The new Nikon 1 AW1 is the world’s first waterproof and shockproof interchangeable lens camera

The just announced Nikon 1 AW1 is the world's first waterproof and shockproof interchangeable mirrorless lens camera that is priced at $796.95 for one lens kit (11-27.5mm f/3.5-5.6) and $996.95 for a two lens kit (11-27.5mm f/3.5-5.6 and 10mm f/2.8). The AW1 main features are:

  • The world's first waterproof, shockproof digital camera with interchangeable lenses
 2. Functionality suited to outdoor use as well as an elegant design that attracts attention 3. A CMOS sensor, AF system, image-processing engine, and no optical low-pass filter for high-speed recording of high-resolution movies and still images
  • The super high-speed AF CMOS Sensor for the world's shortest shooting time lag
  • The Advanced Hybrid AF System, which offers both superior speed and accuracy
  • The new EXPEED 3A image-processing engine for faster image processing and even better image quality
  • Action control for quick and simple operation
  • A Control lock function that prevents accidental button operation
  • Acquisition and display of various types of information for outdoor shooting
  • Outdoor display for sharper and clearer viewing outdoors
  • Underwater creative mode with 3 options
  • Underwater white balance
  • Underwater auto distortion control
  • Built-in flash that supports i-TTL flash control and can be used underwater
  • Slow View for recording the perfect moment
  • Smart Photo Selector for certain capture of the best shot
  • Motion Snapshot, Nikon's exclusive form of imaging expression that combines a movie with a still image

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  • Nishi Drew

    “elegant design that attracts attention” now how am I supposed to get sneaky snaps of ocean life with that? And I don’t want those sharks to be any more interested either

  • Goose

    Did I miss it somewhere? How deep will it go underwater and how shockproof is it?

  • BP2012

    First underwater camera with RAW file format and decent sensor size?

    • Marco –

      Definitely. But slow lenses and no ois.

      • Genkakuzai

        f/2.8 is plenty fast for all pro zooms, quite certain it’ll do here as well.

        • moro

          f/2.8 on full frame isn’t exactly the same as f/2.8 on a camera with such a small sensor

          • Dpablo unfiltered
          • Global

            Not to mention its underwater, where there is not much light! Its a slow lens for in rainy weather or underwater — VR would be very much appreciated.

            There is also no tele-option. Its either wide angle or normal. To be expected for underwater — but for rainy day use; a tele would be nice.

    • KyleSTL

      Nope, Canon G1X (1.5″ sensor) with WP-DC44 case ($975 for both on B&H right now). Unless of course you’re talking about a dedicated UW camera that requires no case, which would make your statement true.

      • Genkakuzai

        Which he did, so it is 😉 It’s not really a UW camera if you need a case for it, that would be a regular camera in a UW case.

      • Global

        Any camera can be wrapped in a bag or case. Canon has no part of this innovation. Sheesh.

        On the other hand, that might a good option, if someone can find a good deal, used on craiglist/etc!

  • madmax

    Let´s be serious. There is a reason for underwater housings for interchangeable lens cameras to be so big and expensive: watertightness. Also compact integrated lens cameras can be somewhat waterproof, but I just can´t believe an interchangeable lens camera being waterproof to 15 meters. Besides, what´s the point of such a camera? You must first wash lenses and body with fresh water if used in salty water or muddy environments. Also, you must dry it carefully before changing lenses. A lot of problems.

    • Duncan Dimanche

      It can also be used in harsh environment and not just underwater without the worries of rain and such…

      They should all be like that in my opinion

      • madmax

        Of course it´s better to get a rugged interchangeable lens camera, but it´s misleading to sell this as an underwater camera you can use at 15 meters depth.

        • preston

          Based on what? This camera hasn’t even been released yet and you’re confident that it can’t do what it claims to be able to? I think it at least deserves a chance!

          • madmax

            Ok. It´s your money. You give it a chance then.

          • preston

            I didn’t say you had to be the first one to try it out. Just that it is pretty silly to say it is not watertight to 15m just by virtue of it being an interchangeable lens camera. Ok, you’re skeptical, we got it, but going as far as calling it false advertising (as in, you’re 100% sure they’re lying about it’s abilities) is really silly since there is no reason they couldn’t have engineered a way for it to perform as they say.

          • Remedy

            Seriously dude? You claim something as ridiculous as that the cam can’t handle 15m of “underwaterness”? Seriously?!!!

            Here is an example of a Canon PowerShot D20 which is advertised to be up to 10m waterproof. Check how it handles THREE TIMES as much:

            32 meters (10m camera). Kthxbai.

            Don’t get me wrong. I don’t say this 1 AW1 is gonna be the same, all I wanna say is that it will handle those 15 meters without ANY sort of problems, I think it’s safe to say it will go sub 20.

        • guest

          If it doesn’t work as advertised then Nikon’s credibility and profitability will take a big hit 😉

        • Dpablo unfiltered

          How deep could you go with the old Nikonos?

          • Zos Xavius


      • guest

        I think most people who will buy this camera will use it for hiking, sports, etc. but not everyone uses a camera in a harsh environment.

      • guest

        I think most people who will buy this camera will use it for hiking, sports, etc. but not everyone uses a camera in a harsh environment.

