up on it’s release.

  • BP2012

    “Our development team is still working on it and the project is not aborted”.

    Word “still” is missing from this optimistic statement.

    • hulio

      no its not, its right there, after ‘is’ and before ‘working’

  • Frank N. Blunt

    Pentax HAS not given up…

  • Kim

    Oh yeah? Who cares about Pentax FF…

  • Gogol

    As a Nikonist! i would love to see a Pentax full frame… since the K5 is so much better then the Nikon d7000 and Canon 5D.

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