New Samsung NXF1 camera (F for full frame?)

Samsung has listed another not-yet-announced camera on their support website - NXF1. This appears to be a completely new camera nomenclature for the NX system. Could the F stand for full frame?

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  • King of Swaziland

    Lenses? Every one of these (full frame mirrorless) systems is drastically deficient in lenses.

  • SteveHood

    Maybe this is a compact FIXED lens APS-C camera.

    • madmax

      Or “F” for Four Thirds, or maybe is a camera with a fixed compact zoom lens… I am now more interested in that misterious NX5.

      • NGC

        Four Thirds would not be a smart play, given that their strong suite is their lenses not their cameras. Trying to sell a 43 camera when even the NX line of cameras don’t have a consistent UI doesn’t make much sense. I put my money on a full frame camera.

  • After that bold claim that they would be the best mirrorless camera system or something in those lines Samsung basically disappeared. Samsung had some weird rumors, inclusing a medium format and a retro-styled camera. If this is really a FF camera, this can be very interesting, it’s a chance to do it right – as long as they don’t come with a smartphone-ILC again.

    • madmax

      Agree. They must learn from competition. Samsung lenses are very good but cameras still need a big push. No doubt they can do even better than Fuji, if they want.

  • Common Sense

    Samsung lensmount is not good for FF. It’s noodle lensmount. Samsung cannot compete with this lensmount against Sony, Canon, Fuji.
    Samsung promised by end of 2013 following lenses:
    1/ 24 f2.0
    2/ 55 f1.8
    3/ 135 f2.0
    4/ 200 f2.8
    5/ 300 f4
    6/ 50-135 f2.8
    7/ 16-50 f2.8
    None of these promised lenses has been delivered. Resons?
    Samsung is fully aware that their lensmount is noodle and is not fitted for Ff camera. There is big chance that owners of samsung nx cameras are riding a DEAD HORSE. There is big chance samsung will abandon this noodle lensmount and your investment in lenses …. is GONE.
    Samsung has no flash system.
    Most samsung lenses do not even have ED glass. They are just average consumer lenses.
    Read dpreview. They refused to use 30 mm pancake for tests because the lens is not sharp. And other pancakes are even worse.

    • madmax

      Only 16-50 lens was announced by Samsung. The other lenses are all rumours, just like the Pentax FF or the Fuji 4/3.

      Also, most Samsung lenses are not only good, but excellent. Enter Photozone or Dpreview or DSLRmagazine to check this. The same way easily can see most Sony lenses for NEX are sub-par or plain bad.

      I suspect you are only a “noodle” troll and a liar.

    • ChuckTa

      You really should do a bit more research. In DxoMark, the Samsung NX 30/f2 has a higher sharpness then the Zeiss Touit 32mm. The NX 30/f2 is really a top quality lens esp if you consider its size. Even the lowly NX 20-50mm kit uses ED glass, and its quality is very good. IMO better than the Sony Nex kit that I also have. Samsung currently has the best prime lens range among the apsc mirrorless from 10mm to the excellent 85mm f1.4. I have 5 Samsung lens and only 1 Sony Nex lens. My opinion is that Samsung lens quality is certainly more than average. Just look around in various Samusng NX forum and judge for yourself.

      • Dpablo unfiltered

        They are the best most ignored photo company out there. This will eventually work to their advantage.

    • Jun

      Curious. What is noodle lens mount means?

      • Common Sense

        It means two thigs:
        1/ Noodle lens mount is the type of mount that is too small for FF camera so camera maker has to maintain two sets of lenses and adapter. Smart lensmount e.g. sony E or Canon mirrorless mount, is wide enough for FF sensor so telephoto Ff lens can be universal for APS-C and Ff without adapter. Only wide angle lenses are made separately for FF and APS-C.
        2/ Noodle lens mount will not allow to mount many legacy lenses like Leica, so owners of these lenses will never buy the camera with noodle lens mount. They buy camera with smart lens mount like sony. Makers of noodle lensmount have no capacity to introduce FF camera with 10 lenses in one year, so owners of legacy lenses will NOT buy a system that has no lenses, and does not allow them to use their existing lenses.
        No camera maker with noodle lensmount should call their cameras “smart”

        • Jun

          I thought the meaning was like not strong built. completely different than my thought. I wonder who made that term originally. Kinda doesn’t make sense at all.

    • fjfjjj

      Everybody knows you can’t put a pancake on a noodle.

      • Dpablo unfiltered

        My noodle is very disappointed.

    • Guest

      Come on, you have absolutely ZERO Common Sense about Samsung NX lenses! I had NX 30mm f/2 pancake and an incredible lens—sharper than my Sigma 30mm f/2.8 for NEX! And referring to dpreview as a reference is pretty pathetic, as well.

    • ashwins

      Come on, you have absolutely ZERO Common Sense about Samsung NX lenses! I had NX 30mm f/2 pancake lens and I can tell that it’s an incredible lens—sharper than my Sigma 30mm f/2.8 for NEX! And referring to dpreview as a reference is pretty pathetic, as well.

  • inteliboy

    Samsung will throw anything and everything at the wall to see what sticks. Not surprising at all to see them release a FF mirrorless.

  • Karol Wojdyna

    I am NX 100 user (I have 3 of those cameras for my kids, personally I use Nikon D700) and find them very reasonable choices. Not only because it’s price (really cheapest camera available for “serious” photography), but the picture quality as well. They’re good products, but with a couple of drawbacks, which are:

    – warranty – you can fix them free of charge only in the country of purchase. It matters – all NX 100 and some lenses have factory malfunctions (controls go crazy after short time) – if you bought them abroad, you’d have to pay $$$ to repair them regardless warranty and manufacturer’s negligences;

    – controls – terrible manner of changing controls when new models are revealed. For example – you take NX200 after NX100 and buttons do different than you expect; it is very bad – my Nikon D700 is controlled much like analogue F80 from 12 years earlier…

    – lack of backward compatibility – if you dared to buy Samsung DSLR before with accessories (like flash, for example) -you waisted your money – they’re useless with NX cameras. BAD BAD BAD

    – Samsung seem not to be sure of themselves, if they really want to sell cameras or not – poor website, no accessories or lenses available in many markets (in Poland, for example, just 3-4 lenses, 1 flash); even website for servicing is late for about 1 year when new product is launched on the market – just as if it was not Samsung product – other products than photographic are listed on the site for downloading updates, manuals or claiming repairs right away. NX series products appear there so late, that sometimes are… already discontiunued!

    Anyway – picture quality is greater than any 4/3 format camera I tried (in RAW mode only, JPEG’s are terrible, very aggresive noise reduction) and very comparable to cheaper DSLR’s of leading manufacturers. A camera is small and is cheap. So in my opinion – quite an alternative to hell expensive Fuji and Sony or little-sensored Nikon 1 and similar toy cameras (also not cheap though).

    So what this “F” in the name of the camera stands for? – hopefully – for F(=ph) otography…

  • Marco –

    I think that before releasing a ff camera, for which none of the current (very good) lenses are going to work, Samsung should release a prosumer aps-c body with huge buffer, much better evf than nx20, improved sensor with better dr and better high iso. All this at a very competitive price, to convince some bold ppl to buy into their system.

  • Seba

    The same source as in case of never released NX-R? R for rumored? F for foggy?

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