    • Remedy

      There is a reason why Nikon used to make Nikonos. Water housings are this expensive because people are stupid enough to believe they have to cost this much and also stupid enough to pay this much.

      • madmax

        Near future: Somebody, maybe you, going to Nikon´s repair service:
        -My Nikon waterproof camera has water inside it!
        -For sure you put it under 15 meters depth or didn´t dry it carefully before changing lenses.

        -No. I didn´t.
        -Prove it.
        -I can´t.
        -Next time don´t be so stupid and buy a camera housing instead!

        • Remedy

          Oh I’m sure Nikon would advise me to buy a stupid housing that costs twice the money I payed for the camera. Sure thang dawg. Facepalm.

          Also, do You have any idea about underwater gear? Even if You go below the limit it won’t do much harm to the camera. First issue You may encounter is all the buttons being pressed by the water pressure which will block the camera. Once You go back above some limit (and I’m sure the limit is substantially different – deeper than 15m) the cam will work fine again coz buttons aint gonna be pressed in by water. If You really expect any sort of leaking than You clearly have no clue about this kind of gear.

          • Global

            Not to mention if anyone is swimming 50 FEET (15 meters) under water, they are freaking Jacques Cousteau or something……. I think Nikon can risk all the people who go to 8 feet in the “deep end” of the pool and the vast majority who will only use it in the rain or to wash off dust/mud.

            And Nikon isn’t going to repair water damage on a wp-case situation AT ALL. So its much better to get a waterproof body and know that they might repair something if your body definitely did have a gap beyond tolerances. Even cases can leak water and a lot of them do because of failed sealing.

            So whatever way you look at it, a water proof body makes more sense than a water proof case. As long as there is no mirror flapping around, its not like there are that many entry points that couldn’t be sealed up by Nikon!

    • Martijn

      BS.Tell me why the GoPro is rated 50m (or is it 60m?) and you can buy the case for just 60 bucks

  • the reason they are expensive is in part due to the tolerances (water tightness) but I think it has more to do with how small the demand for any single given custom housing is. we are talking subsets of subsets of subsets. plus those who really need one have few other alternatives, until now I suppose.

    • Global

      Its not subsets of subsets of subsets — its simply subsets. If water-housing were cheap & came with the camera, a lot more people would use them. The reason why the subset doesn’t buy them is because its “just one more thing” to buy and keep track of, and probably breaks really easy.

      Therefore, the Water Proof body is an extremely good idea. This is for anyone who likes to shoot in the rain, under water, in muddy/dirty environments (can dunk and wash off the camera before taking off the lens), etc etc.

      I think its a great idea. It was never a subset of a subset of a subset — it was always something that people wanted to be part of the camera body, but that camera manufacturers never offered in DSLRs.

      This technology is proliferating by the way — I think there is a Samsung SIII android phone, which is top of the line, that is completely waterproof. So I hope manufacturers keep up the trend.

      • radiancedeluxe

        think of all the divers in the world, only a subset shoot underwater

        of that subset, only another subset use DSLRs

        of the subset, only another subset can use any particular custom housing

        subsets of subsets of subsets

        the potential market is very very small, this is a big reason why these types of high-end housings are so expensive

        • Martijn

          UW housing could also be used in shallow water for snorkeling…. Or capturing surf photography… or any kind of photography near water, sand, dust. Problem is: they are damn expensive. Would love one for my D7000. But the cheapest case is 1500, and you have to add ports, domes and flashes. Making it more expensive as my entire set of lenses. (2 primes 1.8 and 3 zooms f2.8). So there is a market, but the price is just bad.

          I’m really considering selling part of my lenses and my D7000 and buying this. Could use an adapter to get a great zoom for safari (216-540 f2.8 equiv) and have underwater-in water capability’s for my extreme sports. And the 35mm f1.8 would become a perfect portrait lens (90mm equiv) Only thing i would miss are wide angle (less then 18mm on DX). Wich is holding me back right now.

          if i made the switch, i’d still have 600 to spare

  • Global

    Nikon continues to be very innovative! Its why I support them.

    I hope they keep their quality high; I’d rather have a camera with excellent fundamentals, than faulty cameras with gimmicks.

  • OilsWell

    As long as its sensor is Oil Proof, D600 users might consider upgrading.

  • Lollus

    Another toy… What a silly amount of money for only 15 m waterproof and no dials… No dials? 800+? Next one…

    • Global

      For 50 feet underwater & all the features, its a good deal. Its comparable to anything that Canon ever had with a case, at the same price point, with newer technology and no case needed.

      So, you’re wrong.

      That’s not to say that someone couldn’t make a Canon 5D or Nikon D800 that was waterproof to 100 feet — but it sure as hell would cost a LOT more than this!! (And Canon doesn’t like to innovate anyway, so they’d never do it unless someone else did it first).

  • Fishman

    So we would be changing lenses under the water? ;-)))))))
    Cool !!! I’m wondering if they included dust removal technology on the sensor 😉

  • Heiko Bertram

    interchangeable lens camera, wouldn’t it be great to change lenses under water 🙂

  • Heinz Richter

    “…world’s first waterproof and shockproof interchangeable lens camera.”

    Wasn’t that the Calypso, later renamed Nikonos?

  • agmois

    There is a camera I can take kayaking and bicycle riding without worrying about it getting wet. Not bad, I might check it out. Just as long as IQ is decent.

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