More images of the Sony DSC-QX10 and DSC-QX100 lens camera modules for smart phones

Attached are two photo galleries of the Sony DSC-QX10 and DSC-QX100 lens camera modules for smart phones (I had to blur the images because they contained inappropriate political messages, click for larger view):

Sony DSC-QX10

Sony DSC-QX100

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  • FDF

    Who’d want to use such ridiculous abominations anyway? Not to even mention how fugly they are.

  • loh

    cool 🙂 sometimes i use my nex6 in such way, controlling from the phone, but the problem is the lack of raw support in current playmemories app 🙁

  • madmax

    People using these expensive toys look ridiculous. And shame on Sony trying to sell more electronic gimmicks to put in the trash bin after a few months.

    • Tony Anastasi

      think cheap multicam for interviews.. i already use a rx100 as my a-cam.. this is half the price with the same video qual right ? i’m going to get one to test out, and if its good, i’ll be getting another two for my multicam setup 🙂 beats paying full price for a rx100 just for video for me 🙂

  • Joe

    since they are self-contained cameras there are a lot of uses for creative videos, this can be a true GoPro rival

  • Ranger 9

    I’ve decided this is a diabolically brilliant marketing strategy. Techno-hipsters will buy these because they’re used to taking pictures with their phones. But after using them for a few days, they’ll start thinking: “I like the extra features, but the inconvenience is ridiculous. Maybe I should just get a real camera.”

    • madmax

      That´s the point. Just more trash to the environment.

  • abluesky

    I may get the 1″ model, but probably will apply funds to Ricoh GR.

  • marx

    and the moral that we learn from todays comments is… “ugly cameras can’t make great pictures” … apparently… (maybe the”photographer’s delicate aesthetics is so offended by the device that it causes their “The Moment” sense to brain fart?)

  • Ufupuw

    RX100 II is $750. Same sensor, lens and image quality for $450. I will buy QX100. Plus look at all the possibilities. You can use it as dash camera in the car. You can hang it on your shirt and use it as discreet camera on the street for street photography. No one will even know you are taking photos.

    Smallest camera ever made with 1″ sensor.

    I am buying this

    • Genkakuzai

      Exactly. I feel a lot of people seem to be completely missing the point with this, choosing to see obstacles rather than possibilities. Is it bigger than JUST a phone? Yes. Is it way smaller than a dedicated camera? Yes.

  • jimfelt

    What the heck is a “inappropriate political” slogan on a leaked ad??? Is Sony or an ad agency of there’s that stupid????

    • The text was obviously not added by Sony but by the person who leaked the images.

      • Haegar

        I’d appreciate it if you could publish the uncensored photo’s as well. With an #NSFW tag, if necessary.

        • Scott M.

          Yes. Very curious about “inapropriate politics” in photography? Hint?

          • The images included political messages about territorial issue between Japan, South Korea and North Korea.

          • Scott M.

            Thank you! That makes sense now.

  • I should buy one of these for my smartphone

  • Abracadabra

    Where’s the flash?

  • Danonino

    Sorry guys/girls. No raw-format according to Sonya Alpha rumors. Im sad to say, but no raw-format makes this an epic FAIL. Could easily been a huge success.. But not now.

  • socialcx

    I think many smart phone users will like it, until the novelty wears off.

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