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Topaz-ReStyle  Topaz-ReStyle-effects
ReStyle is a new product from Topaz Labs. Here’s a quick look at a couple of the features:

  • Breakthrough Mapping Technology- Topaz ReStyle features cutting-edge technology that maps the color and tone statistics from a selected style to your image, in order to create high-quality transformations. Users can even create custom styles from their own images.
  • Over 1000 Styles/Presets- Topaz ReStyle allows you search these styles by overall style, individual colors, and keywords. For added convenience, styles are categorized by types of photography.

The new Topaz Labs ReStyle is currently offered at half price.

Harrods Olympus Pen Art Edition camera by Suzko comes with matching Vespa and photographic training session. The price? £16,000 (almost $25,000).

Canon could be looking into medium format cameras (just rumors at that point).

Check out this ultra compact 360 degree camera.

Bigshot DIY camera aims to teach kids tech basics.

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  • bjrichus

    Olympus at $25,000 …. Taking lessons from Hasselblad, have we? Will we soon see a pissing contest between camera companies for who can produce pointless compact cameras with for the highest price possible? What are they all smoking?

    • More like the iphone generation’s smoking them

      • bjrichus

        Indeed. The market for point and shoot, and compact cameras is just going away. IMV, Olympus and others are applying an incorrect view of the market. I think they assume that it will always be there, but 40%+ drops in sales of these low end cameras shows that 2014 will be the end of it and then only to clear the shelves, unless someone comes up with a way to sell waaayyyy over priced $400 iems with $5,000 thumb pads on them.

    • Calibrator

      I don’t see a problem with these bling-bling-cameras for Russian oligarchs or other folks with more money than taste.
      Apparently they don’t take long to design as shoddy as they look and thanks to the low volume numbers they don’t clog up production resources either.
      These are neither new cameras, only expensive redresses, nor are they marketed to “normal people” in the first place. Only weblogs are using these announcement to get some clicks from their angry readers…
      Finally, the customers of this crap usually don’t post their pictures (if they ever take any, that is) to Flickr or other sites so they are virtually invisible and don’t add to the masses of garbage the regular folks puts out.

      So who should be worried? Let’s see what happens:

      – The camera makers sell some overpriced cameras to a new clientele they couldn’t reach before. If they make a loss on the cameras they could write it down as advertising cost as it make the brand more visible.
      However, I doubt they make a loss, given the high unit prices and the already existing tech inside the cameras.
      – The customers get competent cameras (so far) with some extra bling. They don’t mind the few thousand dollars as they have millions or billions of them and they have a new reason so brag.
      – The weblogs get lots of hits from angry readers.
      – The angry readers get a reason to get angry.

      So, in conclusion, everybody wins!

      For a funny comparison, see this special edition of a video game if you think you already have seen everything (yes, the viral advertising really works ;-)):

    • George

      They are smoking the profits generated by buyers who have too much spare change and no sense. Hopefully they will reinvest the windfall on better camera sensors for those of us that actually use our hard earned camera gear.

      By the way, this may very well be a better deal than the Lunar.

  • fjfjjj

    NikonRumors is a Topaz Labs affiliate.

    • Neopulse

      Huh? Random comment. How do you know? In all seriousness.

  • sperdynamite

    Canon medium format would certainly be a welcome addition to the market, but I don’t know if I really believe it. A whole new mount, lenses, format potentially…I feel like that’s a big time long shot.

  • sperdynamite

    Although I will take this opportunity to reiterate my dream camera! a 25mp 6×45 sensor with good low light performance and an 80mm f2 to match. basically a digital Contax 645, and priced at $8-10k. Now that’s probably never going to happen, but I can dream.

    • Neopulse

      Have you looked at the Aptus-II? Might not be a 645 sensor, but it is very affordable.

    • Warpig

      Pentax 645D, already happens, stop dreaming.

